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The Plane of Purple has been visited by several parties, some of whom also travelled in time and significantly changed the plane.

Character Knowledge and bonuses

Primarily as a GM tool, there are a variety of adventure related specific knowledges to compensate characters for the non-standard, and sometimes time-warped, oddities of Purple. Below are the standard lists, although more are available to individual characters on application depending on their individual skills and specific actions on that adventure. -- NB: this is a work in progress, more skills will be added shortly for other adventures with scribe notes

BOOK-KEEPING: As per §28.2, these specific Knowledges are equivalent to a sub-field — explicitly additional to the normal rank-based allocation. Where the character had subsequently chose an analogous Philosopher sub-field, it should be reallocated retrospectively & signed off. Apologies for the GM Trardiness [traditional tardiness].

797 Winter: "That was now, This is then; or The Good, the Bard, & the Ugly"

Knowledge (Basic Purple ancient history): the Dwarven Ur-cities; the Drow-invasion cause by violent ethnic wars on the Wild West Continent; how stupid the first humans were.

Knowledge (Purple Drow pre-history): The Drow tribes; the lawgiver (and her previous identity), other secrets that may assist or endanger you with the Vulture Clan.

Knowledge (The Greater Titans): The Powers-of-Light teachers of the Dwarves. No party-member knowingly had direct physical contact with them other than healing while unconscious or worse; most had significant interaction with the Holy ones — Dwarves that functioned as the messengers, or quasi-high-priests, and did most of the higher teaching. In some cases, characters also had dream conversations with the Greater titans — if, and ONLY if, the character was Powers-of-Light aligned.

Knowledge (High Dwarven Mechanics): especially Architecture, Music, and other forms of Social/Civil engineering.

RANKING DISCOUNT: Upon reflection, characters who later achieve Rank 7 in Mechanician will find hidden memories of their time in the Mountain-fortress Dwarven cities resurfacing with surprising clarity. Much that was mysterious at the time is now understood with a profound clarity. The character may use this knowledge as inspiration for Masterworks. If the specialisation skill or masterwork (or both) is conceivably related to experiences, the character receives a 20% discount on the EP cost of ranks 8,9, or 10 and does NOT require a further tutor or advanced texts. However, if they do use such texts, the character may at each master rank, with no extra effort or time, write a commentary/correction of one standard authority the earns them a reputation for Genius or/or lunacy.
Incidentally, the Dwarven Master Mechanicians have countered all literal accusations of lunacy in a previous [Guild chronology], subsequent [Purple chronology] adventure where they enabled a guild party to destroy Purple’s moon — admittedly not the main reason to do it, but True Genius nonetheless. THIS EP BONUS is back-dated. Players should contact MP to have appropriate chits/re-ranking signed off.

RANKING DISCOUNT: Characters who were taught skills and magic by the Greater Titans may use that time as immersion teaching in Dwarven or Titan languages. Players should contact MP to have appropriate chits/re-ranking signed off.






Green Orcs

Descendants of Eric (when he was an Orc) breeding with the local Dow about 250,000 years ago. Very human looking (for Orcs), appropriately skilled Humans can pass as Orcs and vice-versa. Rigid social structure to their society, adherence to religion seems almost universal.

Magic is an accepted and intrinsic part of society, they have some mages, primarily Elemental colleges. Their top warriors are usually enhanced by herbal potions and other temporary magic.

Religion primarily revolves around reverence of nature, particularly earth-based plants. Orcs do not eat vegetation except that which grows in water, their staples are herbivores, fish, and rice.


Third Fourth class citizens, ranking below Dryads, Orcs, and Plants, but slightly above herbivores and fish.

They normally try to live out of sight on the fringes of the Orc areas to avoid getting recruited to unsavoury tasks even Orcs won't do.

Recently have gained value as they are not affected by the Music of the Spheres, mostly as disposable highlands assault/looting troops, also as breeding stock for the Orc-Goblin hybrids - tough enough to take on Dwarves but short enough to survive the music.

