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The rules we use are evolved from DragonQuest version 2 originally published by SPI in the early 80's. As well as changes to the Rules proper, much campaign information has been added.


This document contains the rules that we use. New editions are printed in bulk every couple of years or so.

Current Rules

These are the current versions of the rules

2014 Rules (3Mb PDF)
Large Print 2014 Rules (3Mb PDF)

Changes and Errata

These are errata, clarifications and rule change to the rulebook as printed September 2014. The updates are included in the rulebook pdfs above.
This document as at October 1st 2014.

Changes and Errata to the 2014 Rules (PDF)
Changes and Errata to the 2014 Rules

Please enter any errors and issues at Noticed Rulebook Issues.

Opposed Combat and Related Discussions

An Opposed Rolling combat system was endorsed for further development and play testing at a Gods meeting on 9th November 2014 (9-2-0).
This section has been added to record opportunities, issues and the desired balance within the game, together with the outcomes of discussions thereon.

It would be good if discussion groups could form to address the above, and in particular:

  1. Objectives of the discussion
  2. Desired Experience within the game
  3. Issues and good bits
  4. What to improve
  5. Options analysis
  6. Preferred options and risks thereof


Be nice if discussions could happen rapidly over next two or three months so ideas can go into playtest in March 2015, with draft outcomes by June 2015.


Skills & Issues

Campaign Information

Some PDF booklets and Guides that may be of help:

Other campaign information:

  • Player's Guide - currently a list of issues that have been raised in relation to the Player's Guide. New Player's Guide should be available December 2005
  • Proposed Campaign changes
    • Factions - A proposed structure for documenting how characters have influenced people and groups on Alusia. This is a work in progress please contribute your thoughts and ideas to the process.
    • Reaction Tables - a proposed method to suggest possible reactions of NPCs to PCs. Not meant for important situations, where the NPC reactions should be pre-determined. The Tables may also guide PCs as to how to improve the likely reactions to their endeavours.