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The Sanctuary Mages Guild has a fine tradition of competition and rivalry amongst its apprentices. This is best exemplified by the autumnal equinox apprentice rankings, which are heavily influenced by a series of tests and trials in the prior weeks. Apprentices face the Competition Season with trepidation and even dread, due to the rigorous and dangerous nature of the more advanced examinations; however, the Guild Masters gain a lot of peer respect if their apprentices do well, and the betting (based on a complex handicapping system) between the Masters can reach staggering sums. With the Masters also acting as judges and referees, occasional accusations of bias have emerged; this is all considered part of the long-standing traditions surrounding the event. Death or permanent disablement of a competitor is usually grounds for a point-deduction or disqualification.


Points vary between events. Those events where the competitors are ranked often use the following scoring system:

  1. 15
  2. 12
  3. 9
  4. 7
  5. 6
  6. 5
  7. 4
  8. 3
  9. 2
  10. 1
  11. or lower ZERO
  1. 12
  2. 8
  3. 6
  4. 4
  5. 2
  6. 1
  7. or lower ZERO

Any number of Bonus or Penalty points may be awarded to any competitor at the discretion of the judges. The most famous example of this rule is when Islit summoned Asmodeus for help in a Quiz, and won; Asmodeus was about to abscond with Alain Aspect as payment, when Hazon banished him. A bonus 100 points was awarded on the spot to Hazon, and Islit was penalised 5 points.

808 Competition

As always, each Master must create and administer a competition for apprentices, which their own apprentices may not participate in. The game may be for individuals, or a team of up to three apprentices from the same Master.


Opening Ball

All the entrants are to attend a ball where their social skills will be evaluated by a panel of locals in terms of style, dance, information gathering, poise, personability, intelligence and networking ability (all important skills for future guild leaders). The ball will be attended by a number of 'interesting' locals and invited out-of-towners who will attempt the same on the apprentices. The scoring will be tallied at the end of the night with points for the best performing 5 apprentices & 3 teams.

Hide & Seek

An unspecified item was hidden somewhere in Sanctuary last week by Master Randal. 5 points for naming the item, 10 points for its location, 15 points for returning it (only one scoring opportunity applies per team).

Capture the Flag

Each team is given a flag. A team is eliminated when they lose all the flags in their possession. Teams are ranked based on when they are eliminated. Killing a player is -5pts, killing a spectator -1 pt. The arbitor and referee is Master Rabben Half-handed.

Strip Jack Naked

One apprentice from each team is striped naked, and all are left in the Maze at dusk. They must stay within the Maze until the following dusk. The one who has gathered the most valuable goods and information in the 24 hours (as determined by Master Adhio) wins. Not entering this event is -5 pts.

Connect Four

Master Alain Aspect will read a list of four famous and/or local people. Each team has 10 minutes to state the connection between these people. Ten lists of names will be given over the evening; each correct answer is 1 pt.


Mistress Ischade has set up an obstacle course where the aim is not to touch the ground (flames/acid/snakes/wights/plague grubs). Four individuals from different teams will be divided into teams of two. The team that completes the course first, or survives longest without withdrawing, moves to the next elimination round. Points are 12 for the winners, 8 for the losing finalists, 5 for the losing semifinalists, 2 for the losing quarterfinalists, and -1 per person killed or seriously maimed. Not entering this event is -5 pts.


Master Enas Yorl hosts this Open-Home event, where several Basilisk hybrids will guard the exit. Each competitor will be Blended. The Basilisks' poisonous gas slowly filling the room adds a certain frission, and helps with the ranking system. Normal individual Point Scoring applies, but those needing to be assisted from the room score ZERO.

Trivial Pursuit

Each team must answer obscure magical questions in turn. A wrong answer means the team must defeat (or at least escape from) a fearsome opponent as selected by Master Markmor. Points will be awarded for correct answers, stylish combats, or spectacular demises, as judged by Markmor, Ischade, and Rabben.

Iron Chef

Manacled competitors must identify and finish preparing sauces and potions under the watchful eye of Acting-Master Stefab, and then consume them. One pt for the correction identification of a concoction, and 2 pts for completing it successfully and consuming it. Bonus points will be given to the most spectacular failures or any new potions discovered during the competition.

Wine tasting

Blind taste-testing of wines to identify quality, complexity and character; identification of vineyards and vintages may be requested for advanced apprentices. Competitors will be ranked by their overall proficiency demonstrated in the taste-testing. Guildmaster Catlan will judge this event and research / select the wines.

Blind Man’s Bluff

(a) Each team will secure the willing assistance of one important political figure as a sponsor. Up to ten points will be distributed amongst the teams based on the quality of their sponsors. (b) Pairs of blindfolded teams then debate their superiority as apprentices, with their two sponsors then selecting a winner. In case of a tie, the other sponsors may also vote. Master Askelon will chair each debate and settle any ties. The competition will continue in an elimination format, with the same scoring system as Bridge. Teams may not overhear other debates.

Ships of the desert and water

Master Viktor will be running some event involving Ships and Camels.
Each team has a day to build a boat capable of travel to one of the Scavenger isles and back with a precious cargo of at least 1 camel which 'disappeared' from Corlas's stables. No magic may be used on the boat or camel. The death of a camel (once in a teams possession) will mean a 10pt penalty and each drowning a 2 pt penalty. Points are awarded for seaworthiness of the craft, the number of camels bought back (maximum of 5 and worth 3 pts each) and the style in which the team/individual defeats the denizens of the isle. Teams are encouraged not to alert too many of the denizens to their presence.

Drinking competition

Entrants brew various concoctions to give to 'volunteers' to taste. The scoring is based on effects and originality of the various concoctions.

Competition Results

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Autumn 808

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