Ozma's Birthday

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Scribe Notes
The adventure takes place on Oz


Adventure: Ozma's Birthday
GM: Dean Ellis
Session: Winter 806 wk
Night: Thursday
Level: Medium


Dramus (GM Info), A Fae Prince and Necromancer played by Mandos

  1. Mortimer Graves - Halfling (or maybe Halfelf) Wicca
  2. Cher - A Suarime Binder played by Sean English
  3. Jade played by Avette.
  4. Skye played by Jo Drum
  5. Tari - An Elven Earth Mage played by Michelle Ellis.
  6. Tabitha - An Elf played by Sally.
The Chancellor of the Emerald City.
The chancellor has arrived on Alusia under the effects of a Curse of some sort, this is somehow connected to problems that have arisen on OZ. We have been asked to rectify these problems.
1 Gold Brick each. (20,000sp each)

Scribe Notes

This being the true and accurate representation as dictated to me by my Master Lord Dramus. Where he has not supplied information I have sought information from other parties involved and included their dictations as presented. - Tobias Pendleton (Scribe)

Ozma's Birthday Adventure Calendar

Moonday 1st Frost 806

To Mortimer, Cher and Tari notes were delivered containing a request by my Master to meet at the Guild on Duesday to discuss a matter of Some Importance, meeting with Tabitha that evening my Master presented the same request. He also went to the Guild for the quarterly meeting to scout out additional companions for a secret mission. (At least I assume a secret as I was not advised the details in order to keep these notes in hand). He returned in good spirits and informed me the Lady Jade and Skye would also be at the meeting.

Duesday 2nd Frost 806

I can report accurately as I was present at the meeting that all did not progress as smoothly as might have been imagined and for all his calm demeanor my Master is sore troubled at the problems placed upon his doorstep.

It seems the chancellor of the Emerald City has recently been affected in an adverse fashion by a curse he has always had. That of Lycanthropy triggered by Stress. My Master informs that while being a wonderful woman and a fine friend Lady Ozma (The Chancellors charge) is a strong willed lady who may be the cause of some stress particularly close to her eleventyleventh birthday.

After the Guilds paperwork was squared away the chancellor was brought in bound in manacles and guarded by seven burly security men. After the barest of briefings and a promise of payment he was escorted out, only to escape from security and flee the grounds.

At this point I departed the group feeling they had things under control and further events have been related to me at a later point. Where others have dictated I have left the text in their own words.

Chasing a Chancellor

The group headed off to the village outside the Guild on the trail of the chancellor. Returning to his traveling house now in extreme disrepair, he was reported to be quite distraught. My Master distracted him with an Earth Elemental while Master Mortimer put him to sleep for 100 years (The chancellor, not my Master). The chancellor was then brought back to the tower and left to rest.

I have not managed to get a definite clear picture of what happened over the following few hours, and from discussions with other members of the group they appeared somewhat confused as well. My Master appeared to be quite stressed over a number of odd occourances in regards to his tower and has not discussed the reasons for this with me.

Suffice it to say eventually after much planning, debate and absinthe the groups flew off to the north on their way to see the Knowledge Dragon.

The remaining part of Duesday and a period of Wotansday is undocumented here as I await dictation of notes from my Master, Lord Dramus. The period following the break is compiled from notes taken by Sir Mortimer and handed over to me to assist in this account. - Tobias Pendleton (Scribe)

Wotansday 3rd Frost 806

The Gnome King

Later that day...

The group continued through the tunnel towards the Nome King's demesne for a number of uneventful hours, a quiet time marred only by the incessant grizzling of the Air Mage, Skye. (So claims the notes from Master Mortimer).

Eventually the group arrived at the entrance to the kingdom, a bridge -- over a chasm running with lava -- and leading to a blank wall guarded by some form of stony elemental-like wardens. As the group had nothing that they wished to dispose of in the chasm's volcanic depths they proceeded across the bridge and engaged a guardian in coversation. The doorkeeper was sent for -- manifesting as face in the wall -- and negotiations were engaged in to secure passage.

The door was initially quite reluctant to grant passage to any coming from Oz, as there was strange happenings occurring there and there was no desire to have this spread to the Nome Kingdom. This entrance to the kingdom had been previously visited by both winged monkeys and an ogre mounted on a hippogriff, all of which were showing signs of a bestial nature similar to the affliction suffered by the Chancellor.

Given the door's reluctance to admit the group there was discussion about backtracking through the tunnel, a prospect that prompted the Air Mage to move from grizzling to whining. (So claims Master Mortimer's notes, and which I leave here only to ensure completeness of the record). The door was however finally persuaded to admit the group, such consideration paid for in the form of rare metals; to wit: truesilver. The tally being an even dozen guineas.

