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Rue is one of the five Planes on the Mithrian Portal system.The Mana level is normal. Four of the systems Portals (1, 6, 12, & 17) are on this Plane, but only one (12) has been visited by a Guild Party.


The only portal on the plane so far visited by members of the Seagate Adventurers Guild is on the continent of Mordan.

Like all known portals in the system, the Mordan portal is a red and white rune covered stone structure.

The portal is located in a forested valley on the western side of a mountain range. Shortly after the party arrived, Diamond Flame, the local Guardian cleared several acres of forest from around the portal so the portal building is now surrounded by a clearing dotted with burnt tree stumps, grass, and new growth. There are no roads or tracks leading away from the portal. The nearest city is New Hope some 300 hundred miles to the south, on the banks of the Swan River.

Forest inhabitants include Dryads, Satyrs, and Centaurs, as well as scattered settlements of Humans. The Mountains also have Dwarven communities.

The humans of the forest speak a language known locally as Northern, the Mountain folk speak a related Mountain. A common Language known as Trader is used for trading by all the continents Humans, and Humanoid races. But it is rare to find speakers of this language once off the main trade routes.

The Humans of New Hope and the Swan river valley, mostly speak a language called Emperial, and their noble and priestly classes use a version of Elvish for religious purposes. Due to its religious use, caution is advised when using this language unless you're an elf.

The Elves of the Elven forest to the far west speak a slightly accented Elvish.

The Swan River

The Swan River is nearly 2000 miles in length from its Mountain origins to its mouth. The river and its tributaries drain most of the western half of the continent. While it varies in width and depth, it is navigable along almost its entire length.

Over 500 years ago, refugees from the Plane of Frigidia began to settle on the banks of the upper part of the river. For over 20 years the peoples of the Far western reaches of the Great Empire of Cush, on Frigidia, fled famine and failing magic, to settle all down the length of the Swan River.

Four Greater Noble families, with the aid of the lesser Nobles that traditionally owed feudal service, have each taken control of different Key sections of the river. Another six Greater Noble families have holdings in between these Key areas of river or up some of the tributaries.

Further settlement, and some conquest, has expanded the territory of the ex emperials nearly one hundred miles either side of the Swan river and often much further up navigable tributaries. However most of this territory is only sparsly settled.

The population around the river is almost entirely Human. Elves and Dwarves are rare, only the traders of these races are seen and then only on the main trade routes.

The Nobles are mostly of dark haired, dark eyed, olive skinned stock, and while the commoners are more varied, most are fair skinned with brown or fair hair. Most of the people only speak the language of the Empire. Some of the urban craftsmen, as well as traders and merchants use Trader, as may some Priests and the Inn keepers on main trade routes. Some Priests and Nobles are known to have some understanding and use of Elvish. The People along the eastern forest border may speak both Empire and Northern.

While most of the population carry a dagger and may carry a staff for protection, only Nobles, the wealthy and guards (in Merchant and Noble employ) usually carry swords or wear armour. Mages are uncommon, Wicca and Namers are known, as is the rare Earth mage.

The major population centres are:

  • New Hope - A walled city at the junction of the Swan and Wolf rivers. It has a large octagonal castle. Ruler; Lord Luther, his heir is Sir Theobald. Contacts;Father Thomas a priest of Mithros
  • Bald Hill - A walled city at the junction of the Swan and East rivers. A castle has been constructed on the cliffs above the river junction. Ruler; Lord Manfred. Contacts; Sir Warren.
  • Swansford - The city has been built where an island and rapids block the passage of river trafic. It is only partly walled, and has no castle. Contacts; Roland the Healer.
  • Swansmouth - The port city at the mouth of the Swan river. Contacts; Travis the Enchanter, farther of Vanda the wife of Grendel Beetleknox.

The Great Forest

The Great Forest covers most of the centre of the continent. It is bounded by mountains to the north and south and the valleys of the great rivers in the east and west. The forest is made up of a mix of various deciduous trees, and has an abundance of wild life.

Human settlements are few and far between in the forest, which is also inhabited by other races including Centaurs, Fauns and Dryads. Relations between the various human settlements and races are far from peaceful. Bandits are common on any trail, and travelers off the main trade routes are likely to be met with suspicion and hostility.

Two main trade routes run east to west. The southern one goes up the east river from Bald Hill to the mines at Stone Mountain then on to a very rough and lawless trading town on the great river to the west. The northern route is less easily defined as it follows a series of tributary rivers, streams and forest trails, though the center of the forest.