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The page is to keep a record of older in game Current events.

Winter 807

General rumours in Seagate, that Duke Leto has employed a group to create a secure route from Newhaven to Novadom, may be true. The merchants of Novadom and Newhaven have been taking loses to pirates over the last 6 months. An road set inland will secure trade and support for Novadom. GM: Greg.

News from the Ruskan front

Winter War report

This report is dated late winter 807 and details that the Ruskan Army under their inspired Seagate generals have managed to destroy a number of Frontiers (Sword) World strongholds in Sungarov, Tiskini, Narym.

They are now poised with an army of 10,000 troops to strike at the last enemy stronghold in Perlaksk – home to the last of the enemy troops in the province and some 3,500 experienced Sword World troops.

Generals Aryan, Kern, Morgan, Vaithu (Faith) and Wordsmith have been fighting hard during the long cold winter and have made good progress towards defeating the enemy and are looking forward to defeating the enemy and perhaps returning home to more temperate climates.

This report follows up the article ‘Calamar Raids in Ruska!’ in SGT 56

Logan to marry

Logan of Newhaven will marry Princess Karyna of Eltrandor in a state ceremony in Eltran on the 15th of Blossom 807. Karyna will then become Duchess of Soulport due to a recent abdication of the title by the Earl of Soulport (Axyl Palathar) on his behalf as well as his immediate family. Karyna will be the Countess and Logan will be her consort and afforded the title 'Count of Soulport' as well as a separate title of Marquis of Soulport in his own right.

Logan is a lucky man since Karyna is beautiful, intelligent and engaging young woman some 5ft 8 inches tall with a slim build, long wavy black hair, sparkling green eyes and fair skin. She is known for her sharp wit, kind temperament and keen mind as well as connections across the Western Kingdom.

Noble's folly Punished

The ongoing feud between Baron Bertram von Schultz of Aladar and Baron Hagren DeVonge has escalated to the point of intercession by their respective Leige lords the Dukes of Aladar and Aquila. The last straw was the battle of Aldrenton which was in the centre of the contested lands both are seeking to claim. The battle for the town saw the massacre of 1000 fleeing civilians caught between charge and countercharge on 15th Frost.
The troops killed these civilians and then blaming each other fought for the next two days until a company of the Duke's own Horse Guards (Aladar) and a company of the Dukal Lancers (Aquila) arrived and took the respective Barons away from the battlefield.
The barons had a private meeting with Baltmond Alagaad (the Duke of Aladar) and Syrius St Couer (the Marshall of Aquila) who stood in for Herzog Albrecht who was unfortunately unable to attend due to an urgent Tuba deployment in Unsreimer County.
The Barons returned from the meeting subdued and immediately withdrew from the field of battle and returned home where they both put their affairs in order and renounced their barony in favour of their oldest children. The following days the ex-barons left their towns and were reputed to be heading for local monastaries where they will take vows of service.

Labour Shortage in Aladar

The recent storm in conjuntion with losses incurred during the Dark Circle war (781-807) has nessecitated a census of peasant workers in the Duchy which has indicated that Aladar will need some 15,000 more peasants to toil in the fields come Spring 807 or else large swathes of land will be left unworked.

Aladarian Congress of Lords

30th Frost

The Aladarian Congress of Lords was convened in Grobbety County and the labour issue is high on the agenda along with the lack of cohesion on the borders with Aquila and the recent upsurge in Banditry across the Duchy. The upsurge in banditry is concerning in that many of the bandits appear to flee across into Aquilan lands and when the Aladarian troops make to follow then Aquilan Patrols and troops ask them to cease and desist when encountered. The Aquilan Patrols mention the same

15th Frost

Duke Leto of Carzala on the 15th of Frost 807 appointed Engalton Redwood OM as the new Count of Newhaven. The County of Newhaven will cover the area of Newhaven and the newly secured lands to the south east. Newhaven will also act as protector of the new barony of Novadom.

