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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

This article includes Sanctuary Nobles, Notable Officials, and Palace Staff.


Curiously, given its reputation, Sanctuary is a town awash with people who claim noble blood. Some have even inherited it rather than simply spilt it. While only some of the list below actually reside at the Palace, it's a fair bet that they may be encountered there when their social calendars are full or funds are low.


Noble Rankan, Cousin to Duke Abakithis. Noble Abadas is of medium height, slightly overweight, with receding light brown hair and reddish mustache, big ears, and stubby fingers. Has a daughter. Leases an out-of-town villa from Strick maintained by mainly local staff.


The late Duke of Ranke and half-brother of Kadakithis, it was he who originally sent the Prince to Sanctuary to get him out of Ranke. Abakithis was lost at sea during a pirate attack on the HGS Imperious during the Summer of 807WK, in somewhat mysterious circumstances. Abakithis lived in Ranke proper and bore Sanctuary, and his half-brother, considerable antipathy. The statue touchingly erected in his memory by the Prince in Avenue Of Temples depicts him authentically as fat, short and elderly.


Rankene petty noble. Krrf user/seller. Said to be in One-Thumb's pocket. Is terrified of dogs.

Chenaya aka Countess Chenaya of Ranke

Rankene Noble Gladiator. Daughter of Lowan Vigeles, a beautiful and powerful young woman who is fated never to lose a fight. She is the Prince's cousin. She was working to raise an army of gladiators which would place him on the ducal throne, including the 12 gladiators who accompanied her father Lowan Vigeles to Sanctuary from Ranke. In her arrogance and innocence she made more enemies in Sanctuary than even fate could handle and had to leave town until her reputation repaired itself. She seemed to have taken it on herself to bed every male in Sanctuary. She since returned, and was tricked into protecting Duchess Meredithis in Ranke for a year and a day (twice), ending on the 15th day of this Summer 809 WK.

As of Winter 811wk, Chenaya has become Countess Chenaya of Ranke and is the ruler of Ranke until a child King Ulric and Duchess Meredithis can take the seat. This is expected to be one of the triplets.


Rankene Lady-in-waiting. The daughter of a high born but poor nobleman who acts as lady-in-waiting and confidante/ancilla to Lady Rosanda, Molin Torchholder's wife. She is quite intelligent and loves to manipulate other's lives. Whenever possible, she acts to manipulate Molin, who is mostly unaware of her machinations, being thoroughly conditioned to believe in Rankene male supremacy. Danlis is tall and slender, the cold perfection of her features and alabaster skin belied by the grey eyes and golden hair. Her greatest admirer is Cappen Varra.


Princess and wife of Kadakithis. Rankene small, delicate noblewoman of 'vicious' disposition and Kadakithis' official wife. Ostensibly sent to safety after an assassination plot was discovered, the princess was actually kidnapped and sold into slavery in the Isles of Adventure, until Chenaya rescued her. She is resentful of the Prince's seven concubines and isn't particularly fussed who knows it.


Shafralain's eldest nubile daughter. A lean, but extremely beautiful young blonde girl. She is lusted after by many.


Bowcourtian noble. She is a charming, witty urbane socialite from an old Foxcourt family. She has been staying at the palace for several years now.

Died Autumn 817wk


Rankene Nobleman. Siphinos' lanky blond son.

Lowan Vigeles

Exiled Rankene Aristocrat Half-brother of Molin Torchholder, father of Chenaya, a wealthy aristocrat self-exiled to Sanctuary in the wake of one of Abakithis' earlier assassinations. Owner of the Land's End estate.


Noblewoman. Lives in one of uptown's most elegant mansions. Associates with Ischade for her "connections". A small woman with a wasp waist, a plethora of jewelry, blonde curls and a painted face.


Elven noble child. This innocent pre-teen is only seen in glimpses being driven in a closed coach between music, riding, grammar, and deportment lessons and at private recitals. She is the daughter of Bakarat, but thankfully takes after her late mother.


Lord Raximander looks like a pig - complacently self-indulgent with a hint of stubborn ferocity in his little eyes.


Rankene aristocrat, current Master of the Scrolls in Sanctuary, husband of Samlane. Young, foppish, self-important, and totally lacking in courage and fortitude. He loves his wife and knows nothing of how his wife gained her fortune.


Aladarian Noblewoman. Sister of Samlor and wife of Regli. Said to be a whore by her own brother, as she had given birth to a baby girl (Star) which was fostered out before her arranged marriage to the Rankene lord.


Aladarian noble, caravan master and sometime resident of Sanctuary. Samlor now cares for his sister's daughter Star who has unusual powers. He dresses Northern style in boots and breeches with a long-sleeved over-tunic gathered at the wrists. His sole jewellery is a neck-thonged silver medallion stamped with the toad face of Bael. He is a big, broad man with a face sunburnt a deep red.


Noblewoman and dilettante actress. A young lady whose family was killed by bandits in the wilderness, and then pretending to be a boy, she joined another caravan to reach Sanctuary. Once in the city she returned to living and dressing like a woman, until her story was heard by Feltheryn the actor and he approached her to play the lead role in one of the troupe's plays. A beautiful woman with chestnut brown hair and green eyes. She lives in a small but well-appointed house in the good section of Sanctuary.

