Ruby Waters

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Ruby Waters Area


The Ruby Waters are a thermal spring south west of the Fastness of Girwyllan. The lake is surrounded by the Forest of Arlynn which is home to many enchanted creatures, in particular a higher than normal number of Unicorns. The area is around 120 miles SW of Seagate, and 60 miles north east of Newhaven. The main road (before the turn off) has guard patrols and merchant wagon trains using it.

The Village

Population: 300 Elves, a few humans. The Ruby Waters Village is a secluded grouping of small cottages nestled in the trees bordering the largest lake. The elven population are fairly insular and there are no lodgings available to travellers although a small general Store and an Inn will sell food and supplies to strangers.


  • Thorn of the Herbs - A high ranked herbalist (E&E) who lives on the eastern edge of the village. Unofficial leader, or possibly just the least anti-social of the Elves.
  • The Warder - an ancient Elven Ranger, doesn't talk, protects the village, it is suspected the only thing keeping him alive is his proximity to the Ruby Waters.

The Lake

The lake is some 4 miles across and roughly circular. With no rivers flowing from it, the static level of water is maintained by outflow through an underground watercourse. At the north end of the lake is a series of red coloured pools where hot water bubbles up from underground. These pools have healing properties that enhance the abilities of healers to perform miraculous feats of healing.

It is reported that there is a partially open planar portal about 1,000 feet deep near the centre of the lake, the other end of the portal or possibly only the portal itself is associated with water and healing.

The Healers

In peaceful times many nobles would travel to the pools to take advantage of the healing powers of the lake. A lodge was erected in 645wk but was damaged and not repaired after the Dark Circle incursion in 800wk.

In 803wk an enterprising healer called Heiram Algeirs built three wooden barracks and opened the area to those injured by the Dark Circle, since then it has been visited regularly by the most heavily battered units wounded in the Dark Circle. In residence are 12 healers with varying ranks in healing between 6 and 10 whose primary focus is to assist the healing waters of the lake which can return someone from an undead state providing the body is not too badly maimed.

In addition to troops recuperating after their battles there is a small garrison of permanent troops. Their role being to act as a rearguard while the healers get back to Seagate via Rune Portal or Wings dependent on circumstances.

Following the fall of the Dark Circle the number of healers and permanent troops were gradually reduced as the demand for mass healing of undead affliction reduced. In 807wk Heiram moved to New Seagate to take up a post at Castle Chilton.

As of 810wk all of the guards have been recalled, a few healers occasionally visit. Some of the healers may have remained in the area and moved into The Village, the Elves are inscrutable on the topic.

The Dead Zone

In Winter 805wk, everything in a 1,000 foot radius area of forest 20 miles east of The Ruby Waters was killed. Plants and insects are gradually encroaching into the dead zone, it is still avoided by animals and birds, it is estimated to be decades before the area fully recovers, if it ever does.



Spring, 2nd Thaw: Guild adventurers arrive in small celestial ships, investigate the lake, recover waylaid supply carts.


Goblins waylay injured travelling to the Ruby Waters, they are destroyed by a guild party, the goblin camp becomes The Dead Zone, remaining dangerous vials of death are left with Thorn and stored in the guild vaults.


Heiram Algeirs establishes his hospice, it is heavily utilised through to 807wk then the permanent guard and resident healers gradually leave.


The Dark Circle first covers this area, the lodge is destroyed, residents and guests killed. The Village is apparently not attacked.