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The Pallisades are a chain of hills which bound the western shore of Alusia, often dropping a sheer 300 feet or more to the ocean. They have never been explored, though Branden did name the highest point of the region, which is visible for scores of miles, after his wife.

At the foot of these hills is Loch Branden, a deep clear lake which is believed to originate from a spring-fed stream on Mount Desai. The portion of the shore which is not part of the Pallisades is marshy and covered with a curious spongy moss.

The Pallisades are bounded on the north by Swithan’s Cove and on the south by Bolton Bay, both of which provide gentle shingle beaches for landings and sheltered anchorages.

A recent Guild Party in the area encountered a group of Naiad's living in the southern areas of the Loch. They have a Siren's call that usually extends to cover an area about a mile south of the boundaries of the Marsh, but may be extended further than that.