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Sabastian is the third son of hobbit adventurers. He joined the local militia at a young age, and, having spent too much time in the stockade for crimes he didn’t commit, ran away to pursuit of the adventuring life his parents had told him about all his life

General information

Sabastian Silverfoot is a Dark Celestial and artist that is semi retired from adventuring. He was previously the co-editor of the 'Seagate Times' with Ishamael, when it was at its height of popularity. Most of his time is spend in the Silverfoot Gallery, located in New Seagate, that he owns. Sabastian is recognised, even by his harshest critics, as one for the worlds foremost Sculptors. Some say his talents transcend those of mortals and he skill is bestowed upon him by the angels.

He is recognised for his abilities to create masterwork armour, weapons and mechanical devices. Is a member of No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency and supplies them with equipment from the mundane to exotic.

Sabastian is allegedly a member of the Hobbit Revenge Squad, a clandestine organisation that extract revenge on those that act against hobbits. If you’re a Hobbit with a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find Sabastian lucid, maybe you can hire Hobbit Revenge Squad.

As the Chief Architect to rebuild Brastor Holdings, he now lives in Hugler's Ferry

Supplies weapons and equipment to the The Kings Rapiers


Sebastian is a three foot tall, lean hobbit with short, black slicked backed hair. His beauty is tarnished by a nasty scar on his left cheek. He typically wears tight, black leather trousers and a white silk shirt. On his hip are a masterwork, bejewelled rapier and main gauche set whose guards are sculptured in the shape of dragons. In his left ear is a blue sapphire earring. A number of pendants and amulets hang around his neck.


Sabastian is a versatile adventurer that wields a rapier with a degree of skill. In addition to his variety of crafting skills he is noted for his enthusiastic casting of Meteorite Shower. He is known to be able to make Witchcraft amulets and make people lucky.

The Silverfoot Gallery is willing to take on commissions for the right price.

Skills: Best in the World

  • Artisan: Sculptor

Skills: Masterclass (8+)

  • Armourer
  • Artisan: Painter
  • Mechanician
  • Weaponsmith
  • Merchant
  • Shipwright

Skills: Professional(4+)


  • Blacksmith
  • Brickmaker
  • Carpenter
  • Calligropher/Illuminator
  • Cartographer
  • Cartwright / Wheelwright
  • Caster
  • Clothmaker
  • Cobbler
  • Glassblower
  • Goldsmith
  • Lapidary
  • Leatherworker
  • Locksmith
  • Lumberjack
  • Mason
  • Miner
  • Ropemaker
  • Sailmaker
  • Tanner



Winter 814

Lord Duke Leto DeWinter awarded Sabastian: ‘Defence of the Realm’ for his selfless service in Brastor in 814WK.

Winter 806

Assigned as the chief architect to rebuild Brastor Holdings. He is rebuilding, rearming and rebeautifying Brastor. He moves himself to Brastor.

Summer 805

Sabastian is currently under investigation for orchestrating midnight shadow wing flights from the Sea of Grass to smuggle in shipments of high quality ‘sugar’. This allegedly demands a high price on the streets of Seagate.

