Recipe book of the Fastness

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Recipe book

A very old and highly magical book recovered from the Fastness of Girwyllan on this adventure Return to the Fastness- Part 1. It is clear to the Guild that the book has more than three authors. The Guild speculates that the authors have somehow forgotten that they have created such a book, but their reason for seemingly to choose to forget about it is unknown. This has lead the guild to speculate that at least one of the authors of the tomb is Navzra the shaper from the Fastness of Girwyllan.

The book is currently held under lock and key in the Guild Vaults. It can be taken out from the vaults and read by the owners. Kali requires that it does not leave the guild, and that the knowledge is not given to non-guild members. Chapter 8 of the book remains sealed at the request of Kali the Nameless.

The book has been written in colourful language of Folksprach at rank 10. Some of the pages are clearly in some form of short hand code. It is hard to translate into Common. To attempt to translate the book people need; Herbalist rank 8+, Alchemist rank 5+, Cook rank 5+, and Folksprach rank 8+, and Common rank 8+. Only around a dozen recipes have been translated into Common by Winter 807.

The book is owned by the following guild members;

Some of the recipes are here, and Temp page.