No 1 Hobbits Detective Agency: Vigors Quest

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GM Terry
Session: Spring 820
Night Sun
Location Brastor
Level Yes


Vigor, detective in the No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency

Scribe note

Thaw 17, 820 WK

Recruited by Vigor for some work around Brastor.

  • Temple in Westgate
  • Lewiston Lurgie
  • Ghosts in Charity in the Dark Graveyard, about a mile out.
  • Tunnels in Charity, a couple of miles south of town.

Speak Elred the County record keeping about the claims around Lewiston. Ride to Charity and stop for the evening. Stay at Bronze Bullfrog. Head out to Graveyard after dinner. Find ghost in the graveyard called Leut Goodman. Attacked by an insane ghost, quickly dispatched. Then slay Goodman.

Private Manish, son of Elizabeth Manish, who lived in Emmitsburg. Promised to make his mother a flower garden. Another ghost, called Private Ishton, apparently not buried. Ishton is an older man. Promised to be buried next to his wife, near Blackrock. The village is called Stanville and the grave has a stone vase with the name Josaphine Ishton.

Thaw 18

Talk to the local priestess to help disinter Ishton in three days time. Head to the Molton Core to get a coffin make.

  • Sister Ellian: Local priestess
  • Helena: Crazy cat lady
  • Polly: The witch

Have a cup of tea and help fix Helena’s roof by replacing some tiles. This takes the remainder of the date. Spend night in the shed.

Thaw 19

Head off to Stanville. Find ruins of the town and a consecrated area, now ruined. Spend half a day searching for the grave and find something with the Ishton on it that may have the base of a vase.

Head to see Polly via the Tree. She isn’t there so we wait a few hours and she turns up towards the late afternoon. Receive a shopping list. Head back to the Charity, put in order for Polly and listen to a troubadour at the Bronze Bulldog.

Thaw 20

Head up to the graveyard with Sister Ellian. Takes a few hour to disinter the old coffin and we put it into the new coffin. Transport the coffin to Stanville and find the coffin of Josaphine Ishton. We place the coffin on top and cover it back up and replace the stone.

Head to Polly’s cave with the goods. Elizabeth Manish died but has a granddaughter in Emmitsburg. Have a nice afternoon dinner and head back to Charity before the storm arrives.

Thaw 21

Head to tunnels south of Charity. There are three known entrances, all have been securely closed. We tunnel in around the an entrance. Looks like a natural cave system. Find junction, take easier route to the right. Continue taking the easier path, heading down. Continue for two hours without seeing anything interesting. About three and a half hours in find a desiccated body. Wearing basic caving clothing but missing all equipment. Find a pendant gripped in his hands. Pendant has a small boar.

Search around for another 30 minutes and find a second corpse in a small cavern. The cavern has half a few feet lower and the body is there. Looks likes they have stabbed themselves. Looks like suicide at brush. Has some rings on and a bracelet.

We start heading back but are affected by a Mind like effect called Isolation. This causes us to constantly lose the path. By casting Disipate Magic the effect can get removed within the space of the counterspell.

After doing this a few times we are attacked by a creature. It seems to cast something like Phantasm and Fear and can change the space around him. We eventually defeat it but Marco receives a Death Curse and while feeling falls down and injures a his solid viscera.

After this the magical aura disappears and we make it out without any difficulty. We head back to Charity and try to get Marco healed but the local Detective Filibert Banks doesn’t really understand anything but paperwork. Speak to the local mayor who sends us to the sheriff. Hand over the recovered personal effects.

Thaw 22

Head over the Polly, who is in, and get a potion to speed up his healing. Vigor heads to Brastor and back that day and says no healers that capable are available there.

Thaw 26

Marco obtains four canvas body bags while he heals up. Head back to the tunnels and make sure to it is well marked. Go down and collect the first two corpses. Return to the sheriff, Gregor Wolfski, and hand over the bodies.

Thaw 27

Find the last two bodies in about about an hour after getting to where we left off originally. Explore a bit more but don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Return the last two to the sheriff.