The Duke welcomed merchant Prince Rainer of Novadom as the newly appointed Baron of Novadom. The Baron said he is happy to continue enjoying the support of Carzala while the new Barony city of Novadom is being rebuilt. It is widely known that merchant Prince Rainer of Novadom who is a friend and ally of both Duke Leto and Count Engalton OM is most pleased with the appointment. The Prince who had been suffering health problems since the invasion of Novadom said “I am pleased things are going well in Novadom, and embrace my return as Leader and Baron of Novadom. The Duke’s support has been key to the survival of Novadom as a habitable entity. I look forward to further co-operation with the Duke and other Carzalan nobles.”

Novadom has been continuing to get support from both Carzala and Newhaven over the last year while rebuilding continues. The Duke is also continuing to support efforts in Brastor Holdings.

Autumn 807

Resettlement continues

The ravaged lands of Brastor are being resettled and cleared as new settlers arrive or become available. A number of troops that served during the War against the Dark Circle have taken up the offer of land in Brastor and have joined others in making Brastor more livable. While the clearing work continues at a good pace there are many more seasons to go before Brastor can be called clear of the Dark Circle taint, crops can grow again and people can venture forth in small groups without fearing for heir safety. Duke Leto continues to support ongoing reconstruction efforts with shipments of seed, lumber and the like to areas once cleared of 'nasty surprises'.

18th of Harvest ---- Storm Reports

The storm on the 15th of Harvest was reported to have winds of 111-130 mph and a Storm surge generally 9-12 ft above normal. There has been large amount of damage to shrubbery and trees with foliage blown off trees and large trees blown down. Peasant homes and other poorly constructed buildings were destroyed. Low-lying escape routes were cut by rising water by 3 pm on the 15th, some 2 hours before arrival of the center of the super-storm. Flooding near the coast has destroyed smaller structures with larger structures damaged by battering from floating debris. The low lying terrain continuously lower than 5 ft above mean sea level was flooded inland for 8 miles. It is estimated that some 20,000 peasants lost their lives along with 300 gentry for whom the locals wept.

The storm started at Noon on the 15th of Harcest, midway between Sanctuary and Freetown and hit the coasts of Aladar, Ranke, Brandenburg, Carzala and Ormond by 1pm with storm surges affecting all these areas. The storm has moved around but come back to a position centered about midway between Sanctuary and Freetown. The storm continued for 2 days and nights until midday on the 17th of Harvest leaving only devastation and wreckage in its wake.

Reports from the low lying areas affected by the storm of 15th - 17th Harvest detail a large loss of life, crops and wreckage in the low lying coastal areas as well as a 'significant' number of ships failing to make port

15th of Harvest ---- Storm hits Aladar, Ormond, Ranke and Brandenburg

A super storm (Ed: equivalent to a modern Category 3 hurricane) came into being in the area roughly midway between Sanctuary and Freetown on 15th of Harvest – Autumnal Equinox. It is affecting Aladar, Ranke, Brandenburg, Carzala and Ormond. Travellers are warned to stay away from the area until the storm subsides

15th Harvest ---- Royal Fleet Damaged

The Royal Eltrandorian Squadron that was passing though the area during the storm of the 15th of Harvest 807 has suffered with the loss of Sigismund's Faith in the storm and the Iron Duke grounded on some islands newly appeared there (now called Ilse de Mort). The Queen Angela (carrying the king) was beached on an Aladarian beach but was refloated and made her way back to Tarc Isle in company with Eltran's Resolution and King Briyan's Fury. The King Wilhelm's Revenge has not been heard from or seen since then and is presumed sunk.

23rd of Fruit

A representative of the Calamar meets with Senior Guild officials (on Neutral ground) to lay a complaint of premeditated attack on one of it's researchers working in Eastern Alusia by a Guild Party. While the Calamar are still happy to maintain the verbally agreed to truce between the two groups continued attacks upon defenceless researchers will result in a diplomatic incident. - Mandos

11th of Fruit

An avatar of Savnok is defeated by a Guild Party thus preventing further avatars from manifesting for the rest of the Quarter. This event will be common knowledge at the guild after the 14th of Fruit and occoured during The Redemption of Lord Surturs Bane. - Mandos

Summer 807

Long Rope Gang Hung

On 26th of Meadow Silus and his Draymax Death Squad captured and caught the Long Rope Gang just after they raided a caravan between Brylt and Melenci. The caravan suffered heavy losses with half the men killed or wounded but Silus and his men managed to arrive in time to slaughter the gang as they tried to escape with their booty. Some 25 of the gang died in the first minute while another 25 died trying to take booty away. 8 were captured mostly alive and taken to Rosenburg where they were hung on the 27th of Meadow. -- Source Rosenburg Bugler (reporter Shamus McMahon) 27th Meadow 807.

