O' give me a home

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Adventure: Ogre: give me a home
GM: Stephen
Season: Spring 822 wk
Night: Monday, starting 19th Sept.
Location: New Windsor
Level: High+

  1. Bromli - Dwarven Fighter/Namer - played by Nick
  2. Serendipity - Elven Dark Mage - played by Lisa (scribe)
  3. Lila - Human Celestial/Air - played by Kelsie
  4. Keshah - Elven Rune Mage - played by Mike Haycock (military scientist)
Yarag of Klikeg
Our 3 main requests are:
  1. Find our people a new home
  2. Find us a new god so we can be lucky like you
  3. Help all of our people get there
  4. Don't let the confederation know where we have gone
Money, Potions, Potion Lore

Ref. The Hero's Quintet

Scribe Notes

Mission Briefing

Portals from Tower have been closed, no contact. Mirandelle is the mage who is draining the Ogre's world to get ours stable. From SwordWorld Confederation, generally unpopular. Bromli previously has fought these ogres.

Looking for us to repair their world but that may not work, so looking for a new home with gods they can be blessed by. They do not want to fight any more, unless they choose to. Would like coastline, rich jungle, fields or land which can be cleared, hills for hunting. Don't want troublesome neighbours or to drive other residents out. Gods - good ones who are powerful and will bless them. Legend says that they had evil gods and the Confederation freed them. In return, they offer their service endlessly as the Federation wishes to kill all the gods.

<50 people here on Aleusia, 10,000-12,000 back home plus their allies - orcs and goblins allied on their world, approx 20,000 of them.

Considering Terror Nova as a possible resettlement site. Kesha is going to research Orcish gods from Aleusia. Possible ogre worlds. Possible areas to resettle. Agree to recruit junior librarian to assist Kesha. Possibly Delph or lands to west of Mungodia? Decide to take him on a trip around the countryside.

Travelling South

We portal to Arabie. They aren't happy about our weapons and armour, so Kesha and Lila consult a mapseller while Bromli, Yarag and I amuse the other half of the guardsmen.

Kesha "We'll buy his map. And we'll buy a blank map." Lila "A piece of paper then?"

Yarag is a good flyer - he is a shock trooper - he normally gets dropped from 1000 feet and his armour absorbs the impact.


Overnight camp about 40ish miles south of Arabie. Disturbed by mega monster fight club - oversize gryphon (ears webbed with 3 spikes coming out of them - a bit more like a fin than an ear, somewhat aquatic; face shape a little different from normal and colouration is desert browns, a bit more leopard than lion) plus a "serpopard" (leopard/serpent. Leopard head with giant fangs; scales on its chest and neck long and snakelike and strikes like a cobra, plus a long serpentine tail with a barb on the end). Surrounded by normal sized versions of these creatures who are cheering them on. 50' wingspan on the gryphon and bodies are about 20' long.

A bird turns to us and says that we should not be there "Mortals should not watch the gods fight. It means death." The bird is a nightjay, DAs as long-lived sentient, strongest magic is doom. These are more avatars than gods, representing their peoples. They are fighting for control of the mountains. We leave before any dooms can be pronounced.

Large arid area, signs of drake fire as we fly. We identify it as a dangerous place to fly generally, but feel safer as it's night. Heading out of foothills into broken mountains which go up high. Flying through the valleys between the mountains which are bare of snow despite being 10-20,000' high.


We head somewhat southwest towards the coast a couple of hundred miles across grassy plains. Notice villages every now and again but cannot determine what they are occupied by, although look somewhat human sized and perhaps a little primitive. We decide to rest in one of the abandoned villages. The village has a shallow well with no water at the moment. About a dozen dwellings - houses are thatched circular huts. Has been left in an orderly state - we assume nomadic peoples who occupy different villages at different times. We camp for a few hours in the copse and when we wake up, the well is full. Seems to be perfectly normal non-magical water.


We fly in the heat of the day for about 60 miles and the savannah suddenly gives way to jungle. It is much more humid. We decide to skirt the edge of the jungle looking for a river as a good place to land and take off from. We bash through the jungle - minor small irritations but not issues for us. Camp for a while and it pours with rain. We head back out through the same path and then fly across towards the coast. Yarag likes the jungle, thinks it would do but would like some coastal area. Concerningly he mentions a spot for the confederation vessels to dock.


