Return of the Geomancers

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Adventure: Return of the Geomancers
GM: Jono Bean
Session: Spring 813
Night: Starting Wednesday the 11th of September starting at 6:30pm
Location Chris' / Stephen's. (see Discussion Page)
Level: Very High Level +.
Information: Information from players for Jono.
House Rules: Quickness & Slowness, No 'B' Colleges please

The Party:

Employer & others


The reliable visions of Eyes of Wisdom the following problems *need* to be resolved without delay.

  • To stop what is said to be a group of Geomancers from breaching the Dragonspine Mountains and entering the Queendom from the area known as the Western Kingdom.
  • To stop the Sands of Time from sweeping over the majestic woods and forests, brooks and streams of Alfheim reducing them to dust.
  • To stop a Drow ritual that will create a cloud which is feared by some to 'Pervert, Corrupt & Revert' Elves back to their Drow nature.


Three 'Keys to the Realm'. One for Braegon, One for Kern
A Royal favour.
A Royal appointment.
A Royal pardon. Taken by Sabrina for a friend
A Royal policy.
A Royal gift of an Elven Life.

Scribe Notes

Chapter 1 - Set expectations and meet the family - Day 1

At the Guild

We meet a guild rep and a ducal page both fawning over an attractive Elven lady who we soon learn is Lady Hanna Royal Elm one of the Royal Eyes of Wisdom. Hanna is a blonde with long flowing locks and piercing blue eyes who is well dressed in fine garments and accessories as well as being very well mannered which is what we’d expect from one of the Queens ladies in waiting.

We make introductions to Hanna and she briefs us on the needs of the seers and notes that we fulfil a sign that they have sought, namely that we cannot be ‘seen’ by the Eyes and are therefore those that would be most of use in their time of need.

They wish us to undertake one, all or enough of the tasks below to aid the empire, we are asked;

  1. To stop what is said to be a group of Geomancers from breaching the Dragonspine Mountains and entering the Queendom from the area known as the Western Kingdom.
  2. To stop the Sands of Time from sweeping over the majestic woods and forests, brooks and streams of Alfheim reducing them to dust.
  3. To stop a Drow ritual that will create a cloud which is feared by some to 'Pervert, Corrupt & Revert' Elves back to their Drow nature.

They apparently had need for an incorruptible party of our ilk and ones whose discretion can be counted upon.

When we are ready we will be transported to the Winter Garden in Alfheim so that we may arrive via regular means and thus not trigger the empires defences upon us. We are expected to attend the seers in the winter garden and listen to the concerns.

We ask some time to discuss these things and she goes off for a brief while.

We all agree to undertake this mission and Braegon is nominated leader in order to keep us on the straight and narrow as well as keeping our focused on our tasks. Sabrina is nominated as the Primary Mil Scientist with myself (Kern) as backup and I (Kern) will be the scribe as well.

We ask the lady to return and continue her tale of woe.

We learn the following facts

  1. The Drow forces have apparently recovered or got hold of knowledge that was suppressed from the last war of tears which was a College of magic called Geomancy which is a blend of Earth and Necromancy and enables the practitioner to change land formations for either short periods or permanently depending on how well the magic is cast and how much Mana is used. Geomancy was recognised for the dangerous college it is and was thus suppressed and the practitioners hunted down to avoid this very issue.
  2. The Ministry of War are seen as no longer drug addled party animals but are still trapped in elvish bureaucratic ways which grind slowly over years rather than reacting quickly to new threats with cohesive and decisive action.

Duke Leto needs to be enabled here with what we are doing and so we are encouraged to notify him and seek permission.

We agree to depart on the dusk vessel to Alfheim and the Winter Garden and to meet Lady Hanna at the Elven ambassadors estate an hour before dusk.

Once Lady Hanna has departed we quickly deck ourselves out for more serious interactions and thus half an hour later we regroup on the steps of the guild in full combat attire and assorted finery.

We take a carriage into Seagate to see the Duke but we have to avoid the large masses of refugees camped outside the guild and Seagate finding shelter where they can in these uncertain times.

Note to Guild Security: The guild should assign healers to pass through the masses and possibly 
offer what aid they can or at least get an impression of who is there as they represent a 
threat to the guild and Seagate if left unattended, unwatched and unwary. I suspect there may be 
enemy troops or saboteurs hidden there and precautions need to be taken

Off to see the Duke - Castle Chilton

At Castle Chilton we are given some tokens of authority to cast (if necessary) and then taken to a waiting room to wait upon the Duke’s free time. We espy a motley looking guild party in with him and his wife the duchess discussing the disposition of his children in these dangerous times and how they can help him feel more secure about their safety. We decide that they may need assistance if things go awry and so get locates off on them so that we can action help as soon as we can.

Meanwhile the Dukes Chamberlain Lord Martin Danlaw sees us, listens to our issues and gives us a writ to act in the Dukes' stead in all matters except for declarations of war. We take our leave and make preparation for a stint living rough in Alfheim and living off the land

When Living off the land is discussed Isil Eth says yes of course –the 5 stars Inns, Hotels and fine dining establishments. We correct her with living off the fruits, berries and whatever we can catch. Isil Eth looks aghast at this and shakes her head.

Sabrina does correctly say that we are all hardy adventuring types – well except for Isil Eth.

To Departure vessel

We depart for the Ambassadors estate at the appointed hour and meet up with Lady Hanna. We then board the Beltan ship ‘The Golden Breath of the heavens’ which is a 4 hulled, multi hull vessel built in a diamond formation of intermeshed supporting beams between the hulls and commanded by Captain Willowhelm. Once we are aboard and other cargo loaded we depart promptly at dusk and make haste NW to Alfheim. We partake of dinner at the captain’s table on route and are well entertained in talented company.

Chapter 1 - Arrive at the Winter Garden - Day 2

Just after midnight we land at the Winter Garden city which appears to be starlight and reasonable small, although there are a large number of temples here, including stepped pyramids.

We go and meet with Sir Callus Kelpenwood (an old male elf, part sea elf who is in charge of the sunrise temple) and Lady Mirrow Hearttouch to discuss the issues here. We discover some home truths that are simply unpalatable and need to continue being state secrets but which glavanise our support and drive even more.

We plan to go after the Geomancers themselves and will work to identify them, their location, the Geo-nodes, the sources of power, Mana pools and any other hints/ideas/rumours we can in order to find them.

There are 3 Specific visions of the Geomancers and they have identified 9 in total with 6 in each vision at one time, 3 of which are consistent across the 3 visions

Geomancy has had 2 events from 1000’s of years in the past

Elven hero who is an agent of change and death walks with a distorted and heavy 2 inch deep footprint across the elven lands. He wears heavy armour, namely Plate, scale and chain.

