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<---- Scribe Notes

Our Party

  • Dellith: (Player: Clare) A pretty 5'9", blonde haired, blue eyed human, Namer by trade and can hit things, Rank 10 banishment, wears loads of jewellery, and can't lie to powers of good.
  • Amber: (Player: Jo) An elven witch, wears either a black bikini, or red porcelain plate, again 5'9", blonde hair, blue eyes. Has rather good hellfire, can skin change, do restoratives, rank 6 healer, very good at flying, and has a broomstick that can permanently fly. Has a 1 ½' tall hawk as a familiar that is an avatar and has metal feathers and can heal.
  • Mabh: (Player: Julie) Used hand and a half, has golden magically enhanced plate, medium height, uses a stone hand and a half, has a flying warhorse, rank 7 warrior, apparently an air mage, human.
  • Wordsmith: (Player: Errol) A dwarven namer (assuming male) merchant, has a flying large chest that follows him around, has a crystalline weasel familiar, a very nice war pony.
  • Boulder: (Player: Hamish) A giant only a mere 8'8" thus towering over the rest of us, bald, sparkly eyes, very muscular, uses giant axe and has good armour, non-mage.
  • Hammer of the Gods: (Player: Kelsie) Human, axe wielding intimidating rune mage, can turn into a large python, looks like he just wandered out of a jungle of something, has bones and such in beard, very bossy.
  • My esteemed self, Eltan 'the reaver', Rudra, aka 'stupid stupid rat creature' and here after known as a 'Chihawahua'. A mighty earth mage, and fighter, a little gullible and a slightly unusual fear of undead. Extra ordinarily agile and rather dextrous, half rat and half hobbit, very cute looking.


  • Party Leader: Amber, voted through her apparent experience and everyone else’s unwillingness. Then changed to hammer after 3 weeks.
  • Military Scientist : Boulder, cos he's got a big a big axe and no-one is willing to argue with him. (and he's the highest rank Mill Sci)
  • Scribe: Myself, Eltan. 'Cos I really wanted to do it again.
  • Our employer's agent, Miss Helly is coming along because she's the "dog's" handler and she knows him.


Our mission is apparently simple, to get this 'dog' to win 3 'dog shows' and then get it to it's prospective buyer.

The pay is we get ¼ of the dog's final selling price, the last thing that was sold by these people sold for 12 million silvers, but it was a little more difficult to design, apparently. Before we even started, Amber gave everyone duck skins, for skin changes in a time of need, and a permanent rank 7 restorative. (9/18)

Miss Helly, from now on known as Helly is a plain looking human with high ranked beast master and an aptitude for seeing the dog.

The Dog

Now, about this 'dog'. We are not allowed to name it or we may get a little too attached to it. So it is just 'dog'. Upon DA'ing 'dog' we found out he's a short lived sentient, GTN: Dawg (unique special) Highest rank spell: NA, Highest ranked skill : Tracking.
'Dog' is a Guidlernstern creation from the plane of Varraturique, he's 6 years old and a product of 12 years of work. He can understand common and elvish and has is very magically adept, but know's no current spells. It eats things like a dog normally would, dead animals. It knows hand signals from Helly do to tricks, it eats and sleeps as a normal dog would but can go for a very long time without food or sleep. 12 days without sleep and almost a month without food, with no apparent negative effects.
Here's the fun bit, it, by it's nature is invisible and incorporeal. You need a minimum of rank 9 witch sight or similar thing to see it. Plus when you see it, each person sees it differently. Dellith saw a Fox that's 'bout 3 foot high at the shoulder. Amber saw a large hunting/guard dog. Mahb saw an equine with claws and teeth, as if carnivorous. Wordsmith saw a large lizard. Boulder saw a mountain lion. Hammer saw a Feral/Primitive dog. I saw a large hungry looking cat. Each thing seen was around 3 - 31/2' at the shoulder, and quite aggressive in appearance, but not temperament. One of the first things we did was divinate the dog to see if we could find out more 'bout it. It's apparently had healing, walking unseen and shadow wings cast on it in the last 3 weeks, and has a ridiculous MA.
By it's nature it doesn't want to be seen, but if asked nicely it will will itself to become corporeal and then roll in something like soot so it can be seen. It can also be cantripped to be seen. When it doesn't want to be seen anymore it just dispels the cantrips and goes incorporeal.