We fly another 200 or so miles from the jungle and come to a river delta. Swampy land, alligators, snakes etc and Yarag doesn't like the area, not for them. We land in the edges of the swamp. Lila's elephant enjoys the mud. We continue to head south and east towards the coast. The swamp area is vast 400 miles or so across - more lizards as we get further east, and maybe a halfling village. We fly for 5 hours more with little significant change although the bay is getting deeper. We look for a beach or sandy inlet to land and camp. Lots of biting insects but again they don't bother us too much. Camp for the night on an inlet.


Fly pretty much due east. Come to more beach-like neighbourhood with jungle to the north. We can see masts ahead so cautiously investigate. There is a watch post, so these people are somewhat organised and careful. We remove wings and proceed with caution. Guards are speaking in Destinian. There is a full galleon anchored in the bay flying Destinian flags. A few smaller boats around. Some sort of trade going on - bundles being passed to and from the boats to the galleon. Looks like people from the swamp a bit to the west are trading here. This is a good harbour space with a river flowing down into the bay. Semi-permanent camp near to the stream; longer term shelters. Looks like it's used somewhat frequently.

We decide to talk to the guards. We successfully capture one but alert the trading party. We fly with our captive and are pursued by someone on wind walk. We head inland (due north), pursued by a Destinian ship. They fire a bolt of something at us which bursts and doesn't do much damage but causes us to be unable to draw mana. We land and question our prisoner. They trade all sorts of things with the humans and halflings but not the lizard people in the swamp. No goblinoids. Further east are the haunted cities - you go too far inland or away from the coast, but the ghosts drive you mad. There are reputed to be cities with gold in them, but those who have sought them return mad, if at all. An island appeared a decade ago inhabited by mad people with mad gods. Hindia is further to the east. South following the coast there is jungle for hundreds and hundreds of miles. There are mountains which have had their tops cut off which stick up out of the jungles. Many scouts have had a look but only some have returned. The nomadic tribes people say this is the land of the gods. These are dangerous gods, not friendly, and their worshippers go mad. Much further to the south near the end of the jungle, there is one of these mountain tops with a colony of mad elves living on it. No interest in trade or the outside world, happy to talk, but they are mad and worship the mad gods.

We discuss what to do and may mention that we are looking for a place for an army of ogres, then realise we haven't checked which other languages the guard speaks. Turns out common is one of his languages and he has understood everything, so instead of letting him go, we kill him.

A philosophical discussion around gods and beliefs arises. We talk, then fly back west only to find that the Destinian ship has travelled all the way up the inlet in the swamp. We fly a further 200 miles south and camp near the coast.

Lila goes up in a cloud to see more from above. We lose her temporarily. There is some flying, landing, splashing, boating, raining. We find a large inlet with a few villages but steep cliffs so not suitable for settling. We continue on towards the...


The first tepui we come to has pillars set up on the top of it. Pillars are 10' across and their aura is magical, nature of the magic = gateway. Other magic over the top is "border". Lila experiments by throwing coins across the border magic. They are torn apart by interdimensional forces but a partial coin flips back at her and sticks between her eyes. Bromli tosses a silver coin through the gateway and it disappears partway through.

We decide to go through the portal. We appear on the far side in a kind of damp swampland, not much undergrowth, tall trees. We are in minimal clothing with none of our stuff. Feels like high mana. Spells and talents can be used but some magic has been removed from us (e.g. my shadowform/ strength of darkness) and we can't access items that we would normally pull from other dimensions. No ranger bump of direction, and when I scratch an arrow in the ground to indicate where we came from, it disappears after a few minutes. Bromli divinates the place - our initial guess is it is a pocket plane of some sort. Kesha ESPs and there is around us a vast presence/ being.

We walk back the way we came and come out with our gear as normal. Our spells' durations have gone down by an hour. We move to the next pair of pillars and walk through to see what happens. We are on the top of the tepui which is exactly as we can see - it hasn't taken us through to the pocket plane. We run a few tests and it seems we are still on Aleusia. We progress across the top of the tepui and find a lot of interesting herbs. Kesha would like to spend some time with the herbs, but instead we gather a random sackful of plant matter. We walk until late afternoon and are considering camping when we come across a large hole in the middle of the tepui - about a mile across and roughly circular. Disappears down into darkness - sides not easily climbable.

