Noticed Rulebook Issues 2006

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For issues with the current Rulebook, see Noticed Rulebook Issues


  • 4.1 Purchase of goods and items
    • correct "Price List (see Players Handbook and Tables §56.1, §56.3 and 56.2." for ref order, § mark, and trailing bracket.
      • new text "Price List (see Players Handbook and Tables §56.1, §56.2 and §56.3.)"
  • 4.2 Encumbrance Modifies Agility
    • correct "To calculate modified Agility user the Fatigue" - "user" to "use".
  • 7.13 Storage and Entrapment of Magic
    • Ward: A ward is a way of storing a spell within an object, area or volume
      • Is this right or should object be removed?
  • 17.4 Namer
    • Make cross-ref to 10.2 Counterspells a link
  • 18.9 Air
    • Celcius to Celsius
  • 19.6 Celestial
    • update Bestiary Categories in Summon and Bind
  • 20.5 Earth
    • Base chances should be improved by a "loud" shout, not a "load" shout.
  • 20.4 Earth GK Spells
    • G-8 Detecting Poisons, improve grammar of "substance in which they suspect is poisonous."
  • 31.2 Armourer
    • Categories table header alignment
  • 37 Healer
    • Preserve Dead takes 60 - 5/Rank minutes in the text, but a similar number of seconds in the summary table. Believe minutes is correct. Andrew W
      • Minutes is much more logical IMO, and less likely to have been mis-pasted. --Errol 13:17, 7 Jan 2007 (NZDT)
    • In the summary table Prolong Life's time is 90+Rank or 50 - 5x difference; but in the rule on the previous page the time is 60 Seconds- 5 / Rank --Rosemary 04:59, 16 February 2010 (UTC)
  • 38 Herbalist
    • This skill should be extensively rephrased (see improvements below). Andrew W flagged a few dozen specific changes, and I made an editorial decision that trying to sort it out would soak up too much of my enthusiasm at the time. IMO, the whole skill should be re-written with better English, and a better structure. --Errol 10:49, 31 Dec 2006 (NZDT)
    • "After harvesting herbs then" s/b "After harvesting herbs there" (p123 col 2 para 3)
    • Potions have a volume of one quart (about a litre depending what system you are using) and a weight of 1/2 a pound (about 225 g) - this doesn't match. I suggest changing the volume -- Clare, 16/10/2007
      • I think that "1 quart" is in error and should be "1 quarter of a pint". (1/4 pint of water = approx 5 oz + container = 8 oz). Martin D
  • 39.6 Language Families
    • "The figure in [ ] represent" to "The figure within [ ] represents"
  • 45.1 Ranger
    • "A ranger may later chose to change their primary environment during ranking" should read "choose".
  • 46.2 Spy
    • “there character knowledge” to “their character knowledge”
    • “Or may be requested” to “Or they may be requested”
  • 50.4 Silvering Weapons
    • Gilding gives no magical benefit (see history 1.1), either remove ref or make clear that it is for show only.
  • 51 Specific Grievous
    • 13 "Your opponent's weapons has" to "Your opponent's weapon has"
  • 52 Fumble
    • Fix brackets on last sentence of Intro
    • 52.1 Use better title than 'Notes'
  • 54 Fright & Awe
    • PB fright checks sub-section – link to 54.1 Fright Table
  • 56.1 Weapons Q
    • 'damage every pulse from then on util the victim is head" to "damage every pulse from then until the victim is dead". And a capital I beginning the following sentence.
  • All
    • Standardise "shapechanger"/"shape-changer" to "shapechanger" (also fix "ShapeChanger")
    • check usage of 'practice' and 'practise'

Possible Incorrect Implementations

  • Subskills
    • Current wording does not allow Courtier and Troubadour specialisation when learning a new ability (subskill) but not gaining rank. This is an accident of phrasing rather than a informed decision.
    • Change wording to allow specialisation (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:39, 14 March 2010 (UTC)


Suggestions for changes to the Indexes etc

  • Add Table of Contents to Combat


Suggestions for improvements, clarifications, rewords etc.