Adventuring History

Date Adventure Significant diary entries
Summer 821 WK No 1 Hobbits Detective Agency: Recipe for Danger Investigate murdered detectives. Rescue captured detective.
Spring 820 WK The Lost Forge Find lost dwarven smiths artefacts
Winter 818 WK Return to Kanlaoise Wu Fang managed to establish a connection with Alusia and hires Villa and Sabastian to investigate. They reestablish the tree network (the elves were looking at the problem and would have gotten around to it eventually). The discover a new pocket plane and rescue three of the missing entities, including the Empress.
Winter 817 WK The Hippo's Helpers Find the Hippo a bride
Summer 815 WK Get Your Rocks Off! Viccini Glorthos wants a flying castle. He knows were you can go get him one. Cheap.
Winter 814 WK Finding Harold James Overton, factor of Boton, has asked Vapour and company to locate Harold, the Reve of Oakmarket. If Harold is located, the party will be reward with magical potions, including four resurrection potions
Spring 811 WK Fact-eliminating mission Amelia is leading a party of hobbitses to an undisclosed location [on Purple] to remove evidence before some official busy-bodies come across it and make an unnecessary fuss
Summer 809 WK Missing Monkys kid from Woo-Fang's monky-place say he n place disappeared in big magic storm. prob to drow plane. talk n shit. sleep.
Summer 809 WK Little Big Plane Callas gets a letter from MadRon for an information gathering quest. It also says to clap two and a half times for more info; upon doing that another letter falls from a hole in the sky with another letter, it says the job is to test the "Strength and viability of portals on other planes", and has a map.
Summer 809 WK Coronation Invitations Dark-skinned Elf from the Imperial Court of the Kijaand Empire wants us to deliver invitations to various highly placed and extremely dangerous individuals who are for the most part the proven enemies of the court.
Winter 808 WK WMDs Considered Harmful
Winter 808 WK Reginald's Big Day Out Following a message with Kanlaoise breed slaves we meet with a pair of Sun Elves. A strong rebel army is causing trouble in the eastern part of the continent. Their organised, funding and abilities are well beyond what they expect from a rebel army. Our employer would like us to identify who is supporting the party and, if possible, kill the leader.
Autumn 808 WK Stars on Kanlaoise A Norn (ice elf) turns up at the Guild and tells Uzi (ie he has no choice) to organise a party to find path from Kanlaoise to Alusia taken by the inscrutable sun-elf who recently talked to Blitzkrieg and hired the high level party.
Autumn 808 WK The Tiger and the Mouse Gadget Hackwrench of Calder City is seeking a group of hardy individuals to act as her bodyguards and assist in an arcane investigation.
Summer 808 Sabastian's Eleven Sabastian Silverfoot begins choosing a specialized team of eleven heist men to rob the Gargoyles mountain top lair of their prized statue. The elaborate heist involves stealing the stone figure of the Dwarf and replacing it with a sculptured replica.
Summer 808 WK Knots and Cherubs We were rounded up for a mission of a delicate and sensitive nature. A really hot woman named Temi, who is 7’ tall, wearing diaphanous clothes requires us to visit her plane and investigate a village that they have lost contact with.
Summer 808 WK Brother Luciano's Cunning Plan Work for Brother Luciano
Winter 807 WK Wanderings in Wokland Hunt for Woks
Winter 807 WK Wok is going on? (Part I) Imp #59 (Asbo) say Wu Fang da Noodle-Master wants another way to some church up da mountain, maybe tunnels.
Autumn 807 WK Wains and Weapons Ishamael hires us for 5K sp each for "decent results". Plan is: Follow trader-scum from Tycho, dey buy loot of Dark Circle from barbarians, see who traders selling loot too. Where weapons from too.
Spring 806 WK Rot and Roll in Ildrisholm Backo the Badger shows up at the Guild, there's a note from the Shaun the Leprechaun of the Ildrisholm Revolutionary Army that wants to hire the party to go to Ildrisholm and fix the "Soul Rot" thats effecting them.
Summer 806 WK Finding the Flensers Lucious a Justicar of the Lunar Empire wishes to hire a group of guild members to find information on beings that are illegally producing "flenses", the still living skins of creatures that still retain some of their original owners characterisitics. The creature so "skinned" is rendered insane.
Spring 805 WK Plague upon Thee (Part I) Need to look for a secure area in a valley near Kiel. Outside any “owned” baronies. No maps so need to map the area if possible, clear and brigands, etc.
Spring 805 WK Plague upon Thee (Part II) A sample of a deadly plague has being recovered by a guild party. Sebastian of Hamburg has asked us to capture a minion of the Blood Lord, of the packet plane, whose alchemical knowledge may help them develop an antidote.
Meadow 803 WK Lost of Eyrth Arrive in a dessert on Euyrf when caught in a magical sand storm on plane of Kalbaf.
Autumn 802 WK Where has the Water Gone? Hired by Al Hariq Ishmahed to investigate the loss of water on dessert pocket plane "Endless Dessert" in the Ithaled empire, ruled by "The Master" (who apparently very much lets things run themselves).
Summer 802 WK Adventures on Aquerius (Part IV) The party is hired by Lord Harcount of Hamburg on behalf of a unknown employer to extract a prisoner (dead or alive).
Autumn 797 WK Failed rescue in Ildrisholm Received a message via Brother Zephar through Windspeak. A guild part is missing in Brastor
Winter 796 WK Exploring Ildrisholm (Part II) Riptide, a Water mage and bargee on the Sweet Water, wants a party to investigate the origins of the Big Juju, a giant kraken, which lives under Ildrisholm.
Spring 795 WK Exploring Ildrisholm (Part I) ---


Scab: I've not voluntarily been meteorite showered by anyone else. He's a funny little hobbit but he doesn't leave a mess on my shoulder... not like that duck

Ty: Sebastian can be a useful member of one's party if his baser complusions are kept in check. Some moral guidance wouldn't go amiss...

Ishamael: Sabastian is great hobbit, and one of my best, if not the most reliable, suppliers of all the best alchemy has to offer.