Lila brings out one of her ravens who flies down for a couple of pulses then comes back saying it's weird down there. Makes his feathers stand on end. He does give us much information about what's down there. Bromli tries divinating himself - nothing he wouldn't expect to see, seems normal. He then does an ancient divination and discovers that 6 or 7 hours ago, there's a blank patch in the magical history. It's like nothing happened in that time. Kesha hypothesises that our avatar selves may have been in the pocket portal while we were physically here still.

We copse for the night after a hot meal. About midnight, Bromli observes a chill coming from the hole. Something seems to be flowing into the hole, but it is not coming from us. Bromli wakes us up. We agree he will divinate it (carefully, roped to one of us and sitting on Kesha's cushion). About a minute into the the divination, the flow stops. We think that it is sucking the souls of living beings who have died into the hole. Misty portions of multiple different auras/ people moving at reasonable speed. Went on for a couple of minutes.

I summon a Darkness Elemental. A spiky type arrives. We send it down to the hole with instructions to come back if there's anything interesting. After about 2 minutes, a bolt of darkness appears out of the hole, and my connection with the elemental is severed. We then try using a crystal of vision to see what we can in the hole. We have much less vision than we would expect to have - burning branch disappears quickly. We jump down we think 900' and all is blackness. We move the crystal back up again and then jump it around where we can see. We spot a path in the wall and follow it as far as we can, but all we can determine is that there is a path leading downwards - a narrow rock ledge 3-4' wide. Kesha makes his boat and floats it around looking for the start of the path. When the boat goes too far over the hole, it tips alarmingly.

Pretty much due south, there is a feature - a shallow cut. A circle about 19' across that slightly overlaps the edge - potentially a giant dark sphere or something like that. There is a 19' hole going almost straight down, mirroring the large hole in many ways. It's very quiet and still when we lean over the little hole - nothing from outside, very muted noises. When we throw a lighted branch in, it goes down to what we think is a bottom, and although it's darker quicker, it seems more normal than the large hole.

We decide that this tepui is not suitable for Yarag's people and we have investigated sufficiently. We will move on to the next tepui.

Jungle Travel

We fly in the boat above the trees until we are approached by a flying serpent - brown/green snake-like creature with wings, about 40' long and fast. DAs as an avatar of the Great Jungle Serpent God and strongest magic is its inherent serpentness. It is interested in us but only attacks us when we get close to it. We fly away at speed.

Tepui #2 Melimashitani, the place of devils

Taller, with jagged sides. Darker, spikier rock with bits which appear to have flaked off. The south eastern edge has a huge flow of water going off the edge of it. Plunges 1800' straight down. Flying over the top, about 10 miles across - the water volume seems too great for this area. Covered with the same black rock (obsidian) including spikes up to 50' tall. No obvious plant life and a rotten egg smell. We hypothesise volcanic or hell. We check for magic zones using rocks and DA. Kesha and Lila land, observing that there is a flattish area caused by something landing here. Kesha identifies rock as a form of obsidian however it has been shaped by maleficence. Does not look naturally shaped and formed. The stream smells of brimstone. Lila uses her alchemical skills to investigate and takes a sample of the liquid and crystals and a few other bits and pieces. Cleans the blades and tongs she is using.

Rains again the afternoon but not as heavily as previously so the wings keep working. Follow the creek which goes from the waterfall. Vegetation is stunted to either side of the river; goes all the way to the ocean and is poisonous all the way. Wider area of beach where sand is yellow from the brimstone and nothing growing. Lila acquires some crystals and confirms it is infernal brimstone rather than natural - could be refined into refined brimstone which could be used to make interplanar portals. Needs a few pounds to make something out of. We head further down the coast to a more friendly environment to camp with the resolve to gather more crystals in the morning. Good place to mine sulphur but not good for collecting brimstone. We leave a rune stick for a quick hop back. We head back up to the top of the Tepui, land safely and harvest some crystals - checking first to ensure they're not living. Make sure they're dry first before storing them in the chest. Spend about 3 hours, collect approx 10lbs of crystals for later use.