Passing through the door the group continued a considerable further distance underground. (I choose here to omit Master Mortimer's detailed notes regarding geological formations observed and further unflattering character sketches of Miss Skye).

Several hours later another door, with the same or identical door-warden, gave access out of the underground into a cavern opening high onto a mountain-side. Such time had passed that it was dark outside, with a half-moon of normal proportions. Miss Skye took the opportunity to "stretch her wings", (and I note that the handwriting in Master Mortimer's notes shows signs of lessening tension). The cavern being much defensible, and the group being tired, decision was reached to encamp for the night and continue towards the location of the Knowledge Dragon in the morning.

Thorsday 4th Frost 806

The Knowledge Dragon

After breakfast and rituals the group took to the air and flew to the location of the Knowledge Dragon's cavern. Alighting the group were met by a number of "Scribbles", diminutive lizard-like servants of the dragon who bear small slates upon which they write answers to questions.

The group were asked to provide names and histories, which were provided at various lengths, ranging from Miss Jade's rather curt replies to Miss Skye's "heroic epic" (to quote Master Mortimer).

In return for this knowledge the Scribbles agreed to answer five questions, which were deliberated on by the group and asked and answered as follows:

  1. Why is the Chancellor a werewolf?
    • Some dreams are realer than others.
  2. What is the cause of the strangeness in Oz?
    • The dreams of a Princess.
  3. Why are the Princess's dreams real?
    • Her power waxes and the company she keeps looks bad in the mirror.
  4. How can Oz be returned to its usual state?
    • The kiss of a Prince.
  5. To the best of your knowledge, what will help us resolve the problem?
    • a) Kiss the Princess.
    • b) Free the mirror.
    • c) Slap the imp.
    • d) All of the above.

Desirous of one more question the group negotiated with the Scribbles who agreed to the request in return for a further extensive discourse from Miss Skye, as well as the group accepting a Scribble to accompany them. Miss Skye's question and answer were:

  1. What company is she keeping?
    • A cross-dressing imp who would be the fairest in the land.

Having completed their information gathering the group took the opportunity to enter the dragon's cavern and observe it: a massively long, many-times coiled dragon covered in runic scales, and slowly growing as it adds knowledge. A truly impressive sight (claims the notes) despite Miss Jade's continued insistence that she had seen larger.

The desert and discussions

After departing the cavern the group flew to the edge of the Shifting Sands and attempted to cross back into Oz, using Miss Skye as an advance scout, and -- although I am not sure that I understand Master Mortimer's use of the term -- as a canary. Direction confusion set in immediately and Miss Skye had to be guided back to the edge of the desert.

Discussion took place regarding back-tracking and once again entering the Nome King's realm, and while this option was acceptable to most of the group, one member was "deeply and vocally unhappy" with the suggestion and set to asking the winds for advice.

At this point my Master arrived looking for a skin of wine and Master Mortimer filled me in on the above details. The next section was directly witnessed and so is a personal account.

A debate was held on the nature of consorts, speaking with wind, kissing princesses, slapping imps, transparent clothing, cross-dressing and how magical towers might work. My Master seemed quite taken with the thought of Miss Skye in transparent clothing but the debate rolled quickly into recrimination over the transportation issues.

A Wizard and the Emerald Palace

The tower was then moved the the Emerald City and the group left, at the time of their departure they were hotly debating shopping, cities and the nature of green.

Once again notes taken from the dictation of Lord Dramus.

The group headed to the Palace to see what they could locate to assist them with tracking down the items they required to whit; 1 princess Ozma, 1 Mirror, and one cross-dressing Imp.

Discovering The Wizard of OZ sleeping on the throne, he was immediately slapped awake in case he was a cross-dressing Imp. Both Miss Jade and my Master both indicated that after this meeting he should have been slapped harder or more often. Eliciting little in the way of useful information they progresses to Ozma's quarters to check for clues. I am beginning to wonder as I write this if it will always be my lot to scribe the details of murders and kidnappings as these appear to be what my Master spends most of his time investigating. The Wizard of Oz informed my Master that he was searching for the lost Princess Ozma, who was last seen and spoken to by the Chancellor, who was also missing. The group were disinclined to inform the slimy looking man the current whereabouts of the Chancellor, safely asleep for a year and a day.

