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Roderigo looking at dinner

Roderigo, is a hobbit with alleged underworld connections who practises E&E magic, and other forms of skullduggery.

He is played by Michael McFadden.

Roderigo came from a lowly background - both parents being criminals in Sanctuary & mostly absent from his childhood through imprisonment or being in hiding.

Discovering an unexpected talent for magic, he acquired sufficient funds through grave robbery, theft & mugging to venture forth to Seagate to acquire an education.

Physically he has a number of scars & marks on his face and also several missing teeth replaced by gold ones. He has tattoos on his arms and a small teardrop under one eye. He has different coloured eyes - one brown & one purple in colour. He has black hair which is well groomed. He wears expensive dark clothes & jewellery including a gold identity bracelet with his name written in diamond like gems. He has venemous fangs.

He can climb virtually anything (ceilings), is good with a dagger & has natural talent (MA) as a Sorcerer ...

He joined a guild run by Lorto in Autumn 814.

He will try as much as possible to honour contracts he has entered into, support guild members, “family” members and halflings.

Roderigo is an "Artisan Butcher" with master level skills in small goods. He is also a master tattooist Between adventures when not training he hangs out at the back of a Butcher/Smallgoods shop that he owns with other like minded business people.

He provides basic food & accomodation for the homeless and runs an orphanage which arranges vocational training and work opportunities. He has recently become disillusioned with crime fo its own sake & realised a noble calling, that is to support and defend his friends, the poor, the oppressed and the short against his enemies.

He especially hates drow and allegedly once turned one into a sausage & ate it. There were no witnesses so this is bound to be a lie by hoping to discredit him.

Autumn 803 Rousted In Rastenburg At The Rose Court
Winter 803 Searching Sol for Paradise
Winter 803 From Hunting with Samdar – Session (June to Sept 2003)
Spring 803 Colder Than A Snowman's Codpiece
Autumn 804 California Smith / Paeleolithica Adventure
Autumn 812 The Lady Vanishes.
Spring 812 The Gyldwasser Depths.
Summer 813 When my Ships come in.
Spring 813 Loyalty and honor.
Autumn 814 Shopping on Grymeron
Spring 814 Escort a caravan
Summer 816 Gypsy Smugglers Wanted
Winter 818 Liberty of County Palatine of Borovia
Spring 818 More Enquiring Minds
Spring 819 Half a crisp spring
Autumn 821 Not just a simple comb

Rodrigo huge hard sausages of joy

Any character can cook these sausages in a pan taking 10mins.
The cooked sausages will enhance up to Thief rank (of the cook) entities.
Effect of these sausages
(12 hours duration)
  • For an Apprentice thief - on any thief skill percentile roll ending in 1 then they get to gain a bonus of -1% on any dice roll within the next 10 mins.
  • For a Journeyman thief - on any thief percentile roll ending in 1 or 2 then they get to gain a bonus of -5% on any dice roll within the next 15 mins.
  • For a Master thief - on any thief percentile roll ending in 1, 2, or 3 then they get to gain a bonus of -10% on any dice roil within the next 25 mins.

GM: Jono Bean Aura: Magical Plane of origin: Alusia Nature of Magic: Enhancement/Focus College: n/a Magically Trapped/warded/cursed: No Level: High