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A Gold Dragon, originally from before the War of Tears.

Known for his long term plans and far reaching ideas, he has a history of organising large scale projects for both his own ends and others. Also known for his mastery of curses and believed to be one of the first beings to use Geas and other forms of delayed/long term mental control.

Roche was entombed as the guardian of an elven hero for 32,000 years until he was released by the arrival of a guild party in Summer 804wk. He manipulated the elves of the time into performing the project, partly to provide allies for the fight against the Dark Circle, and partly to avoid his own demise during the War of Tears.

Has been civilised in his dealings to date and is believed to be actively working against the Dark Circle. Recently he has been making contact with a number of Dragons still resident on Alusia, no details of these meetings have spread as yet.


Spring 806 WK

He spent some time in the Elven capital and left significant consternation and discussion in his wake.

Autumn 806 WK

Roche was spotted speaking to Vidal on the Isles of Freedom. A group that included Kin, Mortimer and Thaeuss were treated cordially but mostly ignored as Roche went about his business.

Winter 805 WK

Two members of a Guild party, Kin and Mortimer were spoken to mentally and given information to assist them with their mission, which it turns out coincided with Roche's plans.

The whole party later met Roche and guarded him while he performed a ritual. Thaeuss, Pennlucien, Reck, Father Broc and Logan were in the party.

Summer 805 WK

Roche met a number of characters 32,000 years ago.

Braegon,Chevalier Roke con Sartra,Sir Mortimer Graves,Serendipity,Kin-san and Pent. He is pleased with their actions in the past and as subsequent meetings have shown he see's them as useful.