Beltane Night Rune Rumours

On Beltane night runes depicting an open heart shape glow very brightly at the sites of old Elven Portals.

At one such portal location in the baronies near Clarkesville the entire portal glowed a fierce blue followed by a brilliant white and an unearthly green. Shortly after a vast fleet of elven sky ships appeared in procession through the portal and began sailing to the east.

Those who claim to have seen this fleet say that it filled the skies.

Axis 23:17, 7 Dec 2006 (NZDT)

Merchants Hire 'Hunters'

1st Meadow 807

The Braemar Merchantile Cartel has employed Silus von Merkel and his team of 'guards' to track down and get rid of the bandits in the area of SW Aladar. In recent months merchant caravans have been suffering greatly through losses of entire caravans or great parts thereof. He and his family have relocated to Deiterburg from Southern Aquila. Silus has a good reputation in this field and his men are counted as very capable while some are calling them the Draymax Death Squad.
-Source, Braemar Gazette

Bandits caught and hung

Wild Larry's bandit gang were caught by Silus and his guardsmen on 4th of Meadow 807 as they attempted to raid a caravan carrying gold from the mines of Zouche down to Felnoc on the Edlin River. The bandits were mostly killed by the guards but 12 were taken to Schontouse and hung on the 10th of Meadow 807.

The 'Mudrackers' gang was tracked down to its hideout in Cyldrons Wood and half were killed by Silus and his guards as they 'resisted arrest'. The remaining 8 men were taken to Breginkirch and hung on the 13th of Meadow 807.

Rewards for Bandits

The Viscount of Wesmarch has announced a bounty of 200sp per Bandit bought to justice. The penalty for False accusation has been set at the death of the accuser and his immediate family (or friends if no family) after several men were bought to justice but found to have been innocent before they were hung. The 5 men and their families who were seeking monetary gain from evil means were all hung as object lessons.

Spring 806

New Duke of Aladar

Baltmond Alagaad of Zumular has been made Duke of Aladar and invested in Zumular in front of the Aladarian Congress of Lords held in Zumular on 3rd of Blossom 806. Duke Baltmond has elevated Xavier Sartoris to be Viscount of Zumular and has decided to make Neueranfang his Ducal seat.

Duke Baltmond had the unanimous support in the Congress of Lords and the news was met with popular acclaim across Aladar as he has been a well known and inspirational leader since the Baronies war, always campaigning for peace, reconciliation and reconstruction.

Duke Baltmond and his wife, Duchess Briana traveled to Castle Festung near the town of Neueranfang and celebrated for the week of 10th to 16th Blossom which shall be hence called Coronation week in Neueranfang.

New Viscount of Zumular

The elevation of Viscount Baltmond of Zumular to Duke of Aladar has seen the elevation of Baron Xavier Sartoris of Zumular to Viscount of Zumular as of 3rd Blossom 806. Viscount Xavier stated that he would continue the works started by Baltmond and endeavor to progress reconstruction efforts across Zumular and in particular rebuild trade with neighboring realms.

Aladarian Congress of Lords held in Zumular on 3rd of Blossom 806

The first meeting of the congress since the end of the Baronies war in Spring 794 was held in Zumular and attended by all the senior nobles of Aladar. Much important work was conducted during this time that included a number of trade agreements, some important border realignments and agreements of future cooperation.

The Congress was concluded on the 6th of Blossom after a 2-day carnival celebrating the Congress and its achievements. The Congress voted for this to be an annual event held on the 5th of Blossom and hosted in a rotating roster Aladarian towns.

Rumours of attack on Masada

  • King Sigismund Returned

7th of Thaw, Clementine holder of the Star of Alusia and member of the SAG at the request of Engalton destroys the Veil Protecting Masada fortress of Rashak, and also summons King Sigismund to assist in the assault on Fortress.

