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Natural Habitat 
Common 1-1000 (25)
An orc is a stoop-shouldered, surly humanoid and a pack member by nature, much like a goblin or hobgoblin. Orcs are considered unattractive by other humanoid races.
Orcs are a cruel, violent folk, liking nothing better than to loot and pillage. Individuals test themselves against their peers, bullying anything weaker but cowering away from anything stronger. A strong individual will form a pack around them, and the pack leader’s word is law. Orcs enjoy the sensual pleasures of life, and reduce their already short life spans through hard living. They have a robust digestion and will eat foods that others turn their nose up at.
Orcs are the most versatile and intelligent of the goblinoids, and can possess any skill or college. They have particular affinity for skills involving violence, and magics that cause suffering.
Movement Rates 
PS: 6-24 MD: 5-23 AG: 5-23 MA: 3-21 EN: 6-24 FT: 17-23
WP: 3-21 PC: 5-23 PB: 2-20 TMR: 5 NA: None
The glaive, axe and scimitar are the favourite weapons of the orcs (Rank 5-7 is typical) although other weapons will also be used. Crossbows are the most common type of missile weapon. Orcs will wear armour, with leather being the prevalent type. Orcs will also commonly carry shields.