Black Dryads

Titanesque Dryads, the religious leaders, almost demi-gods. There are usually three per city, presumably residing in nearby sacred groves. Elemental magic, primarily Earth, some Air, and evidentially some Greater Summoning (Summon Heroes used to acquire a guild party).



Black Orcs

Descendants of Eric (when he was an Orc) breeding with the local humans about 250,000 years ago. Servants of the Necromancer and Drow.


Within the Pale, the language spoken on Purple is Purple-Drow which has evolved from Purple-Old-Drow. The Dwarves speak a dialect of Dwarvish (and often some Titan). Orcs speak orcish but, because they are so isolationist, people speaking to orcs must either choose their words carefully or use the plane-wide translation effect. The Human Duchies speak LaLange for valid, but bizarre, historical reasons (blame the Elf). A plane-wide magical device ensures that those who speak Alusian Common or their racial tongue are heard as if speaking equivalently ranked Lalange, and spoken Lalange is translated into their racial language or Common (whichever is higher).


The Moon was destroyed in 796wk shortly before all of it would have fallen to ground. A chunk fell into the ocean raising the sea level, most of it exploded into debris clouds which drift in the Aether.
Music of the Spheres

The ‘Music of the Spheres’ is a magical/musical effect that prevents tall people from going into mountains. Anyone more than about 4’6” tall has major psychological problems going above 4,500’, and will flee in terror shortly after 5,500’. No magic known in Purple or Alusia prevents this effect. This has protected the Dwarves historically from the Drow, and (retrospectively) from the Orcs. It is thought by the Guild that this was set up by the Titans.

Recently it has become apparent that the music can be heard by some individuals at any altitude and at sea level it seems to be coming from the ocean depths.

Human Empire

Altitude Key
a -500’ to +50’
b +50’ to +300’
c +300’ to +1000’
d +1000’ to +3000’
e +3000’ upwards

Slender Neck

Maracas 1 a

The Tables 2 a

Seafoot 3 a

Fort Chagre 4 a

Portobelo c a

Shinon-la-Princess 8 a

Mesoceanic Observatory Δ b

Grand Gorge

Acandy 1 a

Cupis 2 a

Mutis 3 b

Nuqui 4 b

Condoto 5 a

Tado 6 a

Old Dabeiba c d


Alterr 1 b

Richfields 2 c

Shinu 3 b

Corozal 4 b

Egghold 5 c

Fort Carmine 6 c

Turbaco 7 b

The Foundation 8 b

St Angel 9 b

Caracoly 10 c

Valledupar 11 c

Newville 12 c

Barrancas 13 c

The Jaguar 14 b

Barranc c a


La Dorada 1 c

Provins du Pavon 2 b

Amilyaville 3 e

Blamange de Brillett 4 e

Whichfoot 5 e


Salad 1 c

Moyenn 2 b

Merry de May 3 e

Zulia c c


Fairfoot 1 c

Blackwater 2 d

St Filip 3 b

New Falcon 4 c

Fort Mercy-Valera c d


St Charles 1 b

Eastprei 2 b

Sombrero 3 b

Palenc 4 b

San Mauris 5 b

Three-Mats 6 b

Ipir 7 b

Toco 8 b

Paragon 9 c

Santa Barbera 10 b

Paria City 11 b

Dragon’s Port 12 b

Anarcko 13 b

Ocumare del Tuy 14 b

Victory 15 d

Balans du Buron 16 e

Valle de la Pascwa c b


Hato de Corozal 1 c

Tame 2 c

Arackett 3 b

The Canton 4 b

Rondon 5 b

Delights 6 b

Cato 7 b

Surfield 8 b

St Silvestre 9 b

Liberty 10 b

Newport 11 b

New Antioc 12 b

The Redwind 13 b

Arac c b

Dwarven Nations


Val’Dido 1 d

Pato 2 b

Amalfi c e


Green Orc Empire

The Orcs occupy an area bounded by impassable mountains and glaciers to the south, impassable Dwarf occupied mountains to the west, humans to the north, and sea to the east.