When the knowledge of Geomancy was expunged it also meant that knowledge of it also passed beyond the grasp of others. So either there was some of the knowledge spirited away by person or persons unknown or an actual geomancer or two fled before they too could be expunged.

Q: Who were the primary geomancers in the past – was it a family or multiple individuals? Whereabouts of these elves? Was it just elves or did any other races know of this magic?

Lady Marrow Heart Touch – the majestic Health of the realm and healer

Off to see the Dryads

Its noted while we are there that Isileth plant growth affect is causing local dryads issues so we go and chat in their temple which is ¼ mile away.

We get there and pass in to the white plastered temple with a leaf shaped entryway see 2 dryads Mystery Ash and Mistress Elm who are dressed in what we’d term adventuring equipment. Youthful blonde

We learn of linkages between the queen and the realm where if the queen is damaged so is the realm and vis-a-versa. If the pass is opened through the Dragonspine Mountains then the queens health will deteriorate as the Drow and their dark titan allies will be able to attack her directly.

Note: the Queen needs close bodyguards – probably the destroyers nearby in case – See Lady Alais

The death of one close to the royal line would be a tragedy. The possible changes in the Dragonspine Mountains would lead to the queen’s death.

We understand that the issue of lineage has had impact on a number of elves in the court Worried

Chapter 2

Discussions Continue (The night of the 2nd of Thaw)

We discover that we need Elm to fight against the Geomancers which will be especially efficacious.

We review our plan which is to check for areas of power concentration over the other side of the mountains which would be a sign of a key point that the Geomancers would concentrate at, check for areas of geo-nodes or necromantic/earth areas of power.

We send off a message to lady Alais to get her to organise information collection from her sources on what we’d like to know We depart the dryads and are met outside by a young Beltan elf dressed in golden finery who we identify as Youthful expectations the Commander of the Beltan Elves and the Queens confidant. He dismisses the 3 shop captains. YE tells me that he has summoned my men (the The Kernsmen) from the far northern province of Alfheim#Seensplate (which are currently under my sub-commander Colonel Varesh) and that they will be bringing their supplies of Elm and other special supplies. He also tells me that he is mystified why they have been building a temple to Sha'mez in the province but I inform him that its part of hard work and training that the men endure while connecting closely to the land.

We learn that we have 6 vessels at our disposal including The Fire of Goth (this vessel can detect the mana concentrations) which will be here from the north by dawn. Also we hear that a company or two of Kinlu Mercenaries from the Kinlu Mercenary houses have entered on the side of the Drow and that there is pressure on the Tunnel/Canal from Borovia and that forces are being concentrated there by both sides and there is pressure on the Elves to consider collapsing the tunnel to hold that entry point.

We discuss our needs before retiring to a glade, hopefully for a rest and to see Ajax. In the glade we find Ajax frolicking with a Pegusai. Sven is asked to accompany an elf and he goes off to see a female we assume – being the buff Northerner.

An Elven Commander comes along and starts giving orders to many including Kern who politely reminds him that his rank is greater than his and thus gets someone else to get chairs for the Ladies. A discussion about the merits of active service versus special detached services ensues but is resolved amicably.

Sven meets Lady Iratheyma The high Priestess of Sha'mez from Ladlaugh who is wearing Purple/Yellow robes and appears very old (possibly senile-ish) who treats Sven kindly and provides him a special drop to make him immortal.

Sven and Irathmya rejoin the party and introductions are made with Iratheyma thanking me for helping Sharmez to return to the North. Irathmya is most impressed with the party and considers us great for the tasks we have been given. We learn that she is here as a response to the summoning from 470 years ago but we consider this to be a self summoning. She informa us that one of us is rumoured to be an agent of Nikovali (the skinless one) and that Nik needs to discuss some things with that person.

Lady Iratheyma tells us that the Geomancers of old were a servant class good for organising retreats and garden party locations, also that it would be bad luck for dark titans to be invited to weddings.

Suspecting something Braegon checks the lady out and discovers she’s under the effects of a backfire from several hundred years ago which he fixes but will take time to work its way out of her brain. I discover that her soul upon death will be the rebirth of Sharmez.

Since I consider myself most aligned or suspected to be the focus of Nikovalis ‘invitation to talk’, I along with Sabrina agree to go off with Irathmya and see him. We find a quiet place and Irathmya makes it a high mana zone and concocts a vile herbal remedy to enable our movement to N’s domain. Sabrina and I are going to drink and she decides to go along too. We drink the draught.

Sabrina, Iratheyma and I find ourselves in Alfheim as it would be if we fail in our tasks and in from of N. N looks at I and decides she shouldn’t be here so he sends her away (this kills her in reality - Thus Sha'mez is reborn?) so he can talk with us.

Discussions with Nukalvalee

Sabrina and I (Kern) are talking with Nukalvalee and him imparts his wisdom to us on 3 questions what we are up to. Nukalvalee has an interest in me as I was one of a guild party that rescued the Scrolls of Kael his brother and bought them back to the empire.

We ask;

  1. Where are the Geomancers we seek - A: Seek Commander Darinmu-Kaith
  2. What is the Key thing we need to do - A: They have a sceptre of command which has a red ruby on the end and a small crown on top. When held upside down it will drain Mana from all except those of old blood and has sway over the dark titans and is able to be destroyed by the tears of a mermaid.
  3. Is targeting the Geomancers the best path to success in our endeavours - A: Yes destroying them is the best path given that my realm is death and renewal

At the end of the questioning we are released back to the normal world and I die from the wounds of flayed skin off my back while Sabrina calls for Braegon. Once the others including Braegon return Sabrina relates the experience and they note the details of our question on my back before Braegon resurrects Irathmya and I.

I am out being healed for 5 hours and Irathmya is taken away to speed her healing after her experience. The party takes this time as a period to sleep as well. We all agree that we need to get out of the area before we are bureaucracied, diplomacied and meetinged to death.

A new day Dawns - 3rd of Thaw

The dawn brings with it a call to training and the dawn rites which Isileth attends.

We are visited by 4 women in Red robes with silver sigils who are emissaries from the Elemental Fire Lord Damocles who would like to meet with us at a local inn - 'The Queen's Saddle' when possible. We tell them we will be there when we can this morning.

I authorise the deployment of the Kernsmen to the Tunnel Salient to help there and to take the heavy equipment. Sabrina goes to the glade to check on ajax and there meets twin 16 year old human girls, a satyr and a doe. It turns out that the twins are Kree's daughters and they bring a message from their mother Anastasia of Borovia that Kree is missing. We also learn that Anastasia is in hiding in the Superstition Mountains.

