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Raithe & Moonshae are two elven mercenary assassins known to work extensively in the Baronies and Western Kingdom, possibly based in Sanctuary, known to have worked for "Tricky Dicky" more than once.

The pair appear to only work together and there are suggestions that they may be lovers, or brother and sister, or indeed both.

They have encountered Guild parties on at least two occasions, are well aware of the Guild's abilities, and appear to be happy where possible to treat Guild members with the professional courtesy of other mercenaries.

The pair are not fanatics or zealots but rather purely professional killers who take pains to protect their reputations but will not take suicidal risks on behalf of their employers. They can be hired to kill, kill permanently, or to make offers that can't be refused. Both appear to be quite amoral, but honourable insofar as they respect contracts and agreements.

Both use poisons on their weapons when appropriate.

Moonshae also produces a particularly unpleasant synthetic venom that -- while it does no extra damage -- speeds the disintegration of the "silver cord" binding a soul to its former body.

If an entity is killed while this venom is in their body (about 24 hours normally -- can be cured as a poison by a Healer as normal), then the period before they become irressurrectible is dramatically shortened.

If the venom has just been delivered then each minute the entity is dead counts as 5 hours towards the Healer's limit. (i.e. in 17 minutes the body will be beyond the skills of a Rank 8 Healer). This decay will be suspended when the resurrection attempt begins.

The venom breaks down over 24 hours, and the decay effect is suitably reduced.

This stuff is dangerous -- if for example, a person was shot by Moonshae with an envenomed arrow, but survived the blow, then the poison would still be running around their system and if they died some hours later, from a completely independent cause, the decay would begin (reduced for the time the venom has been breaking down).


Raithe is a male elf of unknown age, average height (slightly shorter than Moonshae) and muscular build. Very strong and fast.

Known to be a Mind Mage with additional abilities in the areas of concealment, disguise and physical control and modification.

Prefers traditional "up close and personal" approach to assassination, favouring short, bladed weapons. Tends to dress in dark monochromes (dark greys through black).

Tends to act as spokesman for the pair, while Moonshae stays in the background or at a distance, although this may be because his combat abilities are oriented towards melee and close whereas she prefers ranged combat. Very highly ranked Assassin, Ranger, Spy, Thief, Courtier and Troubadour.


Moonshae is a female elf of unknown age, above average height, and lithe build. Very dexterous and fast.

Known to be a "Black Mage" although College is unconfirmed, but may be Earth rather than Witchcraft. Moonshae's patron is unknown. She favours the bow as her weapon of choice (and has considerable prowess in this weapon), having several different bows for various purposes. She is an excellent assassin with the bow, able to strike a target from considerable distance; perhaps as much as 1/2 a mile.

Tends to dress in the forest greens of her patron -- these may also be for concealment -- and in dealings with the pair she is seldom seen. Very highly ranked Assassin, Alchemist, Military Scientist, Ranger, Spy and Thief.


Moonshae has a demonic familiar, which may appear as a snake, and may be an illusionist. It probably has the powers of an Imp but may be more powerful.

GM Note

Moonshae's patron was Leraje, the Marquis of Archers but with his destruction (and most folk having no recollection of his ever existing) her patronage is unknown at this time.

Previously during negotiations Moonshae would tend to stay at some distance (preferably unseen) and allow Raithe to conduct their affairs. There was speculation that this may be because of some "curse" of her patron; Leraje loved strife and chance meetings between normally neutral parties would often end in bloodshed; Moonshae's presence may have or have had a similar though lesser effect. Again the state of this effect is currently unknown.