Orc Swamp, roads, cities.

The bay, swamp, and surrounds are covered by a permanent cloud bank that extends from 1,000' above sea level to 2,000'. There is a thinning in the cloud in some areas, usually near some of the cities.

Beneath the cloud bank it is hot, humid, and dim. Above it is a more normal temperature for its proximity to huge glaciers.

The Amazing Great Swamp of Fetid Death

The name says it all, it used to be river-delta swamp, then the sea rose and flooded most of it. Hot, humid, wet, smelly, muddy, and lots of nasty plants and animals.

First Division Cities

Arsenal / High Castle
Was the Capital City in 798wk and home of the War Leader King Oliver Cromwell.
Sacked by Dwarves in Harvest 800wk.
As of Winter 810wk, a ruin occupied by outcasts.
Capital City from the fall of Arsenal to the Grand Jubilee.
Destroyed 15th Breeze 801wk in an explosion when King Robert of the Fira Dwarves was killed as part of the Grand Jubilee.
As of Winter 810wk, a lake has formed over/around the site of the city, a nearby smaller city has also been abandoned.

Second Division Cities

Third Division Cities

Wolftown - near Arsenal


Really Ancient History

God-like immortal TITANS teach the Dwarves. 

The Golden Age

Where and when the [Great] Titans came from is unknown, but they appeared on Northern Continent [NC] and adopted the Dwarves.  The Immortal Titans were masters of Earth & Sky, and the creatures that dwell therein, and they taught the Dwarves

Great Arts (including several Thaumaturgical & Elemental colleges, also Rune)
Great Skills (including Smithing, Building, Brewing, Writing) and many handicrafts. 

Seven great Dwarvish Cities arise in the highlands, each with two Titans as "Patrons" — in effect Deities in Residence. 

The South Continent [SC] is empty.  Beyond the Western ocean is a continent of uncivilised nomad Drow and Dragons ... plus herds of mute semi-intelligent bipeds (GTN Human).  Beyond the Eastern Ocean is a land of Elves, Fey, and possibly Halflings.

Then The Necromancer and Drow arrive...

First Darkness

Approx 300,000 BP

The Necromancer manifests near the lower end of NC (12° N), beyond the Dwarven kingdoms, near the bridge to SC.


Approx 250,000 BP

The Oceans retreat revealing massive land-bridges linking the Drow continent to NC.  The highly populous Drow tribes swarm across and fight violently amongst themselves along the Western coastal lands of NC. Although some Drow breed and train Dragons, wyverns, griffins, and the like, their culture is primitive, barely semiliterate: professional skills stop at Rank 5 and all magic stops at rank 10. 

The Titans raise the mountains over the Dwarven cities.

The Silver Age

Approx 249,000 BP

A guild Party hired by "The Lawmaker", a formerly frivolous but fantastically rich party-employer, Count Aurelius, now on a mission and very serious (being pregnant with twins sometimes has that effect). 

Party defeated 3 Demons who hung around for years (?!) just to ambush the party, also Assassins, Vampires, Vampire-assassins, feral pixies, yadda, yadda, yadda ...

Party helped the Lawmaker bring civilisation to the Drow and draft an accord between Dwarves & Drow establishing "Peace in our time" that lasted hundreds of millennia ... until our time, ironically. 

TDP taught the Drow empire advanced shipbuilding, as is his wont;

Isil Eth travelled to the Eastern Continent with some advice for the Elves. 

Eric was particularly rewarded; unfortunately he had sex with world-shattering consequences.

A few centuries later, the Necromancer killed Titan Iapetus and changed the Orbit of the World — with great earthquakes, uplifts, and subsidence, but now the temperature for the Necromancer's territory is constant.

The Titans sailed from Purple to other planes. 