We learn that 'The Light of the Skies' is now in port here and that the 'Fire of Goth' is a 6 hulled diamond shaped vessel with around 700 crew. Aslo that the vessels are loading Obelisk shaped/sized 'ammunition' (20ft tall, several tons each) for the coming conflict.

Isileth becomes miffed at so much social deference and being called majesty, her high eminence and light of all nations that she feels she needs to talk with the queen soon and lets slip that the Queen is an Illusionist.

Commander Darinmu-Kaith

Speaking with Commander DK; We think that the Geomancers are in one of the 4 likely places (The main forward camp at the head of the ice road, the main southern camp, the iceberg off Zummular or in SW Bowcourt near Vole)and know if we don't get them the first time then their reinforcements will get there before we can finish them off and we would lose. we know that we can't be in all 4 places at once but Isil'eth remembers that she is owed a favour from Chronos and so the idea that we will hit all 4 of the places at once is born and we quickly go with that if that's possible.

We understand that Geomancers are also wyrm riders.

Lady Alais

Lady Alais contacts us to talk via a secure room in the temple and we impart our wishes getting little in return for now. We do learn that Lord Damocles is an ally to the empire in the elemental realm. Ladt Talis also requests Isileths's presence to talk about a number of suitors for her hand (and the rest) in marriage.


We visit with Damocles, surviving his intensity through our extensive magical protections and he enhances some of our mithril weapons to be more efficacious vs Geomancers et al.

We prepare to depart

Chapter 3

We decide that we need to act and so we plan to start doing not talking. We are informed that Isileth needed to go to Eidolon for an ancient divination to be done (read do her hair and nails) and so we go off to find the local commander and let them know our intentions.

We find Commander DK on board ‘The Light of Skies’ holding a strategy session regarding assaulting the main camp with their ships. We intrude and explain what our intentions regarding possibly lending our support to assaulting the tunnel intrusion. Commander DK explains that the situation in the tunnel has been resolved and that it’s under control now since additional reinforcements have gone in to help already.

Commander DK lets us into the planning session and gives us some background as to why they’d like to assault the main camp over the Dragonspine mountains and commit their entire elder flying ship crewed by the battle hardened Beltan.

Apparently if the elves commit their fleet the Drow will have to commit theirs and the fleet commander thinks this will be a good idea and a fine way to reconstitute the fleet (command items on the flag ship to control those on the Drow ships). We however will be needed to undertake a surgical strike upon the enemy command structure and take out a number of high value targets (if possible) which would make significant inroads on the Drow forces to retaliate against the Elven fleet and also impact the overall campaign. If we succeed then the Elven fleet would increase and the balance of forces (especially in command areas) would change in the elves favour markedly.

We are given specific intelligence on a number of targets for us and to be aware of in the camp:

  1. There are 3 master Military Scientists, if they are involved in directing the enemy efforts when the Beltan arrive then they could put victory in doubt. The Beltan would like us to drop an anvil on them.
    1. M.S.1 Has been ‘trained’ to a near demonic level of capability (ranks 11-15) and thus taking this general out would help overall strategy across the Western Kingdom.
    2. M.S.2
    3. M.S.3
  2. Geomancers - don't know how many will be in camp, their boss is a Vampire - Lord Lee CharTandil of the Tootinchakar clan
  3. Two major cauldrons in the camp. One or both are kept on the boil ready for immediate use. We can probably prevent them being used by cooling them down - extinguish the fires, freeze the contents.
    1. C.1 If the contents are spilled on the ground it will slay all those within range (large) not of Elven/Elder blood. Which would include a significant portion of their army and half of our party.
    2. C.2 Unknown effects
  4. Blood lamp, 4ft tall, when it is burning it gives a death aspect to all who have seen it. Likely to be fatal to Braegon (Life-aspected Healer) to go anywhere near it.
  5. The Drow have a number of items they can trigger which will double the damage inflicted from poisons.
  6. One of the Commanders holds the fabled Jade Moss Sword. This weapon if drawn stops others within sight of using a weapon in their hands and he has a set of capable bodyguards (no doubt with superior hand to hand training) to protect him from harm
  7. Greater Summoner from the Inland Sea, possibly associated with Khatovar whose name we shall not speak as he has made pacts to hear and understand if his name is spoken and in what context. He is summoning Hell Hounds and Devils for the Drow. He is expected to have at least 5 'million-sp' bodyguards as well - who are either equipped with a million sp of items or paid that much for their services.
  8. Central Keep within the camp which is the main command nexus and is made of bound earth and is well protected. It is not usually occupied but the commanders and other VIPs are likely to head there if there is battle.
  9. Chaos Priests from Khaleda who ride 40-60ft long flying snakes. These priests make resisting easier in war and they have accompanying Dog Soldiers with poisonous Phase Spiders. It would be better to avoid these after the Double-Poison items are triggered.
  10. The Harp of Sorrow is known to be there too and this demoralise the enemy and reduces their magical defences by half.
  11. Drow with Blue Shoulder Guards - from Argon's Watch, elite!
  12. Mistress Ordea, a rogue Valkyrie is also present along with her companion Capt 9 Fingers who is technically unkillable as he’s already dead (just held in abeyance by Mistress Ordea) but we know he’s on the to be returned to Valhalla list that Sabrina knows of.
  13. Master Cart Mananing, this man is remarkable in that he is unremarkable and unmemorable. We suspect this to be a master Spy/thief/assassin
  14. Dark Titan - Roaster Tex lamps
    • NB Ordea, 9-Fingers, Cart Mananing, and the Dark Titan have been seen working together a lot.
  15. Sepulchural Stalkers, these drain (20-40) by Sight/gaze and are twice as effective as a mortal.
  16. Undead camp - there is a section of the enemy camp which is underground and is the lair of the Undead, Devils, Demons and other such magic inimical entities. We also note that any undead heading into the camp come along ‘The Ice Road’ before heading into their section - this is to avoid passing through the mortal troops and 'accidentally' draining them.
  17. The brother and uncle of Count Kree Taijin of the Kinlu house of Taijin – these are not to be killed if at all possible due to previous treaty considerations, however if done inadvertently then excusable.
  18. Contingent of Goblin Mechanicians with associated fire mages. They are known to use mechanical contraptions to fire various munitions such as Ferno Zombies
  19. Avoid Red Balls (around 1ft across) if coming towards us as we expect these are trapped Bubbles of force designed to entrap and hold us.

We are also told that a number of the enemy commanders spend time together each day conversing about many things. These include Lord Lee Char Tindal, Roasted Tex, Mistress Ordea, Capt 9 Fingers and several others.

