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The area of the plane that has been mapped so far

A plane on the Paradise Settlers route from Relam to Sol. Palaeolithica is a world in an Ice age. It was created by Helen Saggers as a buffer plane between Alusia and other planes she GMs. It has also been used by Keith & Jacqui Smith as a link to planes they GM.
It is linked to Alusia via a Portal from Rangiwhero, in Pasifika. The Paleolithican end of this portal is in a grass plain north of some mountains and south of the ice cap. Maps exist of as much of the plane as has been explored so far, the mana is normal over this area. Other Planes linked to Palaeolithica are: Frigidia, Girvan, (GM Helen Saggers), and Khoras, Garweeze World (GM Keith Smith), and Kalimar (GM Jacqui Smith)

Creatures known to inhabit the plane include most cold tolerant animal types, Cave Bears, Cave Lions, and Mammoths.

It is theorised that the portals are arranged in a star shape (see map) but, since not all of them have been visited, this has yet to be proven. The theoretical locations are marked.

A rune portal has been set up between the Alusian and Khoras portals to facilitate travel between the two planes.