Coastal settlements

Lots of small villages and boats out in the ocean as we progress west and south. There's a large river coming down to meet the ocean. River is trending west. Wide and slow moving, fairly well-inhabited by dark-skinned humans and halflings or pygmies - villages every 5-10 miles apart on both banks. Easily navigable river but too populous for resettling Yarag's people. Some elven types, similarly dressed in minimal clothing. We land to talk - in the river and move towards the elf. Heavily accented elvish. The elf confirms:

  • Treasure and lost Cities are just stories. We will not find these.
  • If we are here for the leaves, they do not do that kind of trade. The leaves make people happy and forget to live so they waste away and die.
  • There is no room for 30,000 in these lands. They could go in the middle of this part of the land. There are special places in the middle that not many go to. If the tribe is respectful they could get their water from there not from the rivers. Water places, not mountains.
  • These lands are dangerous for our tribe. Dangers are the plants, the animals, the spirits, the ground.
  • Melimamawangu - place of many blessings. Pilgrims visit there. Pure blessed ones may seek blessings there. Someone who has appeased the land spirits. All land is connected and a wise person lives with and works with the cycles of the spirits and the balance of the land.
  • Most tepui are special places.
  • South there is the mountain of the crazy ones - they share ancestry with this one we are speaking with.
  • South of the crazy ones are the fey - little magical flying ones. They are tricksy and hard to deal with - best to not.
  • Common tongue is limited here.
  • Far west near the mountains and the other sea are green folk like goblins.

The Blessed River - Metouliobarekiwa

We find an excellent camping spot and there are interesting herbs and plants. Foraging is easy.

The tepui in the lake

A gentler tepui with a winding pilgrim's path in the middle of the lake. The land in the middle is about 2 miles across at the bottom, about a mile at the top. We fly across and land on the island at the bottom of the trail. Footprints don't stay in the sand. Took us 10 minutes to fly across what seems like 100 yards. We believe we've slightly shifted planes, although we are still on Aleusia. Lila lets her dogs out - they play for a bit but then don't like it - they say they're not from here. This is someone else's territory. We decide to take the trail - follow the rules and pattern as much as possible. Bromli is very well behaved and in full agreement with this plan.

We walk all day, but feel less tired than expected, so we continue walking all night. As the sun comes up, we realise we've completed one loop. We counted a few dozen loops. Our duration magics expired when we expected them to. Yarag asks why we keep stopping and looking around and we realise we've been distracted by the magics here. We decide to go back down, but Yarag will continue on as he seems to have been accepted here. We travel back down in 2 hours and notice that Yarag has slowed down a little. We camp and wait. Kesha begins the work of a permanent portal. Lila drinks the water; it's clear and sweet and has no aura. There is some philosophical discussion about whether we should be doing this at all. After a week, he returns. It was OK but weird. He got bored. He's going to send one of his wise ones to talk to them when they settle.

We decide to follow the river beyond the tepui inland. The river has become a more normal jungle river. There are minimal people, although we see occasional signs of life. This has been occupied at some points in time, but mostly overgrown by jungle. We investigate some stonework - there is a cursed space! About 400' across, nature of the magic is doom. Kesha's ESP picks up half a dozen minds about 200' in who have been there 50,000 years - ancient ruins and minds. Eldaran writing - theme is for heinous crimes and unspeakable acts, ye shall be bound here until the end of days. Let none disturb. We should stay well clear of this place.

Fly on. The river branches a bit more as we go westerly. Lots of tributaries and there is more spread. The land is gradually rising as we head inland. We choose to follow westward as much as possible. Yarag agrees that there is potential in this area but we need to do more scouting on the ground. We spend a half day checking out this area and then will head further westward to see if we can find the place which the elf was talking about. Overnight, Bromli lets us know about lights in the swamp. We decide these are will o the wisps and we should stay away from them. A couple of hours later, Bromli advises us of spirits moving around to the north of us. Kesha reckons they are the ghosts of those lured into the swamp by the lights.

We do some land searching but feel that the jungle in this area is somehow tainted or cursed - there is something lingering. We decide to step up the searching and will fly in a formation scanning the ground below. Equipped with smoke flares made by Lila. Heading along the northern catchment of the river.

The Aerial Search

Reach the hills at the edge of the bowl which extends back east. There's a bit of a change in the vegetation and it feels a bit more pleasant. We fly over the hills, so have come about 400 miles and we can see bodies of water in the distance. We land and camp. This piece of jungle is definitely nicer - we have a quiet and pleasant night. Bromli is much happier.