The Beltan have a couple of things to help us:

  • Water Magic enhancement, before we go they can double the effective ranks of water magic we cast.
  • The Anvil (800 lbs) - damage and range based on the ranks in special knowledge spells of the earth mage dropping it, when it impacts the ground all Mil Sci's in contact with the earth take the damage multiplied by their rank, reduced for indirect contact, resistable for half vs Earth magic. Our Mil Sci's need to ensure they are off the ground when it is dropped. NB The Beltan want it back as it can also be used to make magic weapons.
  • A bottle to store Breagon's Mil Sci skill in so he is not killed when he drops the anvil.
  • An ally in the camp who will meet us at the portal and can give us up to date information of the location of the commanders pavilions.

Our Plan
We plan to enter the enemy camp in disguise so Pent, Sven and Kern are transformed into buxom (only in their minds) females and most of the party further disguised as various undead or unremarkable minions. Isil Eth will be our prisoner, strapped to the Anvil under a canopy to conceal her aura, we're there to trade her to the Drow.

Kern heads to a glade to talk to Sha'mez and is ambushed by an Assassin. The guard accompanying him is killed, Kern left unconscious and both of them with the soles of their feet sliced off.

Chapter 4 - review and reflect

We review the timings for the assault on the enemy camp 3:45am we will enter the camp via the portal and meet our contact who will be identified through specific code phrases 4:00am we are to be in place to observe the affect the receipt of the messages will have on the command area of the enemy camp 4:10am the elven fleet are to arrive in the area and force the battle

We review our specific weapons for dealing with specific threats

  1. Mithral weapons for dealing with Dark Titans – we have Sabrina with the Mattock and 2H Sword, I will have the Glaive, Sven with the Hand & ½ and a Battle Axe for Pent. When used against the Dark titan collectively they will give us all -10 on the dice roll and the weapon of flames on them will be doing an addition D+15 DM.
  2. Elm Weapons for dealing with the Geomancers – 40 Elm arrows for Sabrina, 12 Elm Stakes for us (2 each), a Javelin each for Sabrina and Pent, an Elm Main Gauche for IE and Elm daggers for each of us.

We are given supplies to take into the forthcoming battle which are:

  1. A potion of restore life
  2. A potion of heal all. This will heal all damage equal to the EN&FT of the person administering the potion
  3. A potion of Remove Magical affect
  4. A potion containing 10FT worth of pure mana which can be used to cast with – esp in places where there is no mana

We also procure a number of Gut-busters, Healing potions and FT Bracelets to aid us.

We review our objectives here and decide that our primary one is the death of the Drow Military Scientists as this will directly affect how the Elven fleet and general Elven forces act & react in the war overall – so Drop the Anvil is our number one priority. The other targets in the camp are of lessor priority but nice to achieve.

345am - Once more into the brink

We proceed through the portal and emerge in the enemy camp where we see a number of guards not looking our way at all and in fact looking away. The camp looks to be about ½ a mile across and we appear to be on the southern edge where a number of dark blocks of stone have been raised for portalling purposes. The defined area we are in has a rough palisade with a few rough buildings and the portals and it would seem the larger camp is segmented off into many smaller camps within the area providing mutual protection, support and security, with external wandering patrols throughout the camp. We also note that the trees for a small area have been felled from around the camp creating a killing ground and a measure of protection from ambushes, infiltrators etc.

We see standing in front of us a Drow of illicit appearance, such as one who is comfortable bending rules and looking the other way if the price is right. If I had to define him I’d call him a criminal type who I’d normally have strung up by his testicles but for our purposes is perfect – there’s bound to be one or two of these types in every army. We refuse to use his name and instead call him Drow X but we pass across his payment of 15,000sp.

We exchange the passcodes and he gets us to accompany him. He passes a pouch of coin to the guards in the area as we leave and they resume their alert status as is their job. We are proceeding through the camp with me as a necromancer floating onwards, Sabrina and Sven as Vampires, Pent and Braegon as unremarkable minions of us undead and we have a cage enclosing Isileth on top of the Anvil we have bought for our visit here. We collectively exude a sinister appearance and this along with the bribes offered by Drow X, is no doubt facilitating our smooth passage through the camp.

We walk and talk through the camp as we make our way indirectly towards the command section of the camp in the central area. We walk and occasionally our guide Drow X hands a bribe off to various patrols and gate guards to smooth our passage through the camp.

We ask about the cauldrons and he says they are in the kitchens area and he leads us there.

350am - Once more into the kitchens (damn hobbits)

We get to the kitchens and send for some fresh blood for sustenance for our vamps while our minions go off looking for other things.

The unremarkable minions proceed off and discover 3 cauldrons in a secured area they are able to penetrate as unworthy servant types.

  1. There is a Silver Cauldron with a fire burning beneath it keeping it warm, a Black Iron Cauldron with a fire ready to be light beneath it (the contents are likely to be activated by fire) and a Gold Cauldron with a fire burning beneath it. There are a number of Goblins attending the fires and stoking the contents who when asked want to know if the minions want some of the ash sacks they have gleaned from the Black Iron Cauldron as the ash is good for magic use.

Our unremarkable minions DA the cauldrons with the Silver Cauldron asked Q: What primary magical affect does this cauldron have? – A: Anathema of life to Short lived Sentient. The Gold Cauldron asked Q: What primary magical affect does this cauldron have? – A: Preservation and Battling of magical affects and the Black Iron Cauldron we asked Q: primary effect of the magic A: Creation/Duration. We note that the BI cauldron contents are ready to be used at a moment’s notice and there is no nastiest effect of the contents.

  1. The contents are then DA’d and we discover the Silver one is full of Bluey Brown water that is boiling and has something slithering around inside it. The DA tells us that the contents will last for/be efficacious for days. The Black Iron one again has something living in there which is vaguely snakelike and its primary effect is that it enhances abilities. The Gold ones effect is the release of stored magic within the imbiber andthat the stored magic is the following list of mid ranked magic Strength of Stone, Armour of Earth, Troll-skin, Mind Cloak, Celestial Counter Special, Celestial Counter General, Flying, Feather fall, Vapour Breathing, Protection vs Normal and Magical Fire and a number of other such generic and useful magic.

Our Unremarkable minions secure some of the Gold liquid in a cup and flask. Pent drops a freezing ball that will turn the Black Iron contents into frozen contents thereby spoiling the batch and the anti-fire ball is left under the Silver/gold ones.

The minions return to the party and we continue through the camp onwards to the command area.

On route we pass a prison with hundreds of captured beings guarded by Arkanrosi soldiers.

