Oak Heart Village

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Oak Heart is about 8 miles south of Emmitsburg near a trail heading west from the main road.

The barely discernible ruins of an old village are overgrown by rambling white roses and other plants. The former village green is a clearing large enough for several wagons and looks to be used as a regular teamster's camp.

Set back from the trail and surrounded by trees, Oak Heart village is easily missed by those travelling on the main trail. The houses are solid, primarily of earth-brick and stone, scattered amongst the trees. South and west, beyond the village are bountiful orchards and fields. Beyond those, forested hills where the local lord is said to live.

While the village appears to be unfortified, those that approach through the forest off the used trails will encounter vines, thorn bushes, broken terrain with maze-like ravines and unexpected bogs where it is easy to get turned around and lost.

A large common house with a courtyard shaded by a large oak serves as tavern, meeting house, and guest accommodation. Peaceful visitors are welcome to sleep in the courtyard or common room for free or in reasonably priced rooms. The cider, mead, ale and food are usually of good quality.

The local lands and people are blessed with good health.

Oak Manor

A narrow trail leads up the hill and through the trees to a series of clearings. Spring-fed streams flow between them. One of them is a hot spring that flows through a bath-house.

The manor house is not very impressive, a large solid structure nestled into the hill with views back towards the village. Sparsely furnished but warm, safe and with a good kitchen. The cellar is magically cold, freezing towards the rear of it.

A more modest and homely house is the residence of the custodian and his family.

The local lord is Braegon who is usually absent. Visitors who identify themselves as guild members will be invited to make themselves at home in the main house.

Oak Grove

Set back on the hill and not easily found is a special grove that is an Place of Power for Pacifistic Earth mages.

Rune Portal and Nexus

Beneath the hill in a labyrinth of caves through solid rock is an old-style Rune Portal (always active, step through to travel) that connects to a concealed portal near the Seagate Guild. Deeper still is a nexus that allows those with the skill or knowledge to travel to other worlds.