We fly out of the jungle and about an hour later, we come to streams - almost like flooded hills. We observe for a couple of hours. We think this might have been a lake - as if the water has come up the sides of the hills. There is fresh water. You have to wade or swim to get around between the hills, which are almost islands. Sometimes seperated by thin streams, others by deep water. Yarag thinks it's an interesting place. No signs of settlements or villages. Lila lets her critters out to check out the vibes. We scout around the watery hills. The hills get lower and lower further west the water seems to be moving in circular currents around something further to the west. It's not swampy but bigger stretches of water between the hills. We run out of land and come to an enormous circular lake, about 100 miles across, with a circular current, surrounded by low-lying hills. The lake doesn't seem especially deep. We can see fish. The party regroups and we camp where we are overnight.

The Lake District

Next morning, we head back to the large lake. There does seem to be a gentle whirlpool as part of the lake which drains somewhat to somewhere. I conjure an elemental and send it into the middle of the lake. The elemental reports that there are things in the water which seem to be coming for them. I release them and a waterspout appears where they were, almost catching Kesha. The water is hot and steaming. We fly back to the shore to divinate and DA and see if there is a water spirit and make contact. The same defenses don't seem to occur further towards the edges - may have been a reaction to the elemental. No signs of habitation in this area. The lake is refilling from various springs and the surrounding land. We posit that there is some sort of water cycling program going on but there is no proof of this.

A wider aerial sweep reveals the lake area is a bowl. Beside it to the north is a more typical jungle area in a flatter bowl with no water. Some habitation but very sparse. We widen our perimeter to the north about 100 miles and loop around to the west. End up on north-western edge of the lake. A little swampy, but mostly that it is shallow water to the land. We land and camp and fish for supper. A variety of fish, plus birds and animals that feed on them. Ancient divination reveals no discernible magic.

we convert Kesha's boat into a submarine and head down to investigate further. We go through a patch of animate water weed with small hook like appendages. Eventually, we get clear of this and come to some underground buildings - an aquatic city. We ESP and pick up sentient life. Crystal of vision reveals a crayfish-like being. Settlement is about the size of a small town, multi-layered housing, at least 200' from the surface. We consider sending our independent submersible (Bromli as manta ray) but cautiously continue towards the centre, watching as we go. There's an area of cultivation - an orchard type thing. We continue towards the centre and the sides begin to drop away. Sideways current is much stronger, less plant life around, smooth sides and bottom. The current becomes too strong so we bail out. We do not cook and eat the locals. As we approach the surface, we see something coming towards us from down the spiral. It's an armed party of crayfish - the local militia? We continue on as we're faster then them.

The Shattered Lands

Come up after a time and go back to flying. We can see a huge mountain range in the far distance (500 miles). We see some interesting rock formations below us and swoop down to check them out. We are more to the west. There are giant ravines, exposed rock faces and jungle-like plants at the moment. Vines growing down rock faces and shards of rock pointing up at times. Large exposed sections of rock. Ground seems more broken. Interesting streams and waterfalls. Good cave country. Some signs of something with enormous tough claws have dragged plants out from the rocks and left scratch marks in the rocks. We suspect dragons. We think this would be quite inhospitable and hard to navigate from the ground if you didn't know the layout of the ravines. No large animals here, consistent with a very large predator. There are lots of caves but impossible to determine whether there is anything living in them. Kesha decides to try and lure one out by low-flying.

No luck, but as we fly further west (10km or so), the land is somewhat cleared by slashing and burning, simple farming and planting and there are medium sized pallisaded villages creating 20' high walls with pointy bits on the top. They want to spear something large and they want clear visibility of whatever is coming. We land at the edge of the killing ground and are about to use a crystal of vision when a scaly lizard tries to jump on Kesha. Kesha punches it and Lila lightning bolts it. No time to be subtle, so we check it out with the crystal. Orcs are the inhabitants. Strange dialect of orcish, but Kesha manages to understand that there is a call to arms to rouse the troops to see what is happening at the edge of the forest. They are organised and military. As expected, ballistae inside the pallisade. The settlement is well protected against large creature incursions from outside. We wonder what might be around to cause this level of paranoia.

We fly back to the Lake District and land and camp. We are going to do astrological readings to seek guidance for the direction and locations of the best spot for Yarag and his people. Prevailing wind is north east.

Astrology readings

Kesha: Walk not the path of the light, but better that than the path of the dark. The wind upon thy face is favourable until it is not. The earth must rise but not too high. The fires indicate you've gone too far.