354am - In the heart of the enemy camp

Sees us enter the command area via a set of again bribed guards who take another 60TSG to enable our uninterrupted passage but they look the other way and we enter the area which is some 200yards across with a central courtyard some 200ft across surrounded by tents and a raised platform which criss-crosses areas of mana and no mana.

There is the central keep/bunker with a number of large pillars suspending ropes that hold the lit Blood Lamp some 75ft above it all. Around 2 of the pillars are coiled large 100ft snakes who are identified as Sepulchral Stalkers (DA’s primary Magical Attack – Gaze attack that drains ½ your life, Primary Weakness: Cold Iron, and they aren’t undead) so we try to avoid being seen by them.

We walk around the platform and see a group of figures also walking around which involves several blue shouldered Drow, a human in a mask/cowl and others inc the High priest – so we want to avoid meeting these. We try to look like we belong and keep walking but notice coming up behind us the Dark titan along with Mistress Ordea and Capt 9 fingers. We DA the titan and not that he has damage reflection abilities. Ahead we see some undead rising slowly from the underground pit of undeath and realise things are getting hairy while we try to look nonchalant and belong here. We note a pit which has several Drow magicians and soldiers around a glowing crystal suspended in mid-air.

400am - A meeting with the Titan and his Mistress

From behind we note the titan pull up and tell us to accompany him to his pavilion. With little choice we do so and we soon find ourselves inside his pavilion (40ft tall pillared and magical cloth attired) along with Mistress Ordea and Capt 9 fingers and we devine that we are in a middle-march while in here.

Mistress Ordea talks with us while the Titan sits on his Throne here and seems to zone out without anything really to hurt or do. Mistress Ordea introduces herself and the Captain and seems remarkably to be an ally. She indicates that she is aware of our future actions and isn’t looking to interfere especially with the anvil etc. Since we have in effect neutralised a set of adversaries we suggest she and they stay in here while we deal with some ‘issues’ – we have divined her as being a high ranked Mil Sci (8) so it won’t be very safe for her out there soon.

We ask our leave of the titan who absentmindedly waves us out and we leave then in the pavilion.

405am - Exit Stage left

We exit the pavilion and line up a man sustaining area of earth, we free Isileth and we note a bustle of activity outside – probably from the whispering winds arriving and people being roused for a command conference. We judge that this is the time.

406am - We drop the Anvil

Braegon lifts the anvil, we all take to the air in various ways and then Braegon drops the anvil and is then struck by 980 death buzzes that he transmutes to life buzzes giving him -9800 on dice rolls for a while. Sabrina leaps into the air holding Pent and drops him to land on the surface of the Blood Lamp while she lands near the SS’s. IE’s aura goes off and she lets off a devastating TK rage in a 330 ft area, killing many more. I target the group of mages and soldiers in the pit with a selective hellfire as I can’t cast while flying.

Chapter 5

Update on Situation - The party are deep in the heart of the enemy camp. A hammer of Anvils has just rained down on the camp killing almost all the Military Scientist's in the camp (that we standing on the ground at the time) as Braegon threw the Magical Anvil down to the ground.

407am - It gets a bit exciting - and now the Long Walk

We go with the primary plan of getting to the entrance of the bunker and holding it or holding up in there until the Elven navy arrives. To this end we start to move across the battlefield between the Dark Titans Pavilion and the entrance to the bunker – some 200ft across.

The area we are crossing is littered with bodies, body parts and other such squishy object. We have the spiders on the chains, the areas of low and no mana, sight zones for the Sepulchral stalkers, a number of roused Drow troops, various mages and many others in the near command area beyond our immediate sight.

We start with a wall segmenting half the area to allow us to be obscured from the other half of the enemy still active, some magic to drop some of the less steady enemy, vast areas of Isil Eths light, Sabrina and Pent looking to deal with the Blood lamp.

Things go well for the next while as we move across the area, we encounter and note:

  • A goblin riding a battle wheel across the area killing haphazardly before wheeling out. Killing enemy troops seen to be lying down on the job or simply too slow to get out of the way. The Wheel is quite manoeuvrable but has limitations at speed.
  • Enemy troops who die each pulse are being constantly reanimated by evil necromantic magic and returned to the fight next pulse.
  • Sven leaps into the air and kicks an enemy off the chain just before it was about to hit Sabrina from behind, and then he pirouettes to alight gently on the chains suspended 75ft above the contested area.
  • Braegon’s casting his magic assisting the party on the way across the battlefield
  • Kree and his people appear and start causing us trouble but Kree appears to be controlled/compelled in some way while one of the other Erelheine gives us a sign that he may not be our enemy. Actually charming all the girls in the party, Braegon (the sole male) is not affected.
  • Kree’s people move forward to engage our mages and Kern stands before all three of them, wisely evading and living for the pulse before one of them issues a challenge to Sabrina.
  • Kree engages Sven who survives Kree’s actions for a pulse before smartly flinging his magic removing potion at Kree thus removing his control, Kree going berserk and Sven yelling we’re guild members – go kill the undead, which he starts doing. Smart man that Sven!
  • Kern continues advancing with Braegon and Isil Eth providing solid support and defence to the mages.
  • Pent and Sabrina get rid of the Fire elemental in the Blood Lamp and Sabrina actually used Namer magic and not weapons in the entire pulse.
  • The Dark titan and his minder, Mistress Ordea set about making an area for a challenge to take place between Sabrina and the Erelheine warrior.
  • Sabrina is killing her way across the battlefield, leaving corpses in her wake – which unfortunately keep getting up once she’s moved on.
  • Pent comes across some nasty spiders but freezes their ambitions dead
  • Pent then comes across an evil dark binder named Udo Udet (from Drakenburg) and his animated iron golem minions and decides his life is worth more and so leaves behind his image to be munted by the golems.
  • The Iron Golem Minions of Udo Udet are very nasty and Iron Golems to boot!
  • Kree seems in a bit of a panic and so I rally him to deal with some enemy forces giving him purpose.
  • Sabrina accepts the Erelheine challenge and suffers a rebuff when she suggests dawn, but negotiations continue.
  • Isil Eth literally tears apart the area as she passes by keeping down the Slay Life area effect with her holy body/aura so we merely take damage each pulse - not dying. Isil Eth's aura keeps the enemy undead troops at bay behind the area of her aura.
  • Udo finally falls under a blow or two from a flying mace which luckily took down his life preserving magic as well.
  • The Sepulchral Stalkers descend from their pillars where they have been gazing and petrifying indiscriminately to apply their bites and six swords against Isil Eth and Sabrina. Sabrina enlarges to engage one in close.
  • The dark Titan is taken down by a facsimile of himself created by a Golem breaking a mirror on/into him which made a replica of the Titan. NB The fight was close until the balance was tipped by Isil Eth's triple damage TK Storm reflected off a Sepulchral Stalker onto the Titan who failed to reflect it back.
  • Elite Masadan Drow arrive riding giant lizards.
  • An enemy commander who we recognise as one of the Master Mil Scis comes out of the central bunker with companions riding giant snakes and is on the steps there ready to direct the enemy efforts, we define him as our enemy #1 as he’s the senior (Mil Sci) commander alive and the most dangerous to the Beltan Fleet.
  • An Earth, Fire, and Ice Elemental walk into the battle, the Earth Elemental releases a large handful of glowing blue spheres that start to roll around malignantly, the Ice Elemental gets run down by the returning Goblin Wheel.

