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Little Ilsig is full of Ilsigi locals who resent the “occupation” of their town by Ranke, and the imposition of a “foreign” Governor. The area is full of rows of small houses containing large, poor, painfully respectable families, with well-cared-for facades and tiny rooms cramped full of knick-knacks and memorabilia of families and past Ilsigi glories. The inhabitants are primarily labourers and artisans, with the usual leavening of thugs, ruffians, hoodlums and gang members. They maintain their own customs, and are very loyal to their tight-knit families. Most Ilsigi have a moral code which appears quaint and old-fashioned in the cosmopolitan melting pot which is Sanctuary. These include respecting their elders, protecting their womenfolk, and never giving a Rankene an even break. S’danzo and prostitutes are also looked down upon more than most.


  • Pilf HQ – This gang hangout and bar has recently been transformed by the addition of a series of administrative offices, holding cells, and a restaurant.

People of Note

  • Zip – a bitter young rebel and Ilsigi native, and leader of the Pilfs, an independence-seeking street gang.
  • Roxane – a Brandenburg witch and spy, with a similar agenda to most Ilsigi – she has been accepted as one of their own, and helps fund the Pilfs.
  • Aye-Gophlan – a local who turned from his people to join the garrison, eventually commanding the palace guard – now he has turned back to his people, and assists them in dealing with the Palace & Rankene bureaucracy.


Little Ilsig is not a healthy place for Rankenes or even foreigners. The garrison and most of Walegrin’s men steer well clear, as do the mercenary Third Command. The Pilfs gain a lot of their support, recruitment and funding from Little Ilsig, and it is not by chance that this suburb is in the centre of their jurisdiction. Justice is swiftly and fairly meted out – given the unspoken assumption that all locals are honest and all non-Ilsig are scheming liars. Standard punishments for minor transgressions include spot fines and kneecapping.


Little Ilsig.jpg
This is an artistic rendition of Little Ilsig by Braun and Hogenberg.