Beside the bed was a table upon which resided the remains of the last mean Princess Ozma had eaten. I was disgusted that the servants of this palace had not tidied it away in the week since her disappearance, apparently they were all absent searching for her. The remains included an Banapple which Lord Dramus also partook of, in order to ascertain if it were poisoned. He gracefully slumped to the floor, upon which event Lady Tabitha (normally such a quiet and polite lady) threw herself upon my Master and began to kiss him passionately.

Master Mortimer confided in me later and informed me that my Master has been poisoned and cursed by the banapple and needed to be woken by the kiss of a princess. While I was not aware Miss Tabitha was a member of the royal line (yet) it at least makes the kissing more appropriate as they are of the same social level.

Miss Jade then performed feats of great magic and led them through the room of mirrors and from the palace informing them all that they needed to head South into Quadling country in order to find the Princess.

After heading south and speaking with the local termites, the group discussed traveling options for some time. At least most of them did. A somewhat excitable Miss Skye seemed to be concerned about everything on OZ becoming were-creatures (which apparently explains the strange banging in the stables last night.) Master Mortimer admitted that the were-creature alternate forms was a variety of animals including mouse, bull, chicken, fox etc etc.

After settling Miss Skye down they slept the night near the knowledge dragon.

Frysday 5th Frost 806

Heading South to China and Battleburg

Early in the morning they flew off to China in order to purchase gifts and souvenirs before continuing south.

Once again notes taken from the dictation of various members of the party.

Travelling south I am told they headed towards carrot mountain, which I have been made aware is a mountain shaped like a carrot. Not something that would cause much distress but it does seem to concern my master more than strictly necessary. Bypassing a number of villages they headed to a ridge of Red Mountains further south and after much debate on the nature of the mountains concluded they must be tainted with Iron Ore. Once the fae amongst the party had calmed themselves some investigations proved that while it did indeed contain high levels of Iron it was not enough to kill either of the Fae.

Master Mortimer indicated later that what my Master refers to as 'investigations' were significantly fraught with much arguing and panic and very little in the way of investigations.

After spending some time debating where next to venture they followed the advice of Lady Tabitha and headed to a castle high in the mountains to search for Miss Ozma.

The castle was apparently appropriately named Battleburg, as the inhabitants believed they were involved in a war with the other counties.

Glinda and the Imp

After some refreshments the group headed off to investigate a nearby cavern outside of which was a transport sphere used by Glinda, the good witch of the south.

The sphere as it has been described to me was 7-8 feet across and transparent, apparently invulnerable and most like a 'Bubble of force' which I am assured is a spell that Binders can cast. Miss Jade advised it had crash landed some distance away and had been pushed to its current position at the cave mouth.

Within the bubble lay Glinda, apparently asleep with a partially eaten Banapple in her lap. With the assistance of Master Mortimer, my Master entered the sphere and awoke Glinda with a kiss, (apparently the way the break the curse).

Discovering from Glinda that the cavern belonged to an Imp (called Ruby) they headed in with only minor reluctance from Miss Skye, who remained outside in the sphere.

At this point My Master became somewhat heated in his dictation and after swearing about a 'miserable little scumbag' something to do with 'extortion' and an indicated keeness to 'slap the damn imp' I have had to recover this part of the tale from other perspectives.

The cavern was found by magic to contain a goodly number of greater undead and the group were met at the door by a Nightgaunt acting in the capacity of a butler. The main cavern and the tunnel proceeding it was covered in the most garish of tapestries, hangings and 'works of art'. Perspectives on this 'art' differed wildly amongst the group but the general opinion was negative.

When Master Mortimer was introduced, he did indeed give theis imp a slap on the face, with nothing untoward arising from this 'cultural' greeting. Perhaps the Knowledge Dragon should not be taken so literally. The imp ignored Glinda entirely. The imp made reference to the Mirror and said she had been expecting the group's arrival. A cunning ruse by Miss Tari caused 'Ruby' to reveal her cunning plan and the bodies of Miss Ozma and two other ladies known to be Gaylette, the good witch of the north and Mombie, the wicked witch of the east. Beside them sat an old lady whom Tari finally recognized as The Mirror.

These ladies were asleep in the manner previously observed and encased in crystalline sarcophagi and each had a wraith-like cat on their chest (within the sarcophagus).

A discussion ensued where the release of the ladies being contingent on the recovery of three items for the Imp. Her Innocence, Her Virtue and Her Youth.

Deliberations as to the next course of action were conducted at Glinda's so as to not let any anger cloud judgments made on the spur of the moment.

The decision was made to try and locate the items and leave retribution for later.

Reapsday 6th Frost 806

The Imp Redux

My general impression in regards to the morning of the 6th was that much debate insued. Apparently it was some time before the group did venture forth to speak once more with the Imp, who had in the meantime relocated leaving only the mirror as a communication device.

