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Arms of Ranke

Duchy to the north of Carzala.

Ranke was part of the Old Western Kingdom, but its association with the New Kingdom is complex and unresolved.

When the Kingdom was restored in Spring of 793, the Duke of Ranke, unsure of the the Kingdom's survival in the face of growing opposition from Aladar and the other Confederation states, chose not to accept the new King, but neither to deny him. Citing the lack of the traditional regalia the Duke chose to delay any oaths of fealty until such time as proceduarly matters could be resolved. Faced with military opposition from Aladar et al, the Regent let matters with Ranke lie.

Some years later, with the Middle Duchies War in the past, Aladar absorbed into the Kingdom, and the economic advantages of being part of the Kingdom becoming apparent, the Duke of Ranke sought to alter his position. Diplomatic talks are still on-going, but it appears that the Regent of the Western Kingdom, influenced by nobles who saw little advantage in having the less economically stable Ranke join with them, has so-far used the Duke's original procedural excuses as reason why oaths cannot be accepted from Ranke at this time.

Another issue is the status of slavery in Ranke, an institution held unlawful by the New Kingdom -- there being some indentured or bonded servitude for debts and other crimes -- but not the public auctions of traded slaves that are seen in Sanctuary and other parts of Ranke.

The abolition of slavery as a condition of entry in the Western Kingdom is rumoured to a sticking point; the Duke of Ranke making a fair proportion of his income from allowing the practice within his domain, and lack of support from his Barons for abolishing it.

  • As at 806 WK, Ranke remains an independant Duchy, and the diplomatic dance continues. With the death of Duke Abakithis in late Blossom 806WK, all bets are off until a successor is found.
  • In 812WK Ranke rejoined the Western Kingdom with the marriage of Queen Meredith to King Ulric
Ranke 811 wk

Notable places within Ranke:



Common is spoken everywhere in Ranke. In addition, there are several other tongues that are used in some regions or by some peoples. These are:



Ranke is a centre for commerce in the area. Notable trading concerns trading here are;

Rulers of the Realm

The Dukes (or rulers) of Ranke since it seperated from the Western Kingdom into an independent duchy have been;

  • 499-540WK Duke Otto von Ranke – Otto was a son of Sigismund the Pious, the last king of the old Western Kingdom. He was the 5th child of 8 children and the 5th of 7 sons. He founded a new branch of the family to illustrate the seperation from the rest of the Western Kingdom. The new family branch that he founded was the von Ranke branch
  • 540-565WK Duke Helmut von Ranke – Helmut married Janjira
  • 565-603WK Duke Gebhard von Ranke –
  • 603-665WK Duke Jurgen von Ranke –
  • 665-676WK Duke Ekkehart von Ranke –
  • 676-712WK Duke Ludwig von Ranke –
  • 712-740WK Duke Hedwig von Ranke –
  • 740-780WK Duke Rudolf von Ranke –
  • 780-806WK Duke Abakithis von Ranke –
  • 806-811WK Duchess Meredithis von Ranke – In 812wk Meredithis became Queen Meredith of the Western Kingdom
  • 811WK Countess Chenaya Vigiles – The Countess is the ruler of Ranke until Duchess Meredithis has a child who can take up the title of the Duke/Duchess of Ranke or Chenaya dies..