Noble Gate

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This Gate is located at Head of River Mirimar in a small cave complex occupied by Saurime. Trade and portal access agreement. - See Darkwell Village info below.

The Portal is via a fountain inside the cave complex which opens to former Grool complex (Known as Newhome) in Imboo Goblin tribal territory 300 miles SW of Gribbit.

Near Darkwell Village

Darkwell 3.jpg

The suarime settlement of Darkwell in the area of Northern Insel Garsi and the NW of Gryphon Pass , this is 10 miles SE of The Gryphon Inn and it is 100 miles NE of Novadom. The settlement is surrounded by dense forest and is based in an old dwarven complex carved out of an steep stone escarpment on the northern edge of the forest. The the base of the escarpment is a small fortified enclosure with around 200ft of flat open ground enclosed by a sturdy wooden pallisade.