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Nastiness Rating 2/10

The Beautiful Earl


Renove first appears as a cloud of red mist, but may adopt human form, becoming a beautiful young boy with a melodious voice which is unbearably sweet to the listener.

Talents, Skills and Magic

Renove is a mage of the College of Illusions. He possesses the following skills:
Assassin, Beast Master, Courtier, Healer, Merchant, Navigator, Ranger, Spy Thief and Troubadour.

He also has a deep knowledge of rhetoric and is a master of spoken and written tongues. He has the ability to reconcile all but the bitterest of enemies and is a great teacher of the young.

An hour spent learning any of his skills in the company of Renove is equal to a month spent learning the same skill from any human teacher and costs half the normal amount of EP.

Renove is an excellent teacher, but his tastes are not natural. He will demand that the summoner either lie with him or procure him others more to his taste in return for any lessons.


Renove has no natural weapons. He is treated as a human for the purposes of unarmed combat. Renove will wear any armour and use any weapon the summoner provides.

Known Agents and Followers

  • Viola - Human Illusionist, Member of the Seagate Guild, was a follower but is now renunciate.

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests

He is interested in young boys and older men who have spent their lives sheltered from the real world in cloisters.


A Chronology of Events and Encounters