A number of clues were given to the group by Ruby which I will gather from Master Mortimer as soon as possible to complete these notes. My Master being unable to report these to me as he had remained outside the cavern due to self-confessed anger issues.

After discussing the clues the group returned to the Tower in order to travel to Lord Karzon.

Lord Karzon and the Quests

My Master has a high opinion of Lord Kaarzon and it was indicated that discussions proceeded well, without the usual level of discussion and debate.

Of the three items required to save the Princess, two of them are able to be organized by Lord Karzon, making the process much simpler than was initially feared.

Virtue was deemed the hardest to gather and the result of some discussion was that the party would fight champions from Rose's previous Master for her Virtue. My Master seemed hazy on the specific reasons but he indicated the group must win the fight in order to gain the virtue but he was not sure of the precise details.

Master Mortimer or Lady Tabitha are sure to know and I will follow this up at a later date.

The Innocence could be purchased but negotiations would have to wait while Lord Karzon considered his price.

The Youth is a simple matter of gaining a vial of 'Elixir of Youth' from a Hidden Pond, at the head of a hidden stream in a hidden forest in a hidden valley. Master Dramus and Miss Jade both seem confident of finding this with no difficulty, although Miss Jade did seem somewhat amused by the possibility of there being Spiders in the Forest. Apparently Miss Jade was somewhat concerned when my Master did not report the number of Greater Undead that Miss Rose had as servants and believes that surprising my Master with a few spiders will serve him a lesson.

Readers may question why I did not inform my Master of this, saving the group from the misfortunes I am about to document, however I had only surmised the information from overhearing parts of a conversation and half a story is no story at all as I was taught as a lad.

It is here that things turned drastically wrong. My Master had a fear of Spiders due to a previous contretemps on Oz. While he had informed the party I am not sure many of them had witnessed the extent of this phobia, particularly magnified by being on Oz, the source of this fear.

Trouble with Spiders

The party quickly located a stone marked with spiral patterns that provided an entryway to the Hidden Valley by singing a cheery jingle entitled Knock Three Times while walking widdershins around the stone wherapon the party found themselves in a long valley with close and oppressive trees. While not cause for alarm by itself the tree's were also strung with cobweb and my Masters Sword glowed 'with the fires of a thousand suns' (a direct quote) which in turn triggered my Masters phoba.

My Master now recalls this time with the clarity of a strong dream and reports from others indicate he was not himself, I will briefly detail his version of events and update with other sources as available

A 'Scaring terrain' spell was cast destroying a 400ft wide circle of tree's and foliage, at which point a number of spiders were seen , other spells were sent after them but my Master quickly lost first his sanity and then his consciousness. Coming to, he was requested by Master Mortimer to counter the effects of the 'Scarring Terrain' before being led on a long journey blinded and being conversed with in a soothing manner by Lady Tabitha.

Being led still blind into a room a ritual was then performed on my Master and he regained his sense, his vision and lost a goodly portion of his fear of spiders. The ritual was performed by a spider 25 feet wide who was so huge it had lost the ability to move and had to be fed where he sat, and a lady Master Mortimer referred to as a Spider Dryad. My Master was most upset to discover he had damaged a Fae forest with his magics and vowed restitution for his sins.

Most of the party at this time were apparently not too keen on the presence of the Spiders either although none suffer from such a debilitating phobia and so after negotiating to be allowed to stay in the valley and search for the Elixir they quickly headed off for the stream that could be heard through the forest.

Streams pools and Caverns

The stream was 5 feet wide and very fast and deep and spanned by a wooden bridge, (possibly a ford as it was under the water by a few inches). Concerned that it may be a Fae trick, my Master walked across with no ill effects other than damp feet, Miss Cher immediately followed also with no ill effects. Concerned for Miss Tabitha my Master returned across the bridge so as to carry her across so that her feet would not get wet, again the crossing was uneventful. Then Miss Tari and Miss Skye crossed and were immediately beset by Fossegrim who grabbed at their ankles and tried to pull them into the water. Fine of frame and nimble of foot, Miss Tari leaped to safety, but Miss Skye was grabbed firmly and was in danger of falling into the stream. Miss Jade leaped to the rescue and with a mighty swing cleft the Fossegrims arms from its body. This seemed to panic Miss Skye even more as she was upset by having to cleft hands still grasping her ankles, until Miss Cher removed them. Miss Jade then crossed the stream and baited the fossegrim into making another attack which she quickly repelled. My Master then carried Miss Tabitha across the stream without any further attacks.

