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The Maze, a labyrinth of foul-smelling dark alleys winding between old decaying buildings, forms the roughest part of Sanctuary’s poor quarter. This malodorous neighbourhood is populated by fugitives from justice, poor labourers with nothing left to be stolen, smugglers who use the rats nest of tunnels beneath the Maze, bravos, toughs, slavers and a few odd craftsmen – forgers, knife sharpeners, etc. Above them all, the mobster lordlings exist in fierce competition. The town watch refuses to enter the streets of the Maze, and even the Hell Hounds enter carefully and disguised. In the centre of the Maze crouches the Vulgar Unicorn, a rough-and-tumble tavern where wine and life are cheap, but never dull. One, two and three story buildings are scattered without plan or purpose throughout the Maze, giving this area its name. The alleys and streets, often overhung or covered by second stories, littered with rubble and garbage, are as dark and twisted as the hearts of its inhabitants. Many of the building have cellars with entrances into the labyrinth of tunnels and sewers beneath this part of the city. Narrow and convoluted, they serve as byways for smugglers and a hideaway for secret societies and cults. Twice a day some tunnels will rapidly flood with a tidal bore from Confederation Bay.


  • The Vulgar Unicorn – the tavern with the worst reputation in Sanctuary
  • Sly’s Place – currently the most successful tavern in the Maze.
  • Slippery Lily – the brothel with the worst whores and diseases in Sanctuary.

People of Note

  • Abohorr – Bartender of the Vulgar Unicorn
  • Ahdio – Owner of Sly’s Place & the Vulgar Unicorn
  • Alamanthis – physician
  • Jodeera – Bartender at Sly’s Place
  • Lastel – the original One Thumb
  • Old Thumpfoot - Fixture/character of the Maze, a trash picker and source of a good rumour
  • The Hump – a seller of children


The Third Command is nominally responsible for the Maze. In practise, the people enforce their own justice, through beatings and muggings, theft and rape, in retribution for part injustices. As the system is largely self-contained, it works fairly well, although outsiders have no counsel to represent them in the cut and thrust of the law, and tend to come out of the Maze on Cholly’s cart.


The Maze.jpg
This is an artistic rendition of the Maze from three miles offshore.
Braun and Hogenberg decided this was the closest safe distance.
If you think that a map will help you in The Maze, then bring it along, and ask a local to point out where you are on your map. They will provide rapid assistance, and relieve you of any concerns whatsoever.