Royal Debutante Ball of 810

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Royal Debutante Ball of ‘Winter 810’

The Ball will start in the evening of 17th Snow 810 and will be attended by an elite selection of high society from the Western Kingdom and near realms.

The Ball and the following festival events will finish on the 25th of Snow at which time the ‘Belle of the Ball’ will be announced and who will be gifted assorted items and roles.

The Ball will start off the events over the week which will include many dances, dinners, discussions of high politics, tea parties, horse racing, touring military facilities, hunts, needlepoint and other such lady like activities

Probable attendees

  1. Duchess Meredithis, the Duchess of Ranke
  2. Princess Mary, Daughter of the King of Artzdorf & Flugelheim
  3. Wilhelmyna con Sartra of Eltrandor, b788
  4. Morwena of Drakenburg, b794
  5. Lady Joséphine Firebrass of Bowcourt, b793
  6. Breana Volar, the Daughter of the Duke Otto Volar of Volari
  7. Syrena of Cauldersfield, b792, daughter of Herkym Sozet the ruler of Cauldersfield
  8. Chastity Freyze, the god daughter of the Archbishop of Mordeaux
  9. Analise Schaefer, b794, daughter of the Count of Grobbety
  10. Isentrude von Hochburg, b794, daughter of Herzog Albrecht the Altgraf of Hochburg.
  11. Miranda Alagaad , Daughter of the head of the Borderlay Alagaad family
  12. Elise Manglesdorff , the Grand-daughter of the Viscount of Baltheim
  13. Serena Froggatt, Daughter of the Viscount of Ferezilv
  14. Carolyne von Habsburg b790, Neice of the Viscount of Droskyn
  15. Narcisa von Habsburg b791, Neice of the Viscount of Droskyn
  16. Carmella Rothschild b792, neice of the Viscount of Reskyan of the Bowcourt Rothschilds
  17. Jacqui Rothschild b793, neice of the Viscount of Reskyan, of the Bowcourt Rothschilds
  18. Karyn Rothschild b772, Daughter of the Viscount of Reskyan
  19. Aemilia Rothschild b792, Daughter of the Viscount of Reskyan, of the Aquilan Rothschilds
  20. Estelle Falkenhayn, b793, Grand Daughter of the Viscount of Westmarch
  21. Emma Grosskopf, b793, Daughter of Carlos Grosskopf of Borderlay
  22. Alexis Amsel, b792, daughter of the Viscount of Norwmarch of Aladar

This doesn't include the notable ladies already in attendance at the royal court who may be at the ball and attendant events.