Red & Green Leech

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This Leech is grown by Kathrine the Witch

Red & Green Stomach Leech
Wgt:0 lbs Value: 300 sp

This dry one inch long green leech with three red rings around its body provides the host with some ability of Witchsight and Cat Vision. The leech is swallowed whole and then lives in the stomach of the host. If not kept in the stomach of the host, it will need to live on the skin of the host and the Red and Purple leech will need 2 Ft points per four hour (or part their of) to stay alive. The Ft that is lost to the leech can be rested back. For the number of weeks equal to the first hosts Perception, the leech will give that host (and only that host) the ability of Cat Vision as per the Witchcraft spell (S5). It works at rank 5 for the range (100 feet). The leech will also give any host the ability of Witchsight as per the Ensorcelments and Enchantments talent T-1.

The Base Chance is equal to Perception plus 40%, lasting until the next equinox as noted below.

March 21 (Spring Equinox) September 23 (Autumn Equinox) Year of 809

The leech will also cause enormous muscle cramps to the host once a month. The happens for the first day of each month that the leech is in the stomach of the host, apart from the first month. The effects of this are:
-5 to Perception, -2 to Will Power, -10 to Strike Chances and -10 to all Cast Chances.

Aura: short lived sentient.
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Nature of Magic: None
College: None
Magically Trapped/Warded/Cursed: No
G.M. Jono Bean
Special note: When the leech is in the stomach of the host it counts as a possession and not another entity.