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Kern Silvercrest was elevated to Warden of the Northern Marches as of the start of Summer 807 and he undertook a program of civic improvements to his new land holdings which included construction of toll-towers at the western and eastern ends of the road that passes through his holding (from E to W), established a quarry for building materials, established a coal mine, built Silverbone Manor, created Lake Wansbone and erected a small village around his manor & lake.

The lands are untamed and Kern in conjunction with his loyal retainers and people have started to establish some agriculture and livestock but not enough to support many people as yet and is finding the local area less than optimal for growing crops or raising livestock.

The buildings in keeping with the local climate are all built from stone bought down from the quarry and then shaped to specifications for use in sturdy, solid stone buildings. All of the buildings are firmly rooted in the earth with at least 1 level below ground and above ground extend for at least 1 level with high peaked roofs appropriate for the levels of snowfall that are normal for the area.

In Winter 809 Kern, his family, loyal troops and some retainers relocated here after some unpleasantness in Aladar and so the population of the holding is around 200 souls as of the start of Autumn 810 and this has increased to 500 by Autumn 812wk.

People of Note

  1. Kern Silvercrest - Lord of the Northern Marches
  2. Corinna Silvercrest (nee Wansbone - of Aleria) (F- b 14th Seed 778), Lady of the Northern Marches and Kerns Wife
  3. Letitia Wansbone (F- b 7th Harvest 792), niece of Corinna
  4. Cordelia Wansbone F- b 10th Frost 797), niece of Corinna
  5. Jean Silvercrest (F- b 4th Frost 806), one of 2 twins to Kern and Corinna
  6. Cyrus Silvercrest (M- b 4th Frost 806), one of 2 twins to Kern and Corinna
  7. Elize Silvercrest (F- b 18th Heat 809)
  8. Catherine Silvercrest (F- b 7th Heat 810 - d 7th Heat 810)
  9. Edric Silvercrest (M- b 11th Ice 812)
  • Steward - Johan Falstaff
  • Capt of the Norgaard - Jon de Montfort
  • Capt of the Marchguard - Everard d'Aubygny
  • Herald - Ponsi de Leon
  • Master of the Horse - Jacques van Artvelde
  • Master Smith - Bergerac del Blarc
  • Master Mason - Jose de Stuart
  • Cook - Mary Elberry
  • Armourer - Ferrante Hernandez Gonzalo
  • Weaponsmith - Richard Nevyll

Locations within the March

  • The Normarch pass - Starts in the Western Marches and passes through the march from East to West. The pass follows what was previously a bare earthen path through the march but in parts this earthen path has been replaced with some stone areas and the route has been realigned in places to enable 'ease of passage' and to alleviate local concerns.
  1. Eastbridge - This was a old wooden bridge across a changeable river but as of Spring 810 the bridge is now solid stone and there is a tollbooth and watchtower in place of the old rickety building. The toll to pass through the march is 1cp per foot walking and 1sp per wheel rolling.
  2. Westbridge - This was a old wooden bridge across a changeable river but this has been rebuilt as a bridge of solid stone and there is a tollbooth and stone watchtower in place of the old rickety building that will be complete by the end of Autumn 810. The toll to pass through the march is 1cp per foot walking and 1sp per wheel rolling.
  3. Silverbone Manor - this is the home of the Warden of the March and is a solid 2 story building with high peaked roofs built on the shore of Lake Wansbone and in the area of Silverbone Town.
  4. Aleria Quarry - nestled near the foot of Mt Arpake this quarry provides building material for the Wardens buildings
  5. Sinsule Coal Mine - Some 4 miles from Silverbone Manor this mine provides material to heat the buildings in this often very cold region
  6. Lake Wansbone - This is a recently created lake and is boomerang shaped, extending around half of Silverbone Village and Silverbone Manor. The lake is quite deep (50ft) and cold as well as home to fish that find the climate suitable.
  7. Silverbone Town - this newly built village is still under-populated (as of Aut 810) but building is underway to make solid homes/buildings with deep foundations for storage and heating purposes. The buildings look military in their uniformity and the streets appear to laid out with certain purposes obvious to the martially minded.
  8. The High River
  9. The Artz River
  10. Lake Annette - A deep (50ft) lake set in the NE of the march. The Lake is horseshoe shaped.
  11. Trinity Lake - A deep (50ft) lake set near the middle of the march. The Lake is triangular in shape with a small island in the center.
  12. Lake Clarissa - A deep (50ft) lake set in the E of the march. The Lake is long and thin with unusual fish to be found in here.
  • The strange holes: A large number of holes have been seen in the area of the marches and an observer has stated that they seem to be of a uniform shape and depth, being some 60ft across and up to 60ft or so in depth. There have been at least a dozen of these seen by various travellers and when the issue was raised with the area guards they had no comment or concerns as they said the the Marquis had it all in order.