Purple Leech

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These Leeches are grown by Kathrine the Witch

Purple Stomach Leech
Wgt: 0 lbs Value: 500 sp

The leech is swallowed whole and then lives in the stomach of the host. If the Orange stomach leech is present in the host then the Purple leech provides the host with some resistance from damage by dulling the host's senses (reducing perception).

The leech will add a number to the amount that is needed to stun the host. This number that is added is the same as the reduction to their perception. The leech will provide a minimum of 4 points as the addition. Perception is always lowered to 10.

Example 1 - PC starting at 12 is lowered to 10 giving a bonus of 4 (the minimum) to what is needed to stun.
Example 2 - PC starting at 22 is lowered to 10 giving a bonus of 12 to what is needed to stun.

Once the leech is taken, and a twice EN check is made per pulse and if it is failed then the hosts perception is lowered to 10 for a minimum of the next 12 months, or the art of a rank 10 healer heals the hosts eyes and brain.

Aura: short lived sentient.
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Nature of Magic: None
College: None
Magically Trapped/Warded/Cursed: No
G.M. Jono Bean
Special note: When the leech is in the stomach of the host it counts as a possession and not another entity.