Half a minute sees us close to the bunker entrance but the enemy closing and at our walls and we only have to hold the enemy off for another 30 pulses.

Chapter 6

407am (almost) - We stand before the bunker (but not quite there yet)

We find ourselves faced with a multitude of opponents and in the heart of an enemy camp where everybody and thing are aiming to kill us. The enemy have us surrounded and we are only 6 against the enemy horde but we have resolve, spirit, skill and bravery so we must/might/possibly/hope to prevail!

We refine our tactics and aim to take out the last of the Enemy master Military Scientists who has emerged with his guard from the bunker. We engage him with the free forces we have while Sabrina engages the snakes.

Pent has meanwhile saved the Dark Titan who shows his appreciation by taking Pent away for a bit of a rest and respite from the blood and gore of our battlefield. The fight is short and brutal, once across the lip of the bunker we are away from the anti-slaying magic of Isil-Eth and I fight for my life each pulse. I am soon joined by others and the last of the great enemy military minds is taken down under a flurry of blows.

We turn and the enemy are pressing on our flanks and the battle looks grim, however we only have another 2 minutes to hold out here and we’re looking slightly wobbly on our feet with the constant and massive attacks we are facing – but we’ll try our best even if it comes down to just one of us standing over our pile of bodies keeping them from the horde and its necromantic tendencies.

Pent and Titan return and he asks for us to be taken away from here which is agreed to but only for Pent. We have to choose between likely death (possibly fatal) but with a chance of immediate looting versus escaping the immediate incoming carnage of death but with reduced looting opportunity. We decide to leave and Braegon transports us to a place of Elemental Earth, there we heal and patch ourselves up quickly then Sabrina Banishes us back to Alusia. We find ourselves outside a cave on the side of a snowy mountain under heavy cloud with a group of Orcs approaching. The Orcs are surprised to see us and want to take us to their master, several days march from here. We engage in some careful questioning using small words in our limited Orcish and their limited Common to find out we're in the Mountains of Brack near the Brandenburg border.

Not keen on losing a few days walking with the Orcs, Braegon leads us off to get lost in the snow but instead of his expected destination we emerge still within the Brack Mountains, by a carved standing stone and surrounded by Incubi and Succubi.

Chapter 7

It appears that the stone is designed to attract powerful entities and the area immediately around the Standing stone is a killing zone. We are about to have a comabt due to Isil-eth's aura and its affect on nearby creatures but this is averted when I pull out my magical chimes and strike a note. All within the immediate area are made less inclined to attack and we have time to parlay and hide IE.

We are led away as they are expeciting some minions of Balor and we walk while we talk. The female Erelheine herald is Godarn (she is associated with Nukavalee) and we note the other wear drow insignia but are silent - for now.

We are taken some distance but are finally shown to an audience in a well appointed room where we met Morgor (a young 20 something human male) and his wife (a 55year old human female) who's name we don't get as she doesn't reveal it but she hints that the guild will know it. She is known to the Sorceress in Silver and she will send her a silver bird later when we can discuss 'issues'. We are given an unconcious wolf to take away as it was causing issues hereabouts. Svenette shoulders the wolf and we make our way out to a portal.

Around 8am sees us in the Seagate Clock Tower on Clock Street. We walk to the guild and clean up some.

9am sees up portal to Gracht and we take flights from there. A short while later we note the wolf seems to have some sort of affect on Sven and so I take the burden and continue on our way. I also suffer some affects but we get close to the battlefield before we need to land. We wake the Void Wolf named Silverfang and we let him go with our thanks.

noon sees us back at the Battlefield we left earlier. The area is a battlefield and the fight continues. The camp is largely destroyed but there is an upside down volcano with a citadel on top of it, a huge stepped pyramid with 9 large blue crystals flying neary towing large walls. We can see some 30 elven and newly liberated ex-drow flying ships but we can also see several wrecked on the ground. Up high we see Hippogrifs, Griffin and more fighting huge flying snakes.

We approach the ships but are intercepted by a flying pinnance who takes us aboard and we share information. The ruby scourge is waiting for Sabrina to fight her as arranged. Sabrina looks in her special box and discovers a red and blue amulet that will be useful and Sabrina does some more Namer actions.

We need to deal with the stepped pyramid temple (this is some 900ft across and 1000ft tall) which is heavily defended and no doubt the lair of the Geomancers. We learn that there's a green crystal that will fire out at approaching flyers who are then sent to the plane of light - with final despatch.

Chapter 8

Good news for a change

We had further discussions with the fleet commander about the pyramid and the dangers of approaching it. Apparently the Pyramid was expelled from the mountain/island that was previously beached next to Zumular and this same island is floating here after being run up the Ice road from Zumular. The island has a citadel on the top of it which is melting into the surface of the island. The pyramid was expelled as a huge 1000ft across bubble which landed on the ground and the bubble dissipated leaving the pyramid that we see and fear now.

Since previous attempts to attack the pyramid have resulted in their failure due to the light beam and now augmented by the 9 spheres with their flying walls attached a new plan is called for. I ask the commander to get the fleet to test a hypothesis of mine.

I posit that:

  1. the light ray may not be available constantly
  2. the light ray uses up some of their power
  3. the light ray may not be able to handle multiple threats at the same time

The fleet organises and then throws a bombardment of 20 grown lava obelisks (20ft long, 20ton earth grown lava nodules that seem to explode into lava on impact) at the pyramid. 6 get through and impact the pyramid, 7 are stopped by the light beam and 7 more are intercepted by the flying walls and these drop to the ground before exploding. The impacts on the pyramid have some affect which I am pleased to see.

At this point a lootenant (who knew they made officers do the looting?) came and informed Sabrina that there’s a herald delegation waiting below to speak with her and they request her attendance. We agree and discuss possibilities some more.

