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Peter is a solidly built chap still in his late teens. He has a rough and honest face and always appears to be paying quiet attention to everything that is going on around him.

Armed with a sword and shield he has forged himself he follows the strict interpretation of the Church of Uriel and eschews all use of magic in situations where non-magic use will achieve the same ends. He is acknowledged as being a brave and dedicated individual.

Recently rescued from the Temple of the Knights Templar he has joined their cause and become a Knight Templar. He currently holds the rank of 'Knight Lieutenant'

He has written a Knightly Warrior Guide for the Guild library as a companion piece to the works of GoK and Sir Christopher.

Moral Code

As a knight Peter follows a strict code of morals and ethics focussed on 15 Virtues.

  • "Spiritual Authority" — The sense of one's social standing, built up through experience.
  • "Humour" — Ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness.
  • "Mercy" — Mildness and gentleness.
  • "Dignity" — A sense of self-worth, personal pride.
  • "Tenacity" — Strength of mind, the ability to stick to one's purpose.
  • "Frugalness" — Economy and simplicity of style, without being miserly.
  • "Gravity" — A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness.
  • "Respectability" — The image that one presents as a respectable member of society.
  • "Humanity" — Refinement, civilization, learning, and being cultured.
  • "Industriousness" — Hard work and the avoidance of Magic as an easy solution to problems.
  • "Piety" — More than religious piety; a respect for the natural order socially, politically, and religiously.
  • "Prudence" — Foresight, wisdom, and personal discretion.
  • "Wholesomeness" — Health and cleanliness.
  • "Sternness" — Gravity, self-control.
  • "Truthfulness" — Honesty in dealing with others.

Adventure History

  1. Date Unknown - Undead in the Attic
  2. Spring 804 - Morgan's Folly
  3. Autumn 805 - The Lost Templars
  4. Summer 807 - Jewel and Surgeo
  5. Spring 807 - Black Watch Chronicles II: The Absent Physician
  6. Winter 808 - I met her in a dream
  7. Autumn 813 - Black Watch Chronicles V: Hand of Fate

GM Information

A GM Information sheet is available for Peter. It is detailed on a separate page for ease of Printing.

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Peters Character Sheet