  • 2 Character Generation - Clarify EM/discount mods do not count in character generation.
    • Add "No racial EM, training discount, or other modification applies to experience spent as part of the character generation process"
      • Is this suggested for the opening para of 2.6?--Errol 14:19, 11 Sep 2006 (NZST)
  • 3 Combat
    • Clarify Shield Rush - does it do damage, and reword to make easier to understand. Clarify the difference between Shield Charge and Shield Rush or possibly combine.
    • 3.1 definitions
      • Add "Fumble"
    • Add explicit Prepare action?
      Prepare Spell is a Magical Pass Action 'S.3.8 Pass Actions also include Multi-Pulse Actions and the following Magical Pass Actions: Prepare Spell; Actively Resist; Concentrate (see §7.6).' I wish the Combat Definitions in s.3.1 to include "Prepare Spell: a special type of Magical Pass Action" IanW
  • Ranking
    • Set out exceptions to 'Masterwork approved by GM' (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
      • Adventuring
      • Artisan, required, but less rigorous
      • Language
  • 14 E&E
    • Evil Eye - is it a curse? Remove Curse says it is, Wicca version is, and it matters as if it isn't, then Namers can get rid of it easier. Confirmed that it is a curse (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
  • 15 Illusion
    • 15.4 Illusionary Wall (G-8)
      • Effects: This spell creates an Illusion of a non-solid, linear or smoothly curved wall. It may have all the characteristics of any other wall spell (except solidity, damage or fear), or mimic an adjacent surface instead.
      • Does this mean you can not do an illusion of a wall of stone which lacks solidity or is it badly worded? By this write-up you could only cast walls resembling walls of light/dark forbiddings ie non substantial. Does this follow for the mimic quality too? As this stand you can only create the illusion of a solid wall if you cast a insubstantial one first and then used a seeming to change the wall spell. Was this intentional? - Michael
      • The Illusory Wall can be used to mimic any other wall spell, except that the illusory wall will not be solid, will not cause fear, and will not cause damage. This means that an illusory wall 'of stone' will be insubstantial, and an illusory wall 'of darkness' will not cause damage. It is the characteristics (damage, fear, solidity) that are not replicable, not the wall spells themselves. This was the initial intention, and how I've always seen it played. Could someone suggest new wording, as I can still only see one possible interpretation of the current write-up. Also, new spells Namer Forbidding and Spell Barrier are described as walls - obviously the illusory wall can't stop magic (nor act as cold iron, like a wall of iron). Please note that all the other wall spells cause damage, fear, or are solid, so NO wall spell could be copied under Michael's interpretation. Andreww
      • Given (my understanding) that Illusions are inherently insubstanial the specification that the illusions appearance be of a non-solid wall seemed confusing especially as solidity was then addressed in the sentence describing characteristics of said wall. As to a fix, simply removing the word non-solid would do. Michael
        • Or replace 'an Illusion of a non-solid,' with 'a non-solid Illusion of a'? Taking into account the properties of new 'walls' is trickier. In any case, this page isn't the best place to work out the details. --Errol 08:57, 31 Jul 2008 (NZST)
  • 17 Namer - from 2006 Minor Fixes not addressed
    • Reword 17.4 General Knowledge spells re learning new colleges (June 03)
    • Review Disjunction wording (March 04)
    • Review Forbidding wording
      • effects entities only - discussed Gods March 2010, not resolved
    • Review Spell barrier wording (Thu 15/12/2005 17:09)
  • 22 Fire
    • Minor?? fixes (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
      • Extinguish Fire specified as 10' radius (vs diameter)
      • Fireproofing, change Hypothermia to heatstroke
  • 22 Ice
    • Ice Elemental (R-2) - doesn't give Strike Chance for their inate weapons.
(There is detail in the online bestiary. Is it made-up? Is it OK? - should be consistent between them anyway)
  • 27 Wicca
    • Creating Restorative (S-9) - clearly state volume and weight of doses.
  • 30 Alchemist Rosemary's suggestions adopted (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
    • clearly state volume and weight of doses of potions etc.
    • There is no time quoted to make Medicines or Antidotes. I suggest 3 doses (of the same thing) per day This is the same as making synthetic antidotes. --Rosemary 05:56, 16 February 2010 (UTC)
    • The skin salve is a "remedy for skin inflamation" but this term is not used anywere else in the rules and is not defined. The Healer Graft Skin refers to this salve but it doesn't define that ability any further (see also Healer on this page). I suggest we add a line " Salves will cure minor skin inflamtaions, irritations (eg sunburn, rashes & insect bites) and may cure severe burns." There is already a paragraph on the base chance of the any of the medicines working. --Rosemary 05:56, 16 February 2010 (UTC)
    • Consider adding a summary table to Alchemist to show times, costs and base chances of making things. --Rosemary 05:56, 16 February 2010 (UTC)
  • 33 Assassin
    • Link to handling envenomed weapon rule in Combat 3.12 (and vv)
  • 36 Courtier
    • Play an instrument - reword so it says you can play an instrument
      • calling the subskill "Play an Instrument" was meant to convey that it enabled the character to, how shall I put this, play an instrument. :-) What is missing though is a description of the sub-skill. Also the note that the music is generally formal and structured should be moved into this description.
      • Suggested rewording: "Play an instrument the ability to play one musical instrument; the music taught will tend to be mostly formal and structured. This ability may be taken several times with different instruments. A courtier can usually play similar instruments to the ones they have chosen at (Rank / 2). A Singer is one who selects Voice as their instrument".
    • Add subskill to Compose (at least songs) (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
  • 37 Healer Rosemary's suggestions adopted (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
    • Add weights and details for Cure Endurance Potions.
      • potion details are now in Alchemist (linked to from Healer). We should make the hyperlink more precise, and include potion weights in Alchemist. --Errol 13:34, 7 Jan 2007 (NZDT)
    • Consider moving summary table to bottom of previous page (I believe this is technically tricky), and adding another column to table for durations, effects etc.
    • The definition paragraph "Cure Infection, Disease, Headaces, Fevers and Graft Skin" has no actual definition but refers you to medicines made by Alchemists. Which also has no definition and only covers 3 out 5 abilites. The first four are pretty self explanatory but the Graft Skin ability has no definition anywhere and is a Rank 5 ability so should be seriously useful. I have a vague memory that it is supposed to cover burn damage but burns are not mentioned in Healer. NB (1) graft skin is a very modern medical concept and ability; (2) burns are like poison in that they keep doing damage beyond the initial cause.
      • I suggest that we change all references to "Graft Skin" to "Cure Burns and Repair Scars". The give it it's own little paragraph
        • Base Chance: 90% + Rank
        • Time: 30 mins + 2 / Rank
        • A healer may immediately halt ongoing burning damage, and prevent scarring from a fresh burn. They may also reduce the effects of old scars; minor scars can be completely removed, but major scars would take (2 x PB Modifier) successful cures to be removed.
        • --Rosemary 05:56, 16 February 2010 (UTC)
  • 38 Herbalist
    • improve phrasing of entire Skill
  • 39 Languages
    • improve layout of lists, making use of new space
    • review wording of immersion
  • 42 Military Scientist
    • in 42.3 Command, make clear that a 'unit' is up to 10 labourers/soldiers (as in 'workgroup' from 28 Skills, Supervision of subordinates).
    • Can we rename this skill Military Strategist, as "Scientist" sounds odd, and is an out-of-genre (C19) word.
  • 44 Philosopher
    • 44.5 Clarify situation regarding acquisition of extra areas below Rk 10. Although it is sub-skill based Philo was omitted from the skills where the Rk 10 restriction was dropped. Because of its pricing structure it cannot use the (now) standard sub-skill pricing and time. But is it correct that PCs still need Rk 10 before gaining extra areas rather than extra ranks?
      • confirmed that existing rule to stand (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
  • 46 Spy
    • 46.2 Clarify whether "effective understanding of any spoken language that they have at Ranks 0-3 as if one rank higher." applies on top of effective ranks from other Languages in Family/Group. Confirmed stacks (Gods March 2010) --Errol 04:58, 14 March 2010 (UTC)
  • 48 Troubadour
    • 48.1 Benefits, clarify specialisation limit
      • Currently "That ability then operates at (troubadour’s Rank + 1), maximum 10"
      • Make "That ability then operates at (troubadour’s Rank + 1), to a maximum of (Rank + specialisation) of 10"
  • 56 Weapons, Shields and Armour Charts
    • 56.1 Weapons
      • Change title of 5th table column from "SC" (Strike Chance) to "BC" (Base Chance)
      • Note R, change "base strike chance" to "base chance"
      • Giant club d+8 giant mace d+7 just seems wrong sugest either swap damage values or make giant club d+7 and giant mace d+9 - Michael
  • 57 Combat Tables
    • 57.4 Combat Equation Summary
      • change the order and confirm the use of correct titles
      • Engaged Initiative
        • add in warrior bonus
      • Strike chance with ranked weapon
        • remove "- Opponent's Defence" as that makes it the "modified Strike Chance"
        • add "+ a spell bonus if appropriate"
      • Modified Strike Chance
        • Add "Modified Strike Chance = Stike Chance + Modifiers (see 57.3) - Opponent's Defence"
      • Figure's defence
        • change title to "Defence"
        • add in body "+ Evade bonus"
      • Evade bonus for defence
        • new: "Engaged bonus = 10 + 4/ rank in prepared weapon in main hand"
        • new: "Unengaged bonus = 20."
      • Knockout
        • change "strike chance" to "Modified Strike Chance" (note extra word and capitilisation)
      • Fumble result
        • new "Reduce Initiative by 10 until the end of the next pulse. Roll a totally unmodified D100 under current Initiative Value or roll on the Fumble Table (Section 52)"


  • All
    • Standardise use of ITN/GTN/name etc

Missing Rules

Clothing Exemption on Encumbrance

Somewhere along the lines the rule that clothing worn by a character does not count towards encumbrance appears to have been lost; this is not a new issue with version 1.6, and is missing from the 2000 edition.

The rule was originally in a fairly obscure place -- as a footnote to 81.4 Basic Goods Cost List, rather than part of the Fatigue and Encumbrance rules -- and was likely lost when the Price list was updated.

Using the current section numbering, the rule should be part of 4.2 Encumbrance Modifies Agility (point 1) and/or 58.1 Fatigue, Encumbrance and Movement Charts. Confirmed to be included where appropriate (Gods March 2010) --Errol 05:00, 14 March 2010 (UTC)

(Original) 81.4 footnote A 
Clothing (other than armor) the character wears does not count toward the total weight he carries (see 82.2)