I ask the Fleet commander to organise another bombardment of the Pyramid this time of 200 lava obelisks. We discuss and get ready to attend the herald but first watch the next bombardment. This one goes of better with some 75% of the Obelisks hitting the pyramid resulting and large damage to it as well as 7 of the walls being destroyed and the incidence of the light ray reducing to nil by the end of the bombardment. Yeah one of my plans work!

Heartened by this we prepare to launch ourselves at the Pyramid to finish the job when we are reminded about the herald and company down below. We decide to talk first and fight second.

Herald discussions

We fly down to the Herald delegation and discover a destinian herald named Don Barbos along with several Dragon Elves and assorted others. A discussion ensues and it appears that the Ruby Scourge is waiting some miles to the south to talk with Sabrina & Co about the war, treaty implications and local events. Apparently there are several factions within the enemy camp and one faction (the Geomancers) have acted outside their authority and the RS wants them ‘dealt with’ and so we end up agreeing and take their truce flags (signs of truce for the Drow forces) before flying south.

A vile ambush while under a flag of truce - the true enemy colours show through

About three miles short of the Ruby scourge we are ambushed and find our flying magic’s stripped off, low ranked magic removed and ourselves inside an illusioned area surrounded by Dark Titans, Sepulchral Snakes, Imps, Dark Dryads, Elementals, Phase Spiders and others. The area is in a bane, disjunction and the enemy is well prepared for us and our capabilities.

We reduce the enemy numbers but the fight turns badly against us when the Snakes stares prove more efficacious in the bright sunlight of the area and we are all being reduced stat wise by their stares turning us to stone by slowly petrifying us stare by stare (several points of stats per stare on each of us) and reducing our effectiveness greatly. Underground Braegon is being menaced by a number of Spectre types and is imperilled as well, even after he creates a stone pit 20ft deep at the edge of the battlefield in an attempt to expose them to the harsh daylight above. >br/>

Our friendly Dark titan and his wife make brief appearances but end up just taking ‘my little pony’ aka Ajax away with them (she’s always wanted a little pony said the dark titan female) so we fight on without his horsepower, but these Dark Titan ‘allies’ of ours cause the snakes to rise up into the air off the ground and away from their attentions/reach.

During the fight Sabrina notes her damage being mitigated by the attentions of the RS who is no doubt hugely miffed that we have been ambushed while under the Truce flags. I’m sure she’s hugely embarrassed by this and we’ll be able to wring some concessions out of her due to her allies failure to abide by truce and be without honour thus having an impact on her honour.

We pare down the enemy above ground until we are just fighting the 3 huge snakes and the Dark titan (with his goblin riders on his shoulders) but we are but a pulse away from being stoned by the stares (excluding Sabrina who is immune to them) and so we go with Plan Z.

Plan Z

I jump down into the crater and run at the wall with my glaive, thus creating a tunnelling effect some 29ft long which I then proceed to run into away, followed quickly by Svenette the werewolf bitch and Braegon. Pent is slowed and so can’t immediately reach the covering tunnel and is exposed to the snakes potentially devastating stares and the Dark Titans attacks but Sabrina interposes herself between most of the stares and through her courage Pent and herself make the tunnels by the end of the pulse. I continue tunnelling as I go creating a seemingly random path away from the enemy seeking to put distance between us and the enemy stalking us while heading towards the RS. I do this for a minute of headlong travel while Braegon is carried so he can heal Sabrina who is being sorely afflicted with near constant damage and she hits people to remove the stoning affects to increase our rate of travel.

What happens hwen tunneling meets river

I unfortunately run into a nearby river and we find ourselves almost drowned by the deluge of water that immediately fills the tunnel – we could drown to death as we have no magic on to help us in water. I luckily keep hold of my glaive and I cast upwards to create an escape hole to the surface. We are all shot out of the hole into the air and along some way to then land on the ground, very wet but alive and aware of the danger we remain in.

We get to the Ruby Scourge

We make haste and proceed south to our rendezvous with the Ruby Scourge making it there in a slightly bedraggled state, but making it there.

Chapter 9

Things aren't what they seem

When we got to the spot where the Ruby Scourge (RS) was he was there no longer and had in fact left a minion behind stating that he was disappointed that we had broken the truce under which flag we were travelling.

We are slightly miffed at this change of tasking and so we departed and returned to the elven fleet where for expediency and safety reasons we directed the bombardment of the pyramid into a molten wreck thus nullifying the structure, its power and hopefully damaging some of the Geomancers inside – at the very least cramped their style!

We then went to Valhalla via the Rainbow Bridge and delivered the broken Valkyrie home to their lord Odin. While there we identify that my missing soles had been taken to the Underworld and were no possessed by the Cold Mistress of Hel (Lokis’ daughter) but that will have to wait for another time. We talk some with Odin and Brunhilda (the leader of the Valkyrie’s) and then take our leave before we get involved in more dangerous pursuits like drinking and arm wrestling.

We use the rainbow bridge to then bridge in search of ‘my little pony’ that we lost in our last encounter due to Dark titans purloining him. We find ourselves outside the imposing Temple of War in the lunar empire (or its fringes) and we walk towards the titans camped around a fire. Before we get there we are intercepted by a human male who passes onto us a head in a bag and he identifies himself to us as Mr Bampf who was doing a favour and will get one in return from Sabrina sometime.

We continue walking and discover Matt and Max Tumbledown, Tex and his wife around the fire as well as a be-tasselled (pink and other bright colours), well-coiffed and groomed mount and we are invited to join them.We explain our business with them and Sabrina gets the beautifully turned out mount back who we see under the pretty colours and accoutrements is actually Ajax. Tex’s wife does say that she’s like another one to replace him if we could and she’s pay well for an 8-legged flying mount (the same as Odin’s mount - Sleipnir) if we could source one. We take our leave and Matt offers to take us to the Temple of Death so that we could talk with the Geomancer head that we have.

We teleport with Matt to the temple of Death where we talk with the geomancer head and strike a deal in exchange for not handing it over to the elves for eternal torments. She is Maz, a LLS Drow and she wants to be returned to an Inn in a city in Terranova (within 16days) in exchange for information and we agree as it furthers our gaols as well. We learn (she tells her side of a story) that the Ruby Scourge is forcing the Geomancers to act the way they are and that the geomancers are doing so against their will but their families etc are being held/threatened by the RS under threat of widespread retribution. She says that the Queen of the Drow would support us against the Ruby Scourge if we would finish him off once and for all.

We depart the Temple of Death with Matt and Richard the Namer to a Dwarven temple of the hearth, which we pass through and exit in Wintergarden.

We seek out and find Lady Mirrow and discuss our trials and tribulations. She agrees that we have achieved what we were recruited for and gives us access to our rewards. We talk with the Beltane and arrange the drop off of Maz in Terranova. We are given some items in compensation of our hard work and dismissed.