  • Attack begins

Rumour has it; on the 7th of Thaw, a huge force of; 8,000 Church Knights, 2,000 Stone Elves, 500 troops lead by King Sigismund, 3 SAG Adventures lead by Engalton, an Angel attack Masada. A large blood bath begins, with strange purple flames being seen leaping high into the night sky and sounds of 'Nuun' being heard in the mist, around the same time as the release of the souls of those trapped in the dark Veil.

  • Dragons Slain

The feared evil Dragons of Masada, being a Huge Green Dragon, Black Dragon and Bone Dragon are rumoured to have been slain simultaneously at the start of the attack.

  • Herkam the Enchanter and Maia

A group of Adventurers recover Herkam the Enchanter and Maia as Greater Undead from deep within Masada.

  • Stone Elves lead the ground attack

The Elves attack and start to destroy the evil necromatic Thorn wall around the base of Masada.

Within the hours of the start of the attack Masada most defenders fall.

GM: Jon McSpadden

Elvish Nobles abroad

A small party of Elvish nobility are abroad, marriage brokering for the offspring of Baron Clarke of Clarkesville. They appear to be seeking fourth or fifth (or more) sons and daughters of human noble families who are not likely to inherit lands, titles or much of interest. Greg Graydon 8 Sept 2006

The Duke of Ranke must Die

Rumours of Duke Abakithis' impending death have been spreading outwards from Ranke throughout Spring. A Ducal edict has forbidden all soothsayers in Ranke from making any predictions on the health or future of the Duke or his close family. Several high-profile astrologers have been accidentally hit by run-away carts or local knights.

In unrelated news, his half-brother Prince Kadakithis of Sanctuary has been freeing up key advisors from their normal responsibilities, and readying his court for a long journey. Andreww 01:53, 22 Oct 2006 (NZDT)


Viscount Baltmond of Zumular’s two younger sisters have married this spring in Aladar with a wedding in Norwmarch and another in Grobbclan. Bryn Amsel of Norwmarch married Barina Alagaad of Zumular on the 2nd of Thaw 806 and Gabriel Schaefer of Grobbclan married Bariich Alagaad of Zumular on the 28th Thaw 806.

Both of these marriages are politically significant in that it strengthens family alliances between the viscounty of Zumular, the Viscounty Norwmarch and County Grobbclan

Roche Arrives in Eidolon

The Dragon Roche arrives in Eidolon in the middle of Thaw. Staying 5 weeks he causes significant disruption to the court and a number of Courtiers are seen looking harrassed and worried although no-one will detail why.

Candlemansa Night Rune Rumours

Rumours have floated about of strange lights being seen on Candlemansa night at long disused Elven Portals. One of the worn rune symbols of an outline heart shape is said to have glowed briefly and brightly at those portals that people were near. This may have extended to other or indeed all such portals. Greg Graydon 7 Oct 2006

Bandits attack across the Western Kingdom

The state of roads across the kingdom and the absence of troops have been blamed for recent attacks on a number of merhcants and travellers across the Western Kingdom. 12 Merchant caravans have been attacked and looted with the loss of all lives and possessions. A number of travellers including Sir Osama Parniczky and Sir Jarn McGilly (both capable Knights) and many more have been found dead or gone missing over the Spring.

Calls for action

Merchant guilds across the Western Kingdom have been petitioning the local lords and royal courts for action over the lawlessness in the Kingdom and have called for increased patrols to combat the bandits. The responses from many of teh lords is that their men are in Carzala fighting off an alleged 'Dark and evil horde' that has threatened to kill all they find. Until these 'hundreds of thousands' of fighting men return "people will have to be more cautious when travelling" and the lords will in the meantime levy an additional 'Security tax' so they may hire 'Itinerant troops' (aka Mercenaries) that are around to provide some measure of security.

In some cases the lords have responded and increased patrols in their lands but this is the exception rather than the rule in the WK at present.

Prices rise

The cost of 'imported goods' across the WK have risen with the increased expenses being incurred by merchants travelling far and wide. The prices have risen between 10% and 20% in most cases.

