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1 hex = 12.5 miles


LOCATION: Kingdom of Ibanvaal
Holder: Erjolafsen Tribute: Dagenborg Population: 373 Rydaen lies between Bilun to the northeast and Enkoelheim to the southwest. Rydaen owes tribute to clan Dagen of Bilun.

In 796, clan Erjolafsen participated in the Sack of Kirkul. The raid was highly profitable, but Kiartan was killed in the initial assault. Kiartan was succeeded by his brother Weinam, who enthusiastically gathered his clansmen in 798 for another attempt at Kirkul. Sadly, none that left for Kirkul that spring returned. Weinam was succeeded by Steinn, Kiartan’s son, who lost the dicing to determine which of the clan would remain in Rydaen to tend to the clan’s holding. Since that time, Steinn has maintained his holding, but still yearns for adventure and the sea. He has commissioned the building of a warboat by Vesli, the local shipwright, but Steinn ‘s desire for perfection combined with Vesli’s limited skills have slowed progress to a crawl. In addition, Steinn maintains three Huscarls and a priest of Thor for religious duties.

Orm the Foolish


In Rydaen, the Ivinians either live near the thran atop a hill or in a small fishing village near the shore.

As with other settlements, the inner / outer field system of land use is practiced. Barley, oats and hay are grown in the fields, while most of the pastures are used to graze cattle and a few sheep.

Clan Erjolafsen maintains a Knarr and three Faerings for fishing and transport.



1. Jarl’s Longhouse (Steinn Erjolafsen)

This traditional Ivinian longhouse is the residence of the jarl and his immediate family. Steinn has three wives, three daughters, three sons. His eldest daughter, Thorgerth, is a comely young woman (b 794) likely to draw a fine brideprice. In addition, the priest of Thor, Sturla, resides in the attached shrine.

2. Smithy (Beinir Erjolafsen)

Quality: *** Prices: High Beinir is a slightly above average smith who is not at all above overcharging for services since he knows perfectly well there is no alternative for a couple of leagues. He shares the smithy with Bryan Cyeen, a weapon crafter hired by Steinn to ensure the clan’s weapons are in good repair. Andry (a fisherman) [6] is Beinir’s younger brother.

3. Servant’s Residence

This building is used for storage and is the residence of clan Erjolafsen’s thralls and huscarls. The huscarls are Adelph, Jereld and Jaris, all young men too young to participate in the Mandeb Strait disaster. The thralls are the family of Sushil Liddell. Sushil Liddell was a scribe from Kirkul who was caught outside the city walls during the Sack of Kirkul. His wife Kolfinna is a local thrall given to Sushil for his excellent service keeping the books. During the last couple of years, Sushil has been afflicted by severe arthritis, and his ability to write has deteriorated badly. Sushil has become concerned for his family’s future if he is no longer of particular use to Steinn.