Chapter 10


Spring: Thaw (10) 813wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting and Travel 2 Arrive in Winter Garden 3 4 5 6
Moon0.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon1.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon2.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Spring: Seedtime (11)
Moon3.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Moon0.jpg 5 6 7 8 Rites of Thunor 9 10 11
Moon1.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 Eostre 18 Seagate Spring Ball
Moon2.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon3.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Spring: Blossom (12)
Moon0.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon1.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon2.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
Moon3.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht


The Visions

Sir Callus Kelpenwood tells us of the visions, Lady Hanna Royal Elm has found the little they know of Geomancers in the eldest archives of the libraries.

  1. 6 Geomancers form a circle and create a large natural pass through the Dragonspine mountains into Elfheim. The pass would be natural as if it had always been there but how long it lasted (from weeks to forever) would depend on how much power they put into it. This change to the land would disrupt the mystic barriers around Elfheim. **
  2. 6 Geomancers (3 of them from the previous vision) in a Stone Building send the Sands of Time sweeping through the forests of southern Elfheim (presumably this is dependent on 1 above having happened), these wither and age trees, Elves and everything else they come in contact with.
  3. A Drow hero, an agent of Change & Death, kills an important Elf of Elfheim which triggers a cloud that perverts Elves into Drow. The Drow hero wears armour in the style of a Northerner and is identifiable by his deep footprints, he is a greater weight on the world than his physical presence alone. The clues around the victim Elf could indicate the Queen, Isil Eth, or maybe even Sabrina.
** Lady Mirrow Hearttouch has more pragmatic concerns, if the mystic barriers around Elfheim are breached, whether through Geomancer scaremongering or some simpler method, she expects that a Drow/Dark Titan hit squad will immediately teleport in to kill the Queen and that would be bad.


Practitioners of Geomancy - reportedly a combination of Celestial, Earth and Necro magic used to reshape the world. Not much is known as all known Geomancers and all knowledge of Geomancy was expunged from the Elven empire after Geomancy was used to devastating effect in the civil war and it was prophesied to bring down the last of the Elven Empire (potentially a self-fulfilling prophecy as the remaining Geomancers have a big hate on for the Elves).

Believed that this group of Geomancers survived in some sort of temporal suspension, like that of the Princess.

9 have been seen in the vision, working in groups of 6. Wearing brown woollen robes with hoods up, some sort of unseeable (an impression of something seen from the corner of your eye) symbol on their back.

  1. Lord Lee CharTandil of the Tootinchakar clan - Vampire, believed to be leader of Geomancers.



Magic Rk Effects Dur En. Dur Sa Br IE Ke Pe Sv Aj  
Strength of Stone (Ke) 20 +20 EN/PS or combo 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Br) 21 +44 Def, 2 DR 12 hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Ke) 20 +42 def, +1 DR 40 Days Y Y Y
Fire Armour (Br) 20 100 Ablative Mag. Fire 21 hrs - Y Y Y Y Y -
Heat Shield (Br) 9 40 Ablative Mag. Cold 10 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y N
Fire Proofing (Br) 9 Prot. Normal Fire 4 less Dmg 10 hrs - Y Y Y Y Y -
Cold Resistance - Water (Br) 11 Prot -22°C 3 Less Damage 12 hrs
Cold Resistance - Ice (Pe) 12 +4 Gauge / -4 Cold DM 13 hrs - Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Proofing (Sv) 8 Dry, protection from Rainstorm 27 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (Sv) 8 Breathe and see in water 9 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Buoyancy (Br) 6 Up/down 17'/pulse, withstand pressure 3½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Feather Fall (Br) 6 Fall no more than 5'/pulse 3½ hrs
Vapour Breathing (Br) 6 3½ hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Br) 7 4 hrs - Y - - Y Y
Fall Banding (Br-Self) 6 Land on earth without damage 3½ hrs Y
Elemental Transformation (Br-Self) 15 +3 DR +3 U.dmg -2 AG -2 MD -1 TMR Move through earth 8 hrs Y
Tracking (Br-Self) 20 +50% Tracking 21 Days Y
Detect Traps & Snares (Br-Self) 10 +20% to detect Traps/Ambushes within 70' in Nat. Env. 11 hrs Y
Weapon of Ice (Pe) 21 +22% SC and +8 Dam 11 Hrs 3 - 7 4
Waters of Strength (Sv) 15 D-2 +15 PS 80 mins
WP Boost (IE) 20 10 WP within her aura
Resist for None (IE) 20 within her aura 17 feet
Mind Shield (IE) 20 Resist for None IE's TK Wrath 41 hours Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Kerns Armour of Earth (Only Kern & 2 others)
+20 Spell Armour vs Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Ice, Celestial, Necro, Demonics/Unholy/Undead. +40MR vs Same colleges inc
Command Ring (Sabrina Mil Sci Rank 11)
+11 IV +11% SC +11% Def +1 End of Pulse Pass Action in melee.
Hair Braiding (Rk 7 Skill)
Sometimes (takes 30 mins per person per day): +50% resistance vs Charm (Demonic, Spells, Bardic Voice). -25% melee damage from attacks from behind. Enhance Duration of one 2+ hour spell until next dawn.
Rarely (takes 1 hour per person per day) +3 AG (or +2 over racial max).
Anti-scrying (Rk 21 Spell)
Braegon + 3 hex radius while on the ground. Undetectable to scrying (including Wizards Eye); Blocks Rk 20 (or lower) Locate, Telepathy, ESP.
Wraithcowl (Rk 20 Potion for our "Vampyrs" - Sabrina, replaces AoE)
+42 Defence, +25 Stealth, 8 Damage reduction from all possible sources for 24 hours
Enchanted Ruby Lips (Nighttime only, on Penti, Svelte (Sven), Kernette (Kern) and Sabrina)
Provides +3 PB, +3 PC, +5 IV and cannot be affected by poison, disease, decay or aging.


EN IV Char. Notes
111-116 Sabrina 1 action + 26AG Pass Action
103 Pent

1 action + 26AG Pass Action (can be converted to an attack by a 3 x WP)
Post Celerity 1 pass action + 26AG Pass Action (can be converted to an attack by a 3 x WP)

92 Kern 1 action
100 or 80-85 Isil Eth 2 actions + 2 26AG Pass Actions
72 Sven 1 action + 26AG Pass Action + non-magical pass action
59-69 Braegon 1 action, preferably in Unengaged
IV 1 Sabrina
2 Attacks

1 action + 26AG Pass Action (can be converted to an attack by a 3 x WP)

EoP Engaged All currently engaged party members get a non-magical pass action