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Razor enjoying herself.

Razor is a Elven female warrior, who has a mohawk. Razor is known as a Glaive wielding lightly armoured elf. People also say 'She is an agent for the Powers of Darkness'.

She is played by Kelsie.


  • Summer 805 WK Warriors Big Day Out GM: Clare Scribe: GoK
  • Autumn 802 WK Troll Hunt GM: George Mitchinson
  • Autumn 800 WK In the Dark Circle: Jono Bean
  • Summer 800 WK Redemption…or else! GM: Adam Tennant
  • Autumn 799 WK Belial Bait GM: Andrew Withy
  • Summer 799 WK Horror on the Hill GM: Jonathan McSpadden
  • Summer 799 WK The Search for the Temple of the Golden Spire GM: Jonathan McSpadden
  • Spring 798 WK Lizard Guard GM: Jonathan McSpadden
  • Winter 797 WK Tigers and Summoners in Ormanthwaite GM: Andrew Withy
  • Nov 1994 AP A Shadow on the Mist GM: Jonathan McSpadden
  • Sep 1994 AP Lardic City 2 GM: Jono Bean
  • Aug 1994 AP Lardic City 1 GM: Jono Bean
  • Jul 1994 AP Shapechangers, the Inquisition & Literature - a Sweetwater Interlude. GM: Andrew Withy
  • Jul 1994 AP Ross' First GM: Ross Alexander