Portals in the jungle

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Greg G.
  1. Cob - Dwarven Warrior Scribe
  2. Thaeuss - Elven Binder
  3. Amaranth Vale - Human E&E PL
  4. Faith - Mountain Elf, E&E
  5. John Fenris - Human, Mind Mage
  6. Nell - Forest Elf, Fire Mage
Hadlee of Guild Security
Scout the other side of a new portal that is created by a recently unearthed artefact in the guild vaults. Find out what happened to the Guild Security team sent through first.
5,000sp each

Emerged in tropical jungle a long way east. Probably North-East of Tanah Malay, East of Hindia.

Old temple nearby. About 80' tall stepped, each layer about 10' high and 5' narrower than the one below.

Dangerous flora & fauna. Jungle residents not especially friendly either. The Troll killed the security team, we slept and then killed the Troll.

Troll had collected some 'pretties' over time, gold, jewellery, some enchanted items.

Spring/pool at base level is enchanted healing, requires paired chalice, drink the water from the well with the chalice.

Sandstone black on top level is linked return portal, both portals of the exciting 'arrive somewhere in the vicinity' style.