Brastor Mithril Mine

Rumours of secret True Silver or Mithril found in Brastor. The mines are thought to be one of the reasons for the Brastor people wanting to re-settle Brastor at any cost. They have failed to retake Brastor 3 times before, and this is the 4th time.

The rumours of the mines are new as of 806wk. Some stories say that Brastor produced large amounts of Mithril in 795wk. No one can say for sure if this is true. Others have said that the Mithril ore that has been mined is of very small amounts - less than 1/100th of a pound per year.

Other stories being talked about in Brastor is that some adventures and merchants found Mithril in the upper parts of Champion River, South West of Westgate ruins.
GM: --Jono Bean 11:54, 8 Oct 2006 (NZDT)

Winter 806

King Sigismund Returned

Yule-tide, the 18th of Snow 806 saw the brief return of King Sigismund to Alusia. He appeared briefly for 5 minutes to a group of SAG members in an old temple in the Brastor Hills. The summoned King arrived, spoke with the adventurers and then was 'pulled' back to whence he had come.

During this time he heard news of the Western Kingdom, directed some of his 500 Knights to remain and observe, left his crown in the safe keeping of the head knight and stated "I and mine will return when the time is right".


The Alagaad family of Zumular has been fortunate recently as Viscount Baltmond Alagaad of Zumular married Briana Rothschild of Reskyan in a lavish private wedding in Zumular on the 3rd of Ice 806. The happy couple gave a festival for 3 days in Zumular to celebrate which the citizens enjoyed.


There was an earthquake in the Champion hills at 9am on the 18th of snow. This is rumoured to have coincided with the return of King Sigismund and the raising of the Temple of the Templars of Light back to the surface.

Elven Stone Army

These events detail the movements of a Stone Elf Army that is assisting with the Dark Circle. GM: - Mandos

3rd Frost
The Stone Army leaves Seagate and heads east accross the Sweet Riding.
8th-10th Frost
Stone Army seen running through the Brastor Territories, direction or travel was along the banks of the Champion River heading upstream.
13th-15th Frost
Army returns once again through Brastor heading towards Seagate.
20th Frost
Army camps once more on the Road between Seagate and Stonesboro.
Days of Chaos
A number of flickering lights from the camp are visible within Seagate as a result of rituals being performed.
Twelth Night
The camp leaves and the elves head off once more into the Sweet Riding.
6th Ice
Elves arrive at the Superstition Mountains
10th Ice 
Elves last seen heading into the Filgiso Forest

Flying ship leaves Seagate

A flying ship seldom seen in Seagate has left for the Lunar Empire for the Winter Games.

Brastor Castle

Rebuilding has begun on Castle Brastor. Heavily damaged in the Dark Circle work has begun to stabalise the main keep and repair the holes in the walls.

Novadom remains a Principality

Reports of Principality of Novadom joining the Duchy of Seagate as a new Barony have been proved wrong with Engalton being crowned Prince of Novadom in late Autumn. It is understood that the Noble and their supports of Newhaven are reviewing their alliance with Carzala, since the appointment by the Duke of a new Count of Brastor. The Sea Goddess Haven and Star of Naggaroth continue to be refitted.

Eltrandorian Forces prepare to leave Carzala

With the quietening of the War against the Dark Circle and the arrival of Western Kingdom forces to relieve them, the Eltrandorian 'Volunteer' Brigades are returning home and will leave in early Spring by ship. Happily for Carzala, not all of these forces will be leaving as a substantial number have elected to finish their service in the Eltrandorian Military and 'demob' here in Carzala where they will start on the reconstruction of Brastor and settle in the area.

Eltrandorian Maneuvers

3rd Ice: Recent unrest on the Northern Frontier has seen at least 3 regiments undertaking winter maneuvers in the area of Fenton Fields. These regiments have managed to bring to justice Black Michel of Talos and Charles de Rochefort and his band of rebels who were hiding in the hills west of Talos. The success of these maneuvers has seen a call from them to continue and Taran Lyall the Commander of Eltrandor in the north will decide in the coming weeks.

