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Pevenston is the County Seat of Pevensey in the Duchy of Waterford. The fortified town on the river Peven has a population of ???.


GM Information / Spoiler. (Highlight to read).
  • Healer: Harold, rank 7
  • Captain of the Guard: Gerald
  • Mage: Henry the Illustrious; Star Celestial, Rank 16 Wings (very ill)
  • Mage: Earth rank 11 strength of stones
  • Has linking life forces: 1x Count, 1x Wife, 2x no1 son, 1x daughter, 1x no2 son
  • Trainee Celestials
    • Theval, soldier
    • Marne, Spy
    • Vacial, Cook


  • Inns
    • Phoenix
    • Rising Sun: has good chef