We decided to stock up on a few things before we left the guild, and spent 3 days doing things thus allowing me to finish my ranking, and for Hammer to set up getting a new staff.
The staff was to be made of bone or ivory, and we'd heard of a beached whale a few hours travel away so we went there and I apparently paid a little much and bought what remained of it for 10 silvers. Picked up a few bones from the spine, and the jaws and some teeth extra. I want some of the teeth!


We then headed off north for a Dog show that's happening in a few weeks in Crowborough, a town in Pevensey, Waterford . 7 Shadow wings later we flew off to most of the way to the town and then walked the rest. (party cost of 4200 silvers for the wings) We arrived in the middle of a spring festival where people were just throwing money at vendors and taking what they wanted and everyone seemed rather happy. It was a celebration before sending many of the townsfolk's men and boys off to war, so there was a somewhat underlying sombre feeling to the festivities. Myself, Boulder and Wordsmith went off and celebrated into unconsciousness, while Hammer celebrated with a maid and some alcohol. The 'ladies' of the party bought some 'civvies' so they didn't look too out of place and went shopping and information gathering.
The next day after arranging to stay at the tavern if we cleaned it (thanks to out party leaders bargaining skills) we got up and found out 'bout this dog show thing. A local noble called Lady Maysmith was hosting the event, and so one a whim we decided to enter and see how things went.
We had a little dilemma, of what to call the dog, and how would me make him visible, and would he behave. Apparently Helly seemed to thing he'd behave especially with a few treats. The name was created by Dellith and Mabh 'Sir Charles Garabaldi Fitzwilliam 3rd' and this got the dog strutting. Amber then cast 7 cantrips to make the dog visible and give him some colour so he could be checked out. We entered him into the War dog section, and filled out the forms as him being a mastiff, hopefully then everyone would then see him as a mastiff, just an idea. It seemed to work as he was accepted as a beautiful specimen and then went through a physical examination which he didn't like, but he passed it.
Then someone, a commoner commented on the lovely Chihawahua, and before I could speak started petting me, thinking I was a pet of some sorts, and asked if I was going to be entered into the show as well. I was dubbed 'Sir Fido Eltan the 3rd'.
In 3 days time was the parade for Lady Maysmith, who was also going to enter, and 2 days after that would be the actual show.
Helly noticed someone she'd seen before, from the north, going south, so he got DA's, He's an E&E and has beast master ranked, we kept an eye out but didn't see him much.
We got a few little notes about the show and who it's done and where, we also got 2 pamphlets on what to do and such for a dog show.


Around this time a young boy came to Hammer and asked him to follow him because his master would like to speak with him. Lord Oswald was the master, the younger brother of Godric someone who Hammer had rescued in a previous adventure. Adric hired Hammer and their group to do this, and thus he was known. Oswald was only 13 but a lord none the less, and had come to the dog show to see if he could get anywhere with his dog, Godric (Yes, named after his brother.) The rest of us watched the kids show and learned a bit on how to do things.
That night while resting we heard a scream from Oswalds pavilion, and charged up there as fast as possible, I picked up my weapon and shield on the way. While everyone else was weapon less. When we got there Oswald and 4 of his guards were surrounded by 10 more of his guards, the 10 seemed to be traitors. I cast armour of earth on Oswald and then everyone else turned up. A fight ensued that was rather gritty, I managed to kill the necromancer on there side and engage a few more of them. They all had spears and plate armour, we were weapon less and un armoured for the most part. Wordsmith's chest had a few weapons in it that he handed out. Oswald was not used to actual combat, rather more of a rather good show fencer / duellist. This showed but he held well, but unfortunately he got a broken collarbone. 5 villagers also joined in the fray with us and only one of the guards on our side fell before all of them fell. There was also 2 E&E's around, one with 22 MA and the other with 25 MA, we know because they cast invisibility on me, Eltan, and someone got slowed plus several of us felt mana impact to no effect.
One of the mercenaries in town to join the war and leave with the villagers was a necromancer so we got him to question the dead, and it turned out to be a set-up to take the lord away and hold him hostage. The next day Amber was taken to the lords house to help fix his arm as she was the only healer in town good enough. Shortly after Godric and his men turned up via Star wings, hands Amber a gold coin and tell her to present it to the person at the door on the way out, he's got it under control here.
'It's dem wot dun it, They're good yeah, they're witches.' Was a quote... said to a superstitious town... this could have gone wrong but nothing further ensued.
Everything calmed down over the course of that day except Ambers temper, still annoyed at being dismissed so nonchalantly (she didn't cash in the coin as was told to do). We were invited to dinner and during the course of the meal the events of the previous night were discussed. An impressive aged man walked in with a lovely lady on his arm. He's Lord Servanvus Maysmith, and she's Sergia Maysmith. They are local nobility and the people that are running the dog show. Lady Maysmith is an Illusionist. We talked a while and eventually got Lady Maysmith and Helly talking 'bout the dog show and out dog. She wanted to see the dog, but couldn't because he was invisible. We went somewhere more subtle and then showed her the dog. She was mighty impressed.
Godric and Oswald wanted us to go and capture the person that was trying to capture Oswald, this was an interesting plan and with the information divulged by the necromancer we worked out that the guards had met the 'bad' person who was trying to capture Oswald while on campaign and he was on the same side as the dark circle. They were supposed to capture Oswald and then take him to a place. A small village 4 days casual horse ride south east of here, and with the locals we worked out where that was. A small place called Hormikleton, and that when they got there, they were to take Oswald somewhere and wait. Something to do with Oswald was a signal that it had gone well. It was agreed that we would take Oswald to the meeting place and ambush the person/s that were trying to capture the young lord.
While preparing ,we worked out it would be a 2 hour flight to get there via star wings and that the star wings would get us most of the way there. I cast armour of earth and strength of stone on everyone, the lord got Triple durations on both. When Wordsmith wasn't looking his pony got turned into a mouse for ease of transport. I backfired along the way and was blinded, so I wasn't allows to fly. Amber skin changed me into a mouse to be transported as well. We set off, Mabh casting a few feather fallings on people so they didn't die if things went wrong.
Things went wrong, we didn't measure time properly, and 1 1/2 hours in to the flight, our wings started to disappear, while flying high. Amber saved one guard, Mabh saved another and Hammer with his feather falling on just saves another but the 4th was unlucky but Amber got to him just in time, and then through bad luck failed to land properly and crashed. We all survived the impact, kinda. The horse and I were mice in Ambers pack, in a special box to designed to transport mice. Because of my Strength of Stone I was fine but the horse wasn't. That mouse died, turning back into a horse, but to make matters worse it was a cursed 19'2 hand, 2000lb, war horse cursed to be small... so all of a sudden, in Ambers pack is a 2000 lb war horse, Amber luckily was on top of the horse, but I and the guard weren't. Thus myself and the guard were crushed.

I was resurrected the next day (4.500 silver later), after a rather harrowing night for the party in which they killed a few mages, countless zombies, and 'Dog' killed a vampire, by scaring it... and then inhaling it as it fled in mist form. Then breathing it out in the daylight that Amber's Familiar created. Thus killing it.


They we moved over towards Bergelfen (Elfenberg to humans) and stopped at a trading post. The post was full of adventurers or adventurer like people, where they met someone who was a 'Long lived sentient' 'Human' 'rank 12 healer' and sure enough he was good and resurrected me. There was also a rank 10 orc healer there who was more keen to eat me than resurrect me. Anyway... we also did some shopping here and got a few nifty things.
We then got wings and flew to Bergelfen, dog possessed Boulder and made him incorporeal and flew / ran there. We arrived there in time for the Magical Beast Show that was registering the next day (I paid the fee's 5000 silvers) and being run 3 days later. We entered 'dog' and then waited... While in a bar Boulder and Amber had a discussion 'bout families.
Amber - 'My Son, he's half dragon'
Boulder - 'Your side?'
Amber - 'Not bloody likely!'
The bar goes quiet...

'Dog's' first part of the competition was in a Combat section. Sure enough he excelled at it... enough to be put up a class. Myself and Boulder made some money on the betting. 'Dog' then won the second fight and 3rd and with some difficulty 4th. As we are leaving and congratulating ourselves and 'Dog' I looked for Helly, and she wasn't around. Too our dismay Helly had been kidnapped... with a little effort we managed to locate her, but we were unable to get to her. We found the building and snuck in, dispelled the necro ward for 15 mins, I picked the lock on the door, forgot 'bout the trap but watched it fly past. A little gas/needle thing... I then tested the doorway... DA'd as a magical defensive ward / wall thing... no collage. I gently tested it to see what is was like... and it ripped my left arm off.
'Dog' then ferried me outside so Amber could staunch the bleeding and keep me quiet. Then 'Dog' and Wordsmith ambushed the guards and took there amulets, that seem to make it safe to pass across the ward... we got Helly out and went back for rest.
The next day was an agility trial for 'Dog' and so I volunteered to do it with him. Helly was still a little distraught and recovering from the capture and recovery. Plus I was the most agile person there by far. Agility trials are customised for each entrant and done entirely with illusions. 'Dog' and I became one kinda like being possessed but being in control and being able to talk with 'Dog'. This made it very easy to do the trials... until we came across a wall of spinning blades. It went as far as we could see in every direction... so we looked at it... timed it right to follow a blade through and leapt, made it through with only a pat on the rump. This gave us second place and an almost flawless win. Next trial that afternoon was a maze within a cube. I borrowed some stuff from Wordsmith and Mabh and we headed in incorporeal, after doing well we came across another obstacle that was almost impossible, so we stepped into the physical and wandered past it... we were forced to split up and then did a lot of fun until 'Dog' got annoyed, formed himself into an almost perfect little Amber (naked) and then hellfired the mages that were doing the illusions. No more obstacles... and no faults.. so we won. But after much much discussion it was also agreed that we didn't actually break any rules when 'Dog' did that.

While resting and celebrating our win we went got a visit from a council spoke-person for the Show committee. He came with an offer for us. Do not bring dog back to any more shows and 50,000 silvers cash as a bribe. Boulder and myself managed to get him to 100,000 silvers, A winning certificate and an official document saying that we were asked to leave as 'Dog' over powered the show somewhat.


Back to the guild for my arm to be re-grown. 2 weeks later and 2 weeks of ranking time for everyone.
With all that Helly was happy so we headed for the portal to meet the person that was going to buy 'dog'. We porteled there and were greeted genteelly.
The Plane was unusual, very dry. They had carts that floated and moved without horses, without magic and without sound. A brief inspection and introduction buy the buyer and discussion 'bout food, like what we eat, what we drink and such before we arrived at very large palatial estate. We got our own wing and servants to serve us, hot baths and things. Soo nice. At dinner, a veritable feast, we got to know a little more of these people (DA information to be given out by GM including GTN, plane of origin ect ). Afterwards there was a small ceremony where Helly had to rest her hand on a magical pedestal and agree to the sale document. Upon agreement she was told she had been sold as part of the deal... along with dog.
The next day, after much argument it was agreed that we would try and negotiate Helly's release, or potential change of terms or something. Difficulty of communication as eased by 'talking sticks'. You hold the stick up to your mouth and everyone can understand you... but you can't understand them. This made communication fun but somewhat difficult.
We arranged an audience with head honcho we asked 'bout if it was possible to not have Helly stay. He didn't seem happy and this was unpresedented.. but ok, they'd think 'bout it. Because of the Make on her hand if she is 'recalled' to her 'owner' it's like a Geas to get there, and her servitude is for 101 years. But we asked if she could serve elsewhere? Such as elusia as a foreign agent or something.
The lord wanted a demonstration of 'Dog's' power before he agreed to do anything.. and asked Helly if 'Dog' assassinate someone. Helly looked apologetic and said 'ask dog'. So 'dog' was asked and given the image of what he looked like, then 'Dog' ran off and killed them and came back with the heart in half an hour... the target was 15 miles away and had some security. Impressed with this he agrees that Helly wasn't actually needed, but as there was no way to break the contract they decided that Helly was free to go, but may be called on if needed at a later date. Helly not entirely happy is as least with some freedom and so has decided to stay on Seagate.

We got payed our money 13,680 silvers each.. and then after all money we got and costs it was 26,288 each total. Items were dicided up, but there wasn't a lot. I got the magical rapier thanks to Dallith. Dallith got the magical cloak, Hammer, myself and Dallith got the talismans. Hammer got the cambat staff.

Time passed = 42 days, total. So 6 weeks including 2 weeks ranking time.
Total Pay = 26,288 silvers each Mission = Success

Thing to note = Next 100 days Eltan only recoveres 1 fatigue per hour of sleep instead of normal amounts.
Helly is 'umemployed' in Seagate.


Boulder 'We should get a ransome note soon, so we should get a good night sleep.'

Wordsmith 'I'll keep a close hand on my weasel so it doesn't leap out.'

Mebh 'It would be soo much easyer if we could hit someone and take her home'

Commoner 'It's dem what dun it, They're good yeah, they're witches.'

Boulder 'bout why we can break laws 'You're a guild member, no-one would put you to death.'

Amber 'It's for my sleeping armour' Shopkeeper 'Oh, How bout this whip?' Scribe Notes