Reeve Stephen Willowtown

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To be populated by Spys
Reeve Stephen Willowtown

He lives in Calder city in Brandenburg and works for and with Lord Azzur.

He is getting on in age and it is rumoured he has amassed a small fortune, in rare items and a large amount of copper. He is worshippers of Kukulak (Khulian God of Storms), who are a combination of mage along the line of Wicca & Air Mage, with Ice combat magics, known as one of the Storm Mages.

He is said to have a country house away from Calder which are protected by the 'Winds and Storms of the North'. He has a small imp called Woo Woo who is trained in the art of thievery.

As of 817WK he is rumoured to be collecting ingredients for a love potion to use on Lord Azzur & Missy Ratajkowski to make sure they are happily in love.