From there is was apparently an easy trip up the river until a pond was reached whereupon Miss Cher and my Master went for a swim to investigate the nature of the pool and an underwater cavern that Miss Cher had discovered at the far side of the pool. At the end of the cavern it came up to a pool surface where they apparently came upon some form of creature (it turned out to be a Yeti) that caused some consternation before being rendered unconscious. Miss Cher having swum back to inform the group of the nature of the cavern left my Master alone who began to further explore the cave. Reaching an opening to the light once more he did call out to Master Mortimer before entering a magical area and falling unconscious.

The party quickly discovered the entrance to the caves and ferried everyone through the magical 'hibernation' zone to continue the investigations. Further exploration discovered another pond further upstream surrounded by a fae circle and centered by a statue of a satyr with water flowing from the pipes. After much discussion and investigation the pool was revealed to be the home of a Naiad who offered vials of Elixir in exchange for 'gifts', 'animals' or 'locks of hair. Fearing the worst the group declined to give locks of hair and traded a number of trinkets. One of the somewhat irritating researches that my Master graciously allows in his home also volunteered to stay with the Naiad for a year and a day (although my fervent wish is that he stays longer).

My Master having traded for two Vials set off immediately to see the Spider Dryad in the hope that the Elixir would possibly assist in the recovery of the forest. Later discoveries into what the Elixir could do rendered some interesting possibilities into ways the forest could be restored.

Once the party was back together they spent the night and headed quickly to Lord Karzon in the morning in order to begin the next task. This was not as easy as it seems as Magic was of a much contrary nature that morn and Miss Cher nearly plummeted to her death on the trip, but such matters were handled quickly and with aplomb by the team.

Sunday 7th Frost 806

The Valley of Lost things

Discussions with Lord Karzon led the group to follow two possible leads in order to gain some innocence. Having two possibilities caused a number of great debates that raged for hours, and in fact causing at one point Miss Skye to begin to beat Master Mortimer until restrained by my Master. After significant 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' the group decided to head to the valley of lost things to see if Miss Jade was able to use her magical powers to locate Rose's innocence.

After a couple of false starts the group finally made it to the valley and Miss Jades unerring magical abilities led her and Master Mortimer to a potential resting place of Rose's innocence while the rest of the group distracted a huge monster that might have caused some issues for even the most intrepid of adventurers.

With the innocence recovered and the Elixir of youth already collected the group retired to the Tower to discuss the up coming combat for Ruby's honour, with the discussions lasting long into the night.

Moonday 8th Frost 806

The Battle for Rubys Honour

With some trepidation the group left the next moring still discussing their best options in a battle.

Declining to meet their opponents, or assistance from a local clergyman the report from the battle went as follows:

The opposition consisted of

  • 1 Imp, muted, and hellfired. Its abilities never became apparent.
  • 2 Gimps, chained and leather bound individuals. They ran into Skyes sleeping gas and went to sleep.
  • A Hellhound. It had some method of storing images of itself to survive death, however Jade, Cher and minor assistance from the mages dealt with it in a matter of seconds.
  • An Incubi, After trying to fire poisoned arrows from cover, Cher removed the cover with a spell and the incubus was disemboweled by Tari.
  • A Succubi, after shrugging off an Agony and a Spectral Warrior the succubus went down under a hail of Hellfire.
  • The Dark priest. He has some ability to collect spells that remained in effect and reuse them against people, Jade went down under a reused Agony and Dramus was hit with a mute curse that had been retrieved from the Imp. He also summoned swarms of locust but these were dealt to by the sleep gas and Stream of Corruptions. Eventually despite teleporting away a few times he was beaten to a pulp by Jade and Tari with assistance by numerous spell-casters.

With this victory the group had gained the third requirement and spoke to Lord Karzon to organise the handover.

Using Lord Karzon as a neutral the items were left with him and using the mirror the party contacted Rose to confirm the location of the Witches.

The ladies were freed from their coffins with a kiss (My Master was reportedly quite pleased Ruby had not managed to capture the Wicked Witch of the West)

A Grand Party is had by All

Returning to the Emerald City by a variety of means, all showed up later for a grand party in honour of Miss Ozma's birthday. A good time appeared to have been had by all despite some trepidation casued by Miss Ozma and Miss Skyes attempts to liven up the attire of the rest of the group. Master Dramus and Master Mortimers shoes were very pointy but it appeared the attached bells had ceased to function at some point in the celebration and Miss Jades frilly sash appeared to have been defrilled.

The End.


The group also did some additional sightseeing after this but as it is not part of the official Guild record it will not be included for brevity.