Lunar Lore Librarians

There have been rumours of a group of what the Emperor has called terrorists and evil cultists since the events of 19th Snow 806 and the days afterwards. Details are few but this group is reputed to be worried about the lost heritage of the Lunar Empire and the affects of interacting with off planer entities such as the Calimar. They are reputed to be using influence, money, 'subtlety' and 'tact' to achieve their aims. The group is concerned over the recent actions of the Emporer and gossip on the street is that they are agitating for him to change his policies or expect political reprecussions. Drow, Calimar and evil cultists loose in great Lunar City - how could this happen. Bring back the shield to protect for the evil outside world!

Autumn 806

Principality of Novadom joins the Duchy of Carzala as a new Barony.

Following in the footsteps a guild party, a brave small force of Barons and men-at-arms of the old Principality of Novadom entered Novadom city with the assistance of forces from Newhaven and took, and held, the city unopposed.

A large amount of Church forces also entered the area. The port is seen as vital to supporting the Church forces moves against the Dark Circle. (GM: William)

Earthquakes in Erewhon

Recent tremors in the Barony of Erewhon have seen the displacement of several thousand individuals into the neighbouring realms of Eltrandor, Glissom, Brandenburg, Calder and others as there are continuing quakes and such in the realm. The refugees have been quick to criticise Baron Saydar as a cold hearted unfeeling Necromancer since he has never visited or offered aid to those who were displaced, lost love ones or lost their livelihoods due to the earth tremors.

Charles Regina, a Bureaucrat from Felicemouth said they could move elsewhere in the barony but that “It’s your own fault for building so close to dangerous areas and being stupid enough to die”. He was heard to mutter to Martyn Coldstyn when he turned away “bloody peasants” and they were then set upon by an angry crowd that was put down by the local watch in an altercation which saw 4 ‘peasants’ die and 8 more taken away to the mines as punishment for assaulting an official.

- Reported by Ernest Vord of Gullet Hollow on 3rd Fruit 806

Cold Snap

In Western Aquila an un-seasonal cold snap has embraced the area since early Autumn and temperatures there have plummeted to mid winter norms with substantial loss of crops that were due to be harvested and some loss of life. Magical attempts to move the weather fronts have had little effect and only seemed to make the situation worse when they were attempted.

- Reported by Conrad van der plas of Lutontoun on 6th Fruit 806

More Unseasonal Cold Weather

In the Duchy of Brandenburg local residents are reporting the coldest weather on record. Altred Reagle(Age 97)a local farmer reports that this is the coldest he has ever seen for this time of year. When local astrologers were asked they replied with a no comment, although a number have been sighted leaving the duchy aparantly heading south.

- Reported by James Tabler of the Kerrick County Enquirer

Service Records Lost

The loss of most records pertaining to the “Castellan Borderers” in the sacking of Castle Brastor (13th Vintage 805) has meant that your help is requested to complete ‘new records’ of service, accomplishments etc. Please post to the DQ list (or 'borderers at dragonquest.org.nz') your details, status etc and Captain Davish will contact you in short order to discuss postings, future status, service commitments etc.

The Castellan Borderers

The Brastor Military aka the Castellan Borderers currently (as of Autumn 806) consists of 8 semi-regular permanent regiments and several regiments of Auxiliaries.

  • 1st Foot Guards
  • 2nd Lance Guards
  • 3rd Crown of Brastor Cuirassiers
  • 4th Hugler's Heavy Infantry
  • 5th Light Dragoons
  • 6th La Moor Light Infantry
  • 7th Cavalry
  • 8th Pardeau Bowmen
  • Brastor Auxiliaries (up to 8 regiments)

The full possible strength of these regiments was 1000 men each with the Auxiliaries only being at full strength during the Summer Militia Muster.

The war against the Dark Circle has meant that none of these regiments are at full strength, in fact none of the Auxiliaries exist in anything other than name as the volunteer troops have been placed in other regiments to cover losses.

The Cavalry Regiments are down to some 50% strength and the Infantry regiments have taken significant losses and are down to 30% strength. Not all of the losses are deaths and there are some 20% of each regiment too wounded to fight due to the severity of their wounds, both mental and physical.

Summer 806

Rumours abound within the Guild that the supply of Healing potions may be running out. Guild security denies all such rumours.