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The City of Rokar is East of Arabie and south of the Ellenic states.

Exports: ??.


Rokar is mainly bordered by jungle. Nasty, snarling, inhospitable jungle. To the North, within the jungle, is a lake. Rumour has it that this lake is the preserve of a blue dragon who lords it over the local tribes of saurime. To the North-East lie the ruins of the capital of an ancient Drow Kingdom which was ruled by necromancers. Many of the inhabitants are said to have worshipped Bune. Rokar maintains itself by virtue of it being a natural harbour while at the same time is almost completely unapproachable by land.


The people of Rokar are a heterogeneous lot who have newly been settled by humans from another plane. It is also a gathering place for smugglers, adventurers, pirates, traders, mercenaries, explorers, and treasure seekers. In short, any kind of scum is welcome here. This results in a cosmopolitan, colourful yet lethal city.

More recently several hundred refugee's arrived from off-plane after being rescued from the ravaged of Tokaal.


The city hall and other seats of what might be loosely termed "government" are very new, the old ones having been burnt, built, blown up and built again.

Church of Seir

This impressive cathedral in the central district of Rokar is built of well worn stone. Previously a place of worship to another deity, the cathedral has been refurbished in recent times. A busy church, it has twelve priests and acolytes under the guidance of Father Artimus.

History and Events