Seren: The black nights move; lands where you seek. The answers you already know for no good deed goes unpunished. Doom, doom, doom, doom. The ancient ones are called by these drums.

These don't help. We have a big fight about what they mean. Kesha thinks we should go nor-nor-east. I have issues with putting the ogres near the ancient doom place.

A New Direction and a lost Lila

We fly north east. About 3 hours in, we see rising steam ahead of us. We enter a geothermal area but we don't think that this is the fires indicating we've gone too far. We attempt to land but the ground crumbles under our feet. The 'jungle' was so dried out and coated in weird minerals that it has no substance. There is a wash of noxious vapours, steam and heat. Luckily we all manage to get ourselves out of the bad zone - Bromli most successfully although he leaves a trail of destruction behind him. Lila sets off a fireball as she flies away and the whole area catches alight. Reveals many colours of minerals.

We fly 10 miles away to where it is more stable and attempt to clarify our readings from the previous night. Turns out Kesha was right in his interpretation of the runes. My reading clarification is around the two dimensional movement of a chess knight, easier in the dark of night, Twice as far in one direction as it is in another. Best to find the place in the darkness - will be more beneficial in the night.

Lila heads out on her own to the geothermal area and gets trapped in the mud, then loses her way trying to find us again. She attempts to track us using a bat who finds her some apes. She sends a whispering wind to us and sends up a flare. The message is garbled but we gather she's in trouble and lost. There is some debate about how we find her. We try and use a locate potion. Eventually we find her and an agreement is made that no party member leaves the party by themselves.

The Glowing Ziggurat

We finally agree that the geothermal areas WERE the fires referenced in the astrology reading. We turn around and quarter off the area back towards the lake. After 6 or 7 hours of flying we can see a patch of bioluminescence. Closer investigation reveals a ruined ziggurat about 120' across covered with flowering vines. About 40 miles from the geothermal area and 80 miles from the lake bowl. There's worn pictograms showing plants growing, flowers, flowering vines, people (mostly human) dancing. There is a recurring figure who seems to be dispensing blessings and seems to have a skirt of flowers. Carvings are very old - a couple of thousand years perhaps.

We find an entrance - check for traps and wards. Somewhat obscured by vines, but we are able to make our way in. The whole thing is really bound together by the vines. It's not going to fall over with no provocation, but if there was a shake, fire, scarred terrain etc there might be issues. Surprisingly open and airy inside. More carvings inside, suggesting this is a temple. It's a language Kesha doesn't know, but he spends 6 hours studying the writings to pick up as much as he can. Possibly a lost language or civilisation. Seren and Yarag explore outside around the area. Teeming with life, abundant and bountiful. We harvest fruit for breakfast, DA everything. Seems to be a blessed, life filled area, not dissimilar to the mountain in the lake. Kesha gets a name: Showtreekeyqwe - the one that has her skirt of flowers - with the help of a knowledge dragon. Bromli investigates for precious gems or metal and to see if there's a downstairs or anything less obvious. He finds some bracelets and rings made of worked precious metals - very faint traces of fertility magic. These have been scattered and lost rather than a hoard of them. Lila dreams that the goddess is benevolent but faded. Goddess of life and death, patron of rebirth.

Bromli tries an ancient divinate and gets the same information as previous, but the addition of the deity is quite far gone and may need some assistance to come back.

We think we have found our spot!!! Huzzah!!!

We carefully clear a space for takeoff and landing so that we can come back here as needed. Kesha spends a couple of days building this side of a portal. We check out tepuis in the area to make sure they're not occupied or noteworthy. They are within 30-40 miles, solid piles of rock about 50' across, but provide good landing and vantage spots.

We do some rearranging of stuff and people and work out how to get everyone to Yarag's plane.


We arrive on a world rent by flame. Yarag doesn't know where we are exactly. Very inhospitable. We fly up to identify where we are. He tells us his people were near the equator. The biggest city was on the coast, but he's not sure whether the people have had to retreat further. There is an unnatural storm coming from the south. There are mountains to the north so we head that way. Lila can see figures in the storm - elemental sized - riding the front of or dragging the storm, 60 to 80 miles an hour. Bromli sees fire elementals leading the edge of the fires. Rock walls are forming to block the fire edge - by earth elementals. A huge battle ensues which we watch for a while before continuing to fly. Yarag still doesn't know where we are.

