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This page collects errors and issues noticed with the current Rulebook (2014 Revision, Edition 2.0.1). Previous version of this page at Noticed Rulebook Issues 2006.
If adding detailed items, please identify the Rulebook Section, and include a segment of the current text to search for (this makes finding the right location in the files to make changes easier).

I have transferred non-addressed items from the 2006 page.--Kelsie (talk) 01:10, 28 September 2014 (MDT)


Some typos are noticed and repaired without logging them in the errata, so please check the latest version pdfs before entering them here.

  • 40.3 Mechanician abilities
    • Complex locks special ability. (See below). [Locksmith]. Complex mechanics includes <- The formatting has been broken here, Complex mechanics should be a new ability, not a continuation on Chronometers. --Bernard (talk) 16:58, 19 August 2017 (MDT)


  • 7.13 Storage and Entrapment of Magic
    • Ward: A ward is a way of storing a spell within an object, area or volume
      • Is this right or should object be removed?

cf Ward 10.4

  • 50.4 Silvering Weapons
    • Gilding gives no magical benefit (see history 1.1), either remove ref or make clear that it is for show only.
      • Also sb in Armourer. Why was the change made? It is also relevant to demons as many of them require gilded gifts, which make them unable to cast or immune to the cold iron restriction.


Suggestions for improvements, clarifications, rewords etc.

  • 6 Combat
    • Clarify Shield Rush - does it do damage, and reword to make easier to understand. Clarify the difference between Shield Charge and Shield Rush or possibly combine.
    • 6.1 definitions
      • Add "Fumble"
  • 15 Illusion
    • 15.4 Illusionary Wall (G-8)
      • Effects: This spell creates an Illusion of a non-solid, linear or smoothly curved wall. It may have all the characteristics of any other wall spell (except solidity, damage or fear), or mimic an adjacent surface instead.

see discussion Noticed Rulebook Issues 2006#Improvements

  • 17 Namer - from 2006 Minor Fixes not addressed
    • Reword 17.4 General Knowledge spells re learning new colleges (June 03)
    • Review Disjunction wording (March 04)
    • Review Forbidding wording
      • effects entities only - discussed Gods March 2010, not resolved
    • Review Spell barrier wording (Thu 15/12/2005 17:09)
  • 22 Ice
    • Ice Elemental (R-2) - doesn't give Strike Chance for their inate weapons.
(There is detail in the online bestiary. Is it made-up? Is it OK? - should be consistent between them anyway)
(Other elementals don't have any details on strikes at all, has online bestiary been updated to last vote also?, is a lot of detail on elementals to put into the rituals if we want to duplicate --Bernard (talk) 16:55, 19 August 2017 (MDT))
  • 27 Wicca
    • Creating Restorative (S-9) - clearly state volume and weight of doses.
  • 30 Alchemist
    • clearly state volume and weight of doses of potions etc.
  • 46 Spy
    • 46.2 Clarify that "effective understanding of any spoken language that they have at Ranks 0-3 as if one rank higher." applies on top of effective ranks from other Languages in Family/Group. Confirmed stacks (Gods March 2010)
  • Weapons
    • 56.1 Weapons
      • Giant club d+8 giant mace d+7 just seems wrong sugest either swap damage values or make giant club d+7 and giant mace d+9 - Michael
      • Warpick - Should this be an A class weapon? Since it's a pointy thing on the end of a pole.--Keith 14:01, 10 Jun 2009 (NZST)
      • My guess would be 'closer to mace than a shortsword/estoc', but am open to correction. --Errol 14:41, 10 Jun 2009 (NZST)
      • My guess is that as the weapon is swung rather than thrust towards an enemy, the sort of wound and fighting style corresponds more to mace/axe than spear, but it does look very sharp. Here is a pic of a pre-metal pick and here is a more advanced war pick, also called a war axe. From a rules viewpoint C-class is best, but I'm guessing that the specific grevious injuries would be A/B class in reality. More people should use war picks rather than H&½. --Andreww 15:44, 10 Jun 2009 (NZST)

Proposed Rules Change

Elemental Combined FT and EN (Air and Water)

Change the equation for the possible combined FT and EN for Air and Water Elementals (in the Ritual description) from "15 (+15 / Rank)" to "15 (+6 / Rank)"

Was there a vote to change what the Ritual produced? The Sep 2009 Agenda points to Elementals_(Proposal) --Errol 03:15, 13 June 2010 (UTC)
No vote to change them has occurred, the other rituals have been changed in the 20 year history with college revisions, the Air & Water are actually the original versions I believe. --Bernard 22:35, 13 June 2010 (UTC)