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Most elves are tall and beautiful with a certain innate grace to their features and every action. Almost all elves in fact. All elves, except it seems, Pretty Flower. His features are sharp and angular. His movements are often clumsy and base. Instead of an innate connection to nature, Pretty-Flower seems to resent and hate all life.

As a result he is messed up. He openly dislikes all 'lesser races' and his only joy seems to be in thwarting them. This may explain why he is a member of the College of Naming Incantations as it gives him the best method to harry, harass and stop mages.

As an adventurer Pretty Flower takes breaks only from scowling and wondering if when his short lived companions will simply die of old age to stop some enemy mage from 'bothering him'. He tends to berserk in battle however losing all care and caution and charging like a maniac. Why he is an adventurer is anyone's guess. Maybe it gives him a chance to ruin other people's lives.

He's not a nice, happy elf. But if your parents called you 'Pretty-Flower', you'd want to hurt things too. If someone shows him some kindness maybe he'll turn around, next century.

Notes on the outer worlds:Oz

Pretty Flower is played by William