We come to an untouched area surrounding a huge peak. A huge dragon head rises and Bromli says there is an area of aura up ahead of us. It is a protective barrier which will remove active spells, so we decide to land and walk through. The landing area isn't great, jagged mountainside, scree slopes and damaged areas. Lila, Yarag and Kesha both land a little away from the intended spot and Yarag is pleased to discover the effectiveness of rune armour. Bromli and Seren make it look easy and wait for the others. The barrier strips off most of our spells, so we recast most, then carefully walk towards where the dragon was.

The dragon is gold and very large. Situated in the mouth of a valley which would be a killing ground in a cone of flame. They greet us ominously with Welcome to the death of my world - elementals are taking control of what's left of it. 500 miles to the south east is the continent where we would find Yarag's people, or at least it was a few hundred years ago. Their name is "Carat" and they would like to come through to Aleusia. They will follow us to the portal when we have established it. Yarag has a better idea of where we are now although he has never been here before. We think if we take the long way round, it will be about 4 days travelling.

Fly east through the mountains to the coast and fly out over the sea. Hoping to skirt the edges of the elemental battle and island hop so we can have occasional rests. Earth is cracked, sea swell is 50', weather patterns are messed up.

Lila lets us know that there is a massive stormfront on its way. We manage to take some shelter on an island, but are battered and slightly damaged by the stormfront - especially the huge wave which crashes right over the top. Once the storm settles, we carry on.

The Moonlight Isles

We come to a larger island with some people on it, trying to attract our attention and writing a word in the ground with rocks. They are orcs who look to have had a hard time of late. Not bristling with weapons. Their master, the King of the Moonlight Isles, protects them. This explains why there is still grass and dirt on the island and it's not as badly damaged as other areas we've seen. There's a story about the life sucking vampire king of the islands, but Yarag thinks he's just a story. Their Master has told them that "Eternal of Writing" (Kesha) is their saviour and he will come with the Knight of Devastation (Yarag, trying to overcome his past), the Darkness Within (Seren), the Two Face (Lila) and the Midget of Shapes (Bromli - possibly somewhat lost in translation).

They lead us to a sheltered pavilion in the trees where there are a couple of better dressed orcs. DA reveals they are alive and not pacted to anyone. Inside the pavilion is a Greater Undead Vampire Orc, Aeolontrik. He speaks common. He wishes us to save him and his people and transport them off this world. He can pay. He wants to resettle his people and continue his astrology work (somewhat true) and he has no intent to conquer our world (true). I again voice my concerns about taking powerful beings to our world. We agree to a Truce for all refugees we are going to portal to Aleusia that until the journey through the portal and for 30 days afterwards, there will be no aggression, hostility, violence or killing on the part of any of the refugees. Kesha sets up a rune portal which he will attach once we get to Yarag's people.

The Drowned City

We come to a city covered in water, after some difficult times with storms, and washing over islands. We do some treasure sniffing. We go under the water and find a large palatial building with terraced gardens now mostly destroyed. We find the remains of a base of a tower, somewhat intact. Probably shaped stone. We descend into what looks like a secret tunnel. The water pressure starts to become too difficult for me, but Bromli continues down with a crystal of vision. He DAs as he goes. Magic hits both of us, we resist a Mol Rec of some sort. 100' below ground level and several hundred feet below the surface. Big open area - circular cavern about 100' across. Shaped rather than mined. Broken statues made of gold which look to have been people/ orc sized and they've been looted. Bromli investigates a little further down some tunnels and detects some movement - a spherical being with a bunch of tentacles floating along the water - about 6' across. A Beholder!!!! We then realise thst the wards we've triggered and turned off are to keep this IN not keep us out. It chases Bromli who collects Seren on the way out and we strategically retreat quickly. It follows us up out of the water and we engage it in combat. We feel the breath of mortality on the back of our necks and retreat further strategically at speed.

The Plain in the Mountains

After a couple more days of storms, tidal waves, winds and generally unpleasant conditions, we come to a plain in a shattered mountain range. It's hard to tell exactly how many people there are, but there are ogres, orcs and goblins everywhere. As best we can gather, somewhere between 30-40,000 in total. We meet with the elders who are happy to hear Yarag has sourced a solution. They are less happy to hear about the Lord of the Moonlit Isles...they have a huge alchemical outdoor workshop and start working on ways to keep the earth stable underneath the portal. We decide to go back to the Moonlit Isles and bring the Lord back with his people and establish them at a distance from the main camp. They give us potions to allow us to speak and understand ogre.

