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The Shield, Defender of the Faithful

Raphael's appearance is a little unusual in that he almost always manifests as a handsome, mature, and bearded (human) man. He is dressed in green and outfitted for war, and has either large, feathered wings, of apprears seated upon a sentient pegasus. He bears a lance and his shield Fidei (Faith). His shield is green and carries in gold the image of a crook, or crosier, reflecting his role as a shepherd and protector. He will often bring with him a pack of hunting or war dogs, and favours the dog as an animal servant.

Raphael's office is that of the defender of the faithful, teacher and guide. He charges his Agents, the Raphaelites, with the protection and education of their followers. Raphael will accept Mages as Agents provided they can prove their bravery, loyalty, and discipline.

Raphael is careful and cautious, and will seldom counsel attack, but rather a brave and stalwart defence. He often finds himself in opposition to the more extreme plans of both Michael and Gabriel, and co-operating with Uriel and Sammael in matters of protection.

An avatar of Raphael will be a great Armourer, Mechanician, Military Scientist, Ranger, and Warrior, and possess lesser abilities as a Beast Master, Healer, and Weaponsmith. Raphael is very handsome to look at and may inspire Awe. Raphael does not cast magic in the usual sense but may initiate a wide range of magical talents upon himself. Raphael's Magic Resistance is nearly total, and in addition, if he can see the Mage that has targeted him, there is a 50% chances that an incoming spell will be automatically parried by his shield, so that it rebounds and targets the caster instead.

An avatar of Raphael may use most weapons at maximum Rank, and prefers knightly weapons. He carries a lance and hand & a half sword, which are of extreme quality, and with which he has skill above that of mortals. These weapons may be considered magical and can strike any target, even those usually immune to material weapons. He wears green plate armour of some light-weight material. Whenever he enters combat Raphael becomes surrounded by a coruscating aura that provides significant defence.

Raphael can be summoned wherever or whenever defence is needed.