Rebuilding of Brastor Holdings

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Sabastian was bestowed the title of Chief Architect by the ruling group of Brastor in Winter 806, with the goal being to rebuild Brastor.

He has established large workshops, primarily in Brastor Landing, to support the reconstruction. These are staffed by his apprentices and other skilled workers. Sabastian is a master of the following skills and has workshops for each of;

  • Sculpting (R12),
  • Painting (R8),
  • Mechanician(R10; has most subclasses),
  • Weaponsmith(R9),
  • Armoursmith(R8).

Not only is be rebuilding Brastor, he is ensuring it is rearmed and recultured. Most good products will be stamped with the symbol of a dragons claw.

Additionally Sabastian has taken the expert skill in Brastor.

Sabastian is coordinating hundreds of works throughout Brastor. Several notable people are work with him and periodically provide their time

  • Blitzkrieg; a Master Military scientist providing guidance on the defence. A Master healer providing healing when required.
  • Callas; Master earth mage. Providing elementals, healing, wards against undead, earth enhancements to the workers.
  • Scab the Sasquach the Sasquach; blessing crops and unborn (when allowed). As a Master Ranger he assists with ensuring the forests are safe.
  • Ty Trident; Master healer and professional fisherman. Providing training and healing when required.
  • Riptide; npc watermage running a barge along the river.

Between Winter 806 and Summer 808 Sabastian has devoted 42 weeks of his time to this task. Additionally he has donated 20,000sp to the construction, amongst other things, the construction of his workshops and warehouses and art.

The construction efforts continue.

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