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Nastiness Rating 1/10

The Equine Prince


Orobas appears in the form of a great black stallion with a carmine main and flowing carmine tail. His hooves are silver and sharpened like those of a war-horse. He speaks in the squealing voice of a horse.

Orobas knows the True Names of all things of this plane and may be persuaded to share these.

Orobas is faithful to those he favours and will attempt to protect them from the powers and wiles of other demons or spirits. He may even permit especially favoured mortals to ride him as a horse.

Known Agents and Followers

Priests and Churches

Activities and Known Interests

Orobas was once an angel. His commitment to honour was so great as to cause his fall from grace.

Once given, he will never break his word, knowingly. He will go to fanatical extremes to avoid this. Should he be contrived into dishonour, he will visit a vindictive and pointy reckoning on the perpetrator. Some have said that Orobas lacks perspective, for he will prosecute his revenge even where the slight to his honour is trivial.


A Chronology of Events and Encounters

A party encountered him in the Drakenburg Mountains Summer 806. At least one of their mares was impregnated by the Avatar and brought back to the guild. GM Zane Mendoza