Pongo Gutbag and the Legion of Doom!

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Scribe Notes


GM: William
Season: Autumn 816 wk
Night: Monday
Location: Chez DJ.
Level: High

  1. Viola - Bridget
  2. Tegan - Kelsie
  3. Lath - Jono
  4. Mordrin - Clare
  5. Boris - Michael
Steal an artifact from a dude named Pongo Gutbag. And his cult of admirers. And the dragon. Of course there's a dragon. The game's not called Gobboquest you know.
I have been told to promise jelly and ice cream, bunnies and flowers.

Scribe Notes

Day 1-4

Prepare. See goblins.

Day 5

Gaseous form to a statue in the middle of the Sea of Grass which goblins are trying to steal pursued by goblins on chariots. We kill many of them and interrogate the rest. They worship Pongo and have a ziggurat symbol with a star on it. There is an iron mountain with lots of food and Pongo is at the top of it. Pongo gives all the goblins food. They wish to ascend. We decide to go back to the guild and heal up, repair armour and get rid of the goblin infestation.

Day 6 - healing

Day 7

The town guard have arrested some goblins. We interrogate them. They have some horse barbarian trading tokens. They are restoring the world. Everyone will be a goblin.

Day 8

Lath sends 2 rank 20 air elemental a to guard the statue. We head out to the statue again. The elementals say they feel bad. They are under a curse of punishment caused by sin. The curse may be removed by holy things. So are Lath, Teagan and Mordin. We return to the guild again.

Day 9

Curse removal. It is a greater curse as we have offended a God. +1 to dice rolls. The curse can also be removed by giving birth, carrying a heavy load or giving up treasure. We talk to other gods about getting protection from Pongo. Chantris's priests give Teagan, Mordrin and Lath idols of the fighting God, while Viola negotiates with Sabrina and gets an amulet of a three headed dragon consuming tributes.

Day 10

Loki gives Viola a cake to feed to Pongo and a throwing spear. We divinate the cake and it is divine food from the halls of the venir and is a gift. Lath goes into town to do some business. We head back to the statue and Teagan sense danger so we go by cloud rather than gaseous form. The statue has gone. Instead there is a large patch of disturbed earth. Boris who has joined us asks a random goblin spirit who says the statue was sucked into the earth. There is a curse on air mages to shrivel up and die.

We head to the storm which is moving slowly and deliberately. We land near a black snail trail behind the storm which looks like a very large army walk over the land. Teagan notices a glint of metal on a nearby hill (about a mile away). There are 3 or 4 humanoid creatures up there in good camouflage. Bigger than goblins. Lath sends them a message that we want to talk and they retreat over the hill. We fly up the hill and Mordrin tracks them. We confront them. 4 men who are from Lunar. They are charting the progression the storm makings sure it does not head towards the wall. The storm started 200 miles east. People go in but donor one out. Some raiding parties come out. We head off around the storm giving it a wide berth. On the south side there are plains barbarian necromancers. So we head there. They are not plains barbarians but from the Artsdorf necromancers guild. Boris discusses necromancer stuff with them. No sign of burials or spirits at site of death. The storm is absorbing life and is filled with life. The necromancer send someone with us to take notes.

Lath casts a control weather over the area and lifts the storm and and there is a huge stepped pyramid. 8 steps high. It's not currently moving. We are attacked by earth elementals. Lath makes the ziggurat very very cold. She suffers a lot of death curses. Spirits from the ziggurat head for us (Teagan thinks the ziggurat is erupting). We flee flying. Lath loses an ear. Flying runs out and we get lost back to the guild.

Day 11

Back a guild for healing and curse removal

Day 12

Pongo's ziggurat

We head back to the ziggurat by cloud and then flying. The ziggurat and cloud have moved. The cloud is tethered to the ziggurat. We fly invisible towards the ziggurat until our flying cuts out. It rains pies and beer. We fly up to the top of the ziggurat on Viola's owl. There is an 8 ft tall fat goblin with a huge gold club. He is attended by many goblins. We can't see the spear we are looking for or any non-goblins. He calls for entertainers. We land one layer down and enter the ziggurat. We are directed to level 4 by an elderly goblin when we tell him we are deceased spirits. We head down to level 4. There is a room where deceased goblins just appear, spirits inhabit them and they resurrect. Healers cure them. One of them has a bracelet which gives healing powers. There are a few other healers with various healing items - not Pongo powered. We knock out has the room. Lath stands on a bed to cast. A spirit tries to invade her. We loot the room and disable the resurrecting beds. Zephyr has turned to the goblin side and advises us to turn into goblins. Viola kills a goblin and consumes his soul, Lath absorbs the death buzz and Boris takes the body.

We explore. We find some amulets connected to Pongo. The floor is made of a huge piece of iron with no rivets or joins. It looks like it was rolled out from a press. We find a goblin nursery with 100 babies and 40 adults. We find a rubbish tip. We find goblins torturing other goblins to no good purpose that we can see. While we decide what to do, a Demonic sphere with 4 tentacles comes down the corridor. We attack it and it eats into Boris's arm. Viola banishes it. We find a room full of goblins - 1000 goblins fused into one piece of flesh. We find another hospital ward and Lath uses knock out gas to put all the goblins to sleep. Boris uses one of the beds to aid in healing his arm. We take some prisoners - two leaders, a healer and two goblins that look like they used to be animal and a dwarf. Leaving the winds do not come and we have leave under own steam.

We return to the guild.

Day 13

The dwarf goblin was a dwarf and was resurrected as a goblin. He is very fertile and life aspected. We feel like we are the wrong colour and should look more like goblins (except Boris). Another was a human, and another an elf. We all get cured.

The dwarf tells his tale. He was led to believe there were emeralds under the sea of grass. The elf in the other hand is upset to be turned back into an elf as she therefore lost the ability to resurrect the dead. The resurrection beds are made in the pyramid - level 3. One of the goblin goblins believes he is a dragon. Until a year ago all the goblins lived in a place with 2 suns (Pongo was there to). One day they were pulling the pyramid and they went to bed and woke up and there was only one sun. The priests had announced that they were going to cure a land.

We go borrow some Pegasi from Sabrina. When we tell them we are finished they are going to throw us off and crush our heads and kill us.

Day 14

We head back to the iron mountain on the Pegasi. We fly through dark tunnels hearing the screaming of souls and then we are at our destination. Some goblins are offering Pongo some good stuff - crown etc.

We head back to the guild for more information and discover people scrying us. Eventually we find the miscreants who are 8 foot tall adventurers from the same plane as the goblins. They have sent the goblins here to get rid of them. We discuss many plans. In the end we head to Tycho City to consult the Lunar Empire and the Calamar. Lath comes up with a good plan to contact the Calamar. We meet up with their agents have dinner and request to talk to the Calamar on the morrow. The desserts are interesting including the psychotropic flying jellyfish candies and the creamed filled chocolates. They also have stasis boxes to keep produce fresh.

Day 15

We meet with the Calamar. Trading occurs. We take 4 boxes of holding and looting the pyramid and then to Tycho City to talk to the Calamar they will take us to another world to look at a pump and steal it and take it to the pyramid and suck up the pyramid and then deal with Pongo. Then return the pump to to the Calamar in Tycho and get 5 favours.

We went back to the guild. We release one of the captives to take a ransom note back to his guild. We head back to the pyramid on the Pegasi. We can hear a massive ritual going on. Drums etc. There are chariots and lots of goblins. They seem to be heading in our direction. Lath sets a thunderstorm on them and dedicates the souls of the dead goblins to Sabrina/Bune. We retreat and regroup. We land on the outside of the pyramid. Inside the pyramid Lath detects 6 hobbit-sized entities and a gigantic slithering entity. On either side of the door are two large statues. Teagan opens the door with a key. When the door is opened a bit we feel a physical tug on us pulling us in. Stronger on Mordin and Lath than the others. It's like a magnet pulling on us. We go in to find a 200ft square room. Through a large hole in the ceiling is a dragon head. It wants our loot. We investigate carefully and do not find the spear among the unconsumed items. It called for a Master to come deal with thrift that Viola's armour had not been delivered to it. We leave and continue to search the pyramid for the spear. We find a greater summoner who Viola assassinates. There is a mitre that allows you to command demons. Robes that enhance your appearance. The censor amplifies the effect of anything burned in it. A shield that protects you from demons. We find a summoning room and Boris sabotages it. Lath maps the place. Finds a beastie which we go to investigate. Teagan sends a rat through the door and it sees a Horror and is consumed. We go up and sneak into the room with the rest of the dragon in it and lots of loot including a spear. The dragon's head comes up and looks for the dwarf. Teagan causes a commotion when the goblins come to feed the dragon pies and we all sneak out. Teagan casts fire armour on us all and we buff up. Viola steals a crown. The dragon attacks us and sprays acidic blood on us. Pongo heads towards us. Eventually the dragon tries to escape. Viola's nightmares chase after it. Lath sends his elementals after it and makes it rain to wash off the acid. We prepare for the arrival of Pongo. Fighting ensues. Teagan says "that's a good plan Lath". Teagan turns the dragon into a zombie and attacks Pongo with it. Pongo is pissed at Lath for dedicating his souls to Sabrina. Much more fighting. Mordin's axe gets trapped in Pongo's chest (having previously been stuck in the dragon's chest). Nightmares attack Pongo as well as the zombie dragon and the elemental. Eventually Lath bombards his throne with anti mana grenados and wicked stuff and Viola banishes him there. He takes a while to get there while we drink dragon blood and loot. Pongo is impaled on the arrows of wickedness on the throne and other bad stuff and we escape a distance away and watch the storm attacking the pyramid with talons. Lightning bolts rain down on the area. The storm becomes a crow and the horror attacks the crow and wins :-( Pongo gets fangs and thick skin and generally looks tougher and evil. Teagan takes back her "good plan Lath" (which was not in fact in reference to the wickedness plan). We head back to the guild on dragon back and gaseous form.

Days 16 and 17

Heal, de-curse and generally get ready to head out again. Teagan and Boris experiment with the box of life. The goblins we left at the guild have become more violent and tougher.

Day 18-20

We visit Tycho and the calamar. I have a doze while stuff happens and then we head off to find Death. I put a toad in my mouth.We talk to deat and he gives us a piece of cloth which we need to get looked on by Nix and to put on Pomgo and thencankillhimhim. Lath gets clay tablet whichmakesall death's around her permanent. We are off to look for Nix in the elven ways. Lots of plans are discussed. The maggots that Lath exudes are investigated and we think they will hatch into goblins. Lath makes invested gaseous form to help us escape Nix.

Day 21

The priestesses of Liessa say they have not been able to speak to her since the Sol incident. Much discussion ensues. Liessa's priestess tells us the Gatar depression needs to be cured by a goblin pyramid which is on its way here. We speak to Liessa who is trying to get rid of the invaders and infidels. Which is to say the demons and Asgaard. She agrees to show th cloth to Nix and does. We leave. If worn the cloth makes you die if you die. We commission some bells to help keep Liessa remembering she is human. And we head to Tycho to meet with the Calamar. We head down to the docks and meet with the ambassador. Fyio-more have the pump. We need to liberate the pump. We decide to bring the dragon on this mission. The Calamar explain how to use the device to Mordin. We stay on their ship to travel to the pump.

Days 22-24

Travel. Make plans.

Day 25

The Calamar give us a summoning device. And we head off to do this. We try to negotiate to borrow the pump from some elves. We search for somewhere to make a portal to return the machine and find some mana on an island where there is a skeleton of a god. We argue about how to ressurect it. We put it in the box of life. Boris comes up with a plan to each donate a pint of blood a day. Some of us agree and some don't. Lath returns to room "do you want to donate a pint of blood a day - the rest of us are doing it". Viola worships the God and donates blood and flesh to the cause. The god is resurrected and the box of life explodes and Lath who is 1200 ft away collapses and the god ascends. The world starts coming back to life very quickly. We go back outside and the dragon has gone. Viola's bird gets big and Boris summons a steed and we escape. We talk to the elves. We make plans for how to get the pump out of there. The prince of the air elementals arrives wishing to marry Lath. Lath gives him a task to take the pump to the pyramid. The machine looks like a mouth and is the size of a small house. We do limited precog tofu doubt what will happen and the stars go out and the Western church of light is destroyed. More plans are tested and party members have bad stuff happen to them. Teagen does a telepathy and communes with the pump. It is godlike and sunlike. It is a light elemental sucking the mana. More investigation and we decide to replace the elemental that is sucking the mana with a cow which will feed the mana to the old gods. We leave the prince of their elementals to guard the pump while we head off to get Freya's cow. We head to the far north and find a temple to Freya. Valkyries come to fetch us and we drink with them while Lath runs an errand. We go to Freya's realm and to her hall. We ask to borrow one of her cows and she agrees but we need to rescue them from the Giants. They have probably been taken to Surt's court. We spend the night at Freya's hall.

Day 26

We head to the Giant's realm and find a drunken giant and liberate his money bag. It contains coins and a dwarf. The dwarf had made something to celebrate some giantish wedding. He thought he was underpaid and took some stuff. He says Loki gave the cows to the Giants. His name is Nori. We deny him to Freya and continue on to the Giant castle. We find where the cows are and there is a lackey giant in there. Viola tries to sap him and succeeds. Another stable hand comes in with buckets of cow food and is sapped and controlled as well. We hear Giants and Loki outside. Teagen talks to the cows and Lath wind walks the cows. Chaos ensues. All the cows are rescued and we take them back to Freya. She lends us one of them. We ask the dwarf to make us some cups. The Giants show up at the border to get "their" cows back and we sneak off to loot the wedding while they are away. We steal a charm bracelet a lucky piece of cloth, a thimble, a button, a needle, there is an illusionary ruby which Viola counterspells and it turns into jam. We steal some other stuff too. Loki is in stocks outside and we rescue him. We head back to the guild with the cow and the loot and then find idols of the four gods. Lath says to Teagen and Mordrin "Fear not for your breasts". Lath takes us by boat back to the elves and the pump. Mordrin does mechanician stuff.

Day 27

Mordrin goes and speaks to the Titan in Tycho. Hector gives me the truth of Pythagaros's theorem. Motdruj makes two magical traps with namer truth spells stored in them. Lath goes to ante-Carsala to talk to the people of Foras and get waters of truth. They will return in the morning to get them.

Day 28

Lath goes and gets the waters of truth. We head to the pyramid. Set up the pump trap. And we leave it running while we wander off and wait for the pyramid to roll into position. In the depths of the night we sneak in. All our 20+ spells fall off but can be recast. Viola sends in her lonely waif image to sneak in and put the cloth on Pongo's head. We attack. Lath deals the killing blow. We ponder looting. The pyramid starts to shake. We animate Pongo. The horror attacks. We defeat it. We loot. We rescue the cow. The icons are gone. A few of the goblins want to be restored to themselves. The rest are wicked and have embraced their goblin- ness. The pyramid burns the ground and the four old gods turn up to take Pongo's body. They are keen to take their lands back from the Arcangels and we have advanced their plans. We give them conflicting advice.

Day 29

We head back to Freya and deliver the cow.

Day 30

We go to Tycho and talk to the Calamar.

Day 31

We return to the guild. Our mission was a failure. Lath talks to Death and returns the piece of bark. Death tells us he wants rid of the "new" gods - Chantris, the one horned God, the four old gods (who should have stayed dead).


(and expenses)

Item Qty Effects 1 2 3 4 5 6
Restoratives? ...
... ...

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Viola Tegan Lath Mordrin Tegan's Ape Bert (Air Elemental Left) Eernie (Air Elemental Right)
Flying (Air Mage) 20 Wind picks you up. First time takes 1 min, after takes D +2 pulses to arrive. 10.5 hours Y NA NA
Barrier of Wind 21 Def of 42% in close, melee or ranged. 11 hours Y NA NA
Vapour Breathing 16 Can breath. 8.5 hours Y NA NA
Feather Falling 9 Wont fall to your death. 5 hours Y NA NA
Resist Heat & Cold 20 6 effects better on the weather table and 6 less damage from heat or cold. 21 hours Y Y Y

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Viola Tegan Lath Mordrin Tegan's Ape Bert (Air Elemental Left) Eernie (Air Elemental Right)
Fast as the Wind 16 7 to TMR up to 16 total TMR 44 mins Y Y NA NA
Enhancing Enchantment 14 +14 ranks on either range, rank or damage. 16 pulses Y Y NA NA

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  V T L M

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)


Double File


Single File



Autumn 816 wk

Autumn: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
Moon2.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon3.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon0.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon1.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Autumn: Harvest (5)
Moon2.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon3.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon1.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn: Vintage (6)
Moon2.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon3.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon1.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest