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Pent Pentalthorm Corentz - A Halfling Warrior and Ice mage. A halfling of hungry disposition, a keen ice mage and javalineer.


Pent is a middle aged (38) muscular hobbit who is 3'2" and 64 lbs, he is good looking (PB19). He has a pleasant countenance and his friendly (almost always smiling) carefree countenance is rather offset by the excess of weapons he tots about. Although clean shaven when travelling he displays enough armour and weapons to outfit several dwarves and carries a heavy backpack.

He wears a smart set of Black Drow Commanders armour with a "shiny enough to be a mirror" breastplate over the top. A Black Cloak on his back completes the military like uniform. In his right hand he carries a long spear with a wicked blade which almost looks like a short Naginata. Left hand side of his weapons belt is a war hammer, right hand side a pick. Also on his belt is a Main gauche, a pair of daggers and a wand. Under his left armpit is a brace of throwing darts and a pair of throwing discs under his right arm. On his back a quiver with a javelin, and on the side of his backpack a blunderbuss. If he desires he can wear a coolie hat that droops so low as to cover his face. That’s Pent loaded for bear. Bears are afraid.

In civilisation most of the weapons will be wrapped and hidden.

Also on his clothes belt is a golden clasp and a pouch as well as loops to hold healing potions. He has three rings on each hand usually covered by gloves and bracelets on his arms. Also under his black armour is a necklace of an hourglass and numerous amulets.




Warrior (9) Kinjitsu (8) Thief (6) Assassin (5) Troubadour, Courtier


Not much is known of Pent before he joined the guild in 792 Is is known that he had early experience at a yong age working for some lumberjacks.

Then later was impressed into service in the Santuary Thieves guild.

He left (escaped?) the came to the guild.

Info for GMs

A GM cheat sheet is available for Pent. It is detailed on a separate page for ease of Printing.