Died Autumn 815wk


Elven Noble. She is a placid, peaceful, slightly dotty elven matron, who has outlived all her enemies. She spends a significant percentage of her allowance from her brother Aristo as a patron of the arts, often buying artistic slaves their freedom and then hiring them as entertainers. Disappeared a day after her niece and nephews had simultaneous tragic accidents, in Summer 806.


Sanctuary nobleman who can trace his lineage and his money back to the days of Ranke’s founding. He has a beautiful young daughter called Esaria.


Long-nosed fat and wheezing Rankene noble. He pays for information and can pass messages to Molin Torchholder and thus the Prince, such as the warning of the torching of the Destinian ships.

Tasfalen Lancothis

A Rankene nobleman of jaded and sophisticated pleasures. He became bewitched by Moria and is her lover.


Rankene Nobleman. A young man who frequents the Aphrodisia House. Arrogant and well-dressed.

Palace Officials and Concubines

The factors, functionaries, and facilitators of the Prince's world are famously uncompromising, hard-bitten, and devious. Other than his seven or eight concubines, of which the curious and brave may wish to learn more about, he has a legion of harried looking clerks, bureaucrats, and other assorted seat-polishers to make the place look busy.


Young Lunarian Concubine. Newly arrived from the Lunar Empire, she is already the toast of the art scene in Sanctuary and is regarding as part muse, part patron, and all critic.


A strikingly tattooed Elven Concubine who was considered something of a novelty until it was widely revealed she is an adventurer from Seagate. To her credit, she has foiled at least one assassination attempt on the Prince, and has recently been much in Ranke, protecting Duchess Meredithis from harm. In Spring 808, she was killed in the 'Seraglio Rampage' by an unknown demon.


The prince's aged, pallid-skinned Rankene Chancellor, who carries the jade copy of the seal of the governor. He is the overseer of the town's trade, and is assiduous in combing the town for violators of the tariff laws. He hates his end-of-the-road position and takes it out on the town. He can be distinguished by the perpetual sneer on his lips.


The angular, Ilsigi concubine is often seen touring the markets and newly arrived caravans with a small troop of soldiers, keenly seeking bargains and wonders amongst the stalls of the thriving city.


Rankene Concubine. Lirain was uncovered as a plotter against the prince and was subsequently promoted to concubine for her troubles. It is said she still dabbles in politics, from time to time.


Elven Palace Major-Domo. The man to see to arrange legitimate interviews, or to be smuggled into the palace itself. He has been in Sanctuary since before the Rankenes arrived. He has keys for locks the Rankene never heard of.


A mature and regal concubine from Borderlay, Sophie-Claire has assisted the Prince in making honoured guests from all over the Western Kingdom feel welcome for nearly twenty years.


Young Rankene Concubine. Beautiful and perpetually bored, Taya tried to make life more interesting for herself by making it more interesting for others, and always had time for scandalous gossip. In Spring 808, she was killed in the 'Seraglio Rampage' by an unknown demon.


A buxon Rankene Concubine, Thalia is always making new friends and throws the most lavish parties. Her appetite for the exotic is legendary.


Rankene Tax Collector. The little man who collects all the non-tariff taxes. He is the possessor of the unicorn-horn seal, and is perhaps the most detested man in Sanctuary.


An undistinguished relative of Duke Abakithis, his job includes controlling the supplies of the army. A clerkly, slight man with clipped greying hair and a skin weathered brown, draped in dove-grey silk, he looks very much like a mouse but has a deadlier side. He is rumoured to do ‘work’ and that he was sent from Ranke to watch that the Prince-Governor did his part during the time of the Dark Circle, without over-reaching himself. He appears to have been at rather a loose end since the passing of Abakithis, and has been noted to be warming to the fetching chambermaid, Kelyna.

Palace Staff

The hard working folks who keep the door's guarded, the chambers clean, the flowers watered, and traditions of graft and gossip alive in the byzantine corridors of the Palace.


Elven Gatekeeper. This man and his family control entry into the Governor's Palace. He is the man to bribe if you need access to the grounds, and to bribe again if you'd rather no one else knew about it. He is honest, but doesn't much care who goes in or out, as long as he is paid.


Rankene Palace Chambermaid. Mid twenties, kindly, but with a fast tongue, she is appreciated by most of the other palace staff. It is said she has recently caught the eye of Zanderei.


Bodyguard & servant. Works for Lady Sashana.


Samlane's maid who fostered her ladyship's bastard daughter, Star, before Samlane. married Regli. Reia married a guardsman in Sanctuary and kept Star as her own for a period. In Spring 808, she was killed in the 'Seraglio Rampage' by an unknown demon.


A maid and companion in service to Lady Kurrekai. A beautiful young woman with grey eyes and auburn hair who the mage Darios is in love with.


The daughter of Lalo and Gilla, employed as a companion to Lady Kurrekai at the palace. She often has to calm Kurrekai's tantrums.