Set up camp in the Grove but are rudely woken by a runner before dawn. There is a confederation ship coming. We make ourselves scarce as Yarag's people are probably safer if we're not known about. It takes a while to get the portals going, but we head back to the Isles. The portal is now enclosed within a ward of exsanguination. Kesha rests and we summon the Lord of the Moonlit Isles.

Reprise of the Moonlit Isles

We are made comfortable in the settlement and rest up. Our host tells us that he has foreseen that in order for us to get him and the ogres off this plane, we will need to take out the Confederation ship. We spend some time considering plans for how this might happen. One of the things we must do is be in thrall to the vampire Lord. We decide he is a heterosexual vampire - he wrists the boys and necks the girls. He is lovely and we all feel welcome and wanted.

We portal back to the ogres to see if we can see where the Confederation vessel is. They are meeting with someone. Yarag sends the message that we should stay away at present.

Places and People


Mil Sci

Watch Order
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
? ? ? ?
? ? ?

Skirmish Formations (Front)

1 2
3 4
5 6

Double File

1 2
3 4
5 6

Single File



'A = Always on.

Long Term

Long Term (assumed always on)
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Br Li Se Ke
Shadowform (Se) 20 +42 def melee, ranged; +21 def close 10.5 hrs
Rune Armour (Ke) 20 +25% Def +5 AP 1 SG 10.5 hrs
Willow Healing (Ke) 8 3 EN per pulse x 9 pulses 16 Hrs
Greater Heart Rune (Ke) 20 heals 13 EN 21 days
Smite (Ke) 20 Resist or D+21, knocked prone, stunned 21 h
Rune of Truth (Ke) 13 PC + 26 + Greater % to spot illusions/hidden/disguised 14 Hrs
Fire Armour (L+) 10 44 ablative fire protection 11 Hrs
Fireproofing (L+) 10 Fireproofing 11 Hrs
spell (caster)

Short Term

Short Term - Cast as Needed
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Br Li Se Ke
Strength of Darkness (Se) 19 +11 PS 200 min
Feather Falling (Li) 6 Fall no more than 5'/pulse 5.5 hrs
Shadow Wings (Se) 10 40 mph, 220 miles range 5.5 hrs
Witchsight (Se) 15 8 hours
Lightning Strike (Li) 5 [D-4]+7, save for 1/2 5hrs
Barrier of Wind (Li) 4 20 def vs missiles, 15 in melee or close 150mins
Walking Unseen(Li) 6 7 hrs
Rune Weapon (Ke) 20 +[D-5]+7 Acid dam x D pulses 25 mins
Darkness (Se) 25 Lots of darkness for quite a while


Ambush/danger senses/skills/magic
Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Br Li Se Ke
Sense Danger %
Ranger Detect Ambush % Base %, -5*OppRk, SpecArea +6%

Misc Buffs

Lila lucky number = 10

Mil Sci Raise Morale
+0 WP


Spring: Thaw 822 (10)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 Research and planning 3 Portals to Arabie 4 Mega monster fight club 5 Savannah 6 Jungle
Moon0.jpg 7 Swamp 8 Beach 9 Tepui 10 Tepui #2 and coastal villages 11 The Blessed River 12 The Tepui in the Lake 13 TITL
Moon1.jpg 14 TITL 15 TITL 16 TITL 17 TITL 18 TITL 19 Another swamp 20 The Tainted Jungle
Moon2.jpg 21 Wide perimeter searching 22 The Lake District 23 The Shattered Lands 24 Geothermal Lands 25 A New Direction 26 Glowing Ziggurat 27 Glowing Ziggurat
Moon3.jpg 28 Klilkeg 29 Moonlight Isles 30 Flying Storms 1 The Drowned City 2 Flying Storms 3 Flying Storms 4 The Plain in the Mountain Range
Spring: Seedtime 822 (11)
Moon0.jpg 5 The Moonlit Isle Part II 6 The Plain Part II 7 8 Rites of Thunor 9 10 11
Moon1.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 Eostre 18
Moon2.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon3.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Spring: Blossom 822 (12)
Moon0.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon1.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon2.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
Moon3.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht