Plain of Desai

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This great plain was first explored by Branden Ab Lyr a century before the settling of Seagate. Branden named the plain for his wife, Desai, who accompanied him on the expedition.

Most of the surrounding features were also named by Branden either for himself or his relatives.

Mount Desai was also named after his wife, the Forest of Arlynn was named for a daughter; Bolton Bay-for his first-born son; the Ford of Girwyllan and the Fastness of Girwyllan (which blocked his attempts to explore eastward) after his brother who accompanied him as a captain; Lyr’s Crossing after Branden’s father; and, of course, Mount Branden and Loch Branden after the great man himself.

The Carzalas maintain a path between their holding and the Plain of Desai and have, on occasion, hunted on the plain, but have shown no real interest in exploring the area more thoroughly.

Where the path from Carzala emerges on to the plain, there is now a small village called Hope.
On the far western side of the plain in Bolton Bay, is the brand new settlement of Bolton Manor.