Most Dwarven nations fled (mostly to the Southern Continent?), going into hiding until Evil is defeated;  however the Titans did take two Dwarven nations with them, one being re-established on Ares (as per War on horror, 807WK).  

What happened to the other titans is not definitively known — possibly they became the titans of the unflattering myths prevalent in the Ellenic States, "titans" who were overthrown by the Ellenic Pantheon or that just may be confusion.  Theologians consider it more likely that the 11 or 12 remaining Titans ascended elsewhere: certainly those particular [Great] Titans currently function as Powers of Light.

Recent history

A few centuries ago Humans from the East settled the coast of the Southern Continent.  Seagate Parties visit the human settlements and have several adventures: finding lost Dwarven civilisations several times, and destroying the moon (just the once). 

The descendants of the dumb humans & Eric are the "Black Orcs", now minions of the Necromancer; whereas Eric's descendants by a Drow (at least that's what the DA/Label said) produced an Empire of about 25 million "Green Orcs" and about 75 really nasty demi-goddesses, variously called Black Dryads or Black Druids or Triads by outsiders.  Up until 796 WK, G'Orcs detested the humans & other plant-eaters and occasionally war-bands raided farms in Arac.

Then, in 796WK, Humans (well, Amelia's Party) pre-emptively destroyed the moon ... and most of the debris didn't land on Purple.  This destroyed two (Green) Orc cities and sparked a crusade.  In the party's defence, they distinctly remember there NOT being any Orc empire, and the destruction was the minimum necessary for all life on Purple including the employers, a great multi-continental Plantagenet empire — which never existed, according to current Purple dwellers.  On the plus side, the Elves are no longer a vanished race and the reason to have destroyed the moon was still sufficiently real, as was the loot & the pay from the never-existed employers.  Amazingly, or not, the number and distribution of Halfings is almost identical in both realities.

Although the mission of 798WK, generated little take-home loot, this time the party did notice the Orc empire and found out interesting stuff — like the crusade to annihilate all humans.

In 801WK, a party successfully double-crossed the Black Dryads and helped a Dwarven nation (Metisopolis) in the Deep South eliminate the Orc Capital, including 1.5 M orcs & Oliver Orcwell, the Orc commander-in-chief; also making another city uninhabitable.  However, since this time two Black Dryads (possibly three) were killed, the Orcs are really out for war ... and a lot more paranoid.  Literally tons of loot, but nothing especially valuable.  Party did find Titaness Metis, although her power was diminished.

The Myth of Alcwyn

Alcwyn the Last, of the Silver Age, the first dwarf to travel as the Titans do, was the wisest and cleverest king of Hyperionopolis that ever there was. As a princeling of promise, Alcwyn so loved travelling afar that the King of that time, Brian the Blessed decreed the purity laws that exist to this day among the traders of HyBrasil.

When travelling with her husband among the amoral fey of the South, King Alcwyn fell pregnant and a coven of fairies bestowed great gifts on her children that they might be more handsome, powerful, skilled, and cunning than any dwarf, but also prophesied disaster should a son of Alcwyn mount the throne. Indeed each of the Aethelings competed fiercely and none was his equal save his brothers. And, as the prophecy became widely known, some pedants expected Alcwyn's daughter Mellissa, a Priest of Hyperion, to be named heir.

However, when Alcwyn's people returned to Purple and founded HyBrasil, King Alcwyn, knowing well how the Fey delighted in deviousness, announced that, since Hyperionopolis was no more, there was thus no kingdom, therefore HyBrasil was a Republic — to be administered by the Council of Priests of Hyperion who appoint one of their own as Governor; whereupon she distributed her royal Scarlet robes amongst the Council. Coincidentally Mellissa was appointed first Governor. To this day there are three traditions:

  1. Scarlet may only be worn by the Council and the Constabulary
  2. A name including Aethel or Ethel may only given to a direct descendent of Alcwyn
  3. The Governor's chair is never higher or fancier (or even ostentatiously plainer) than any other chair in the room.