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Played by Karen Dransfield Contacted via menolly @ es.co.nz



A young human female dressed in gypsy-styled clothes of browns and greens. Long wavy dark brown hair, which she ties back with a number of ribbons and coloured threads to keep out of her face. Her clothes appear to be well made and cared for, decorated with patterns of the Domani people. She has weapons all over the place hidden and in plain sight. A warrior in training. She travels with a small terrier dog called Bob.


Poppy is the third eldest daughter of a travelling Domani merchant living around the Duchy of Bowcourt. They were advised to leave and she has ended up in Seagate looking to work. She has taken up with the Guild for a time while things calm down elsewhere.


Poppy has a smattering of skills. She has skills as a Healer, a Merchant, a Herbalist, an Artisan who works with cloth, thread and dyes.


She has developed a range of weapon skills living on the road. You can never be too careful or too prepared.

Spells and Talents

As a Domani it is customary to learn such things and she will, in time.


Currently playing: 815 Autumn Where's_Johnny?

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