Regar's Keep

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As of Winter 807WK
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Baron Victor DeVere currently holds Regar’s Keep. He is a human in his late thirties and single. He is a skilled Military Scientist and Warrior. The fortress has seen extensive use in the war to protect Carzala from the attacks of the undead hordes of the Dark Circle (797-806WK). Troops from the fortress held out for months against constant attack by forces from the Dark Circle. This success was partly due to the Dwarven basements and cellars added some 60 years ago.

Regar’s Keep was built in 730WK with funds from an Aquila family who supported Baron Regar. They extended and added to it in 742-743WK, transforming into a fully working castle. It not only holds the high ground but also is able to control the river traffic. It commands excellent views of the Sweet Riding to the south and east, and the wild hills to the west.

The settlement of Regar’s Keep trades externally with Plain Barbarians travelling the Sweet Riding and the Superstition Mountains. There is also some trade with hobbits from the hills upriver at Ruby Springs. In 750WK a large contingent of Dwarves made the fortress home for four years, while en route into the hills near Tiana Falls. This was because during their stay, the Marshal of the Keep saved the life of the Dwarven leader, who insisted on repaying the debt by working on the keep.

At the base of the hill and under the watchful eye of the Castle, is a small walled manor house which, since 804WK, has been used by the Seagate Adventurers’ Guild as the base for a permanent portal to the Seagate Adventurers’ Guild. The portal allows for the support of both guild members and troops at the castle.