Seedtime 2

Finish spending four days completely exploring the complex and find very little evidence of occupancy. It may have been used by the Dark Circle as a depot but nothing remains except a few odd nails and pieces of wood.

Seedtime 3

Head to Emmitsburg to granddaughter of Elizabeth Mannish. Leave Vigor in Charity to continue to recover. The weather is not too bad and we make reasonable time. Book rooms at the Burning Heretic then head to shire reeve’s office. Hem Mannish lives just south of Emmitsburg. Escorted by an older woman to the a small cottage near the wall.

Groff Mannish is the name of the private. There is a yard out the back that hasn’t been developed. Spend 30sp for materials.

Seedtime 6

Vigor turns up after all of the hard work is done.

Seedtime 7

Spend day finishing up the planting of the seedlings, vegetables and herbs. Elizabeth Mannish liked to bake. Ham’s mother has also passed away. Cure Ham’s daughter of a winter cold. Get a pie for our efforts. Ride back to Charity on a nice spring afternoon and speak to Private Mannish that night. Stay night at Charity.

Seedtime 8

Ride to the outskirts of Lewiston via Emmitsburg. Not many animals in the area considering number of years the land has been unoccupied. About a mile or so out we summon some rabbits. A Detect Aura indicates they are under a minor curse called the Touch of Tepes, with no associated curse. The MA of the curse is 20 and is not demonic in origin. No answer on if it resistible. The curse makes any illness harder to shake off.

Head to copse of trees another mile back up the stream and set up camp. Leave the horses at the camp and head back down the stream towards Lewiston. Get within few hundred feet of Lewiston we see a grey fog. The town is in ruins. There was a stone town wall but mostly in ruins. We circle around the town back to the stream. There is no bridge across the river. There is a graveyard to the southwest of the town, outside the fog. The graveyard has been desecrated. Head back to our camp, the fog looking thicker and seems to be growing as darkness falls.

Head back at midnight and fog is a bit further extended but not hugely, maybe a few hundred feet from the center of the town. The nature of the fog is Transportation. A wall of fog roils up and us along the stream and we can see a village ahead of us with a siloette of mountains in the distance. We are now in the Plane of Wallachian. The village looks weather worn and all the buildings are heavily shuttered. The river heads towards the village but goes around it. We are on a road with grass verge then forest. It is a very old temperate forest. Cursed with the Guest of Tepes, a major curse with 30ish which decreases over time. It is a very cold night with light rain, with a chance of snow.

Seedtime 9 (in Wallachian)

Head into village just after dawn. There is a sign saying Orasnau, presumably the name of village. There an inn called the “Rabbit and Hair”. There is an innkeeper, slightly going to fat, wiping down the tables. The innkeeper’s name is called Gregori. Duchy of Wallachian under the rule of Duke Tepes.

The main occupation of the village is hunting, with Lazlow and Alina, the local hunters, who are possible missing in action. They have been out for a week and normally back in a couple of days. The innkeeeper heads out for 20 minutes and returns with a young man called Bartholomew. Alnia and Lazlo are married to each other and is apparently in late stages of pregnancy.

After an hour we reach an oak tree with a dead man at the base. There are four very large crows eating at the corpse. These are blood crows. There is no magic on them. Kill two of them before they fly out of range. Take the personal effects then continue down the path.

After a few hours reach a river. There is a boot on the other side but would have to cross it to get to it. The path goes up the river on this side.

After another half an hour see a gipsy wagon with a tree growing though it. The wagon is freshly painted. The tree is only a month old. Check inside the wagon but nothing particularly interesting to note. After about a total four hours we reach the camp site.

The dead body of Lazlow is in the clearing. He has been dead maybe four or five days. Looks like he was attacked by large animal, with claw marks and bites. Campsite is about 10 minutes away, and is just an open space in the forest. After some shouting two elves comes out of forest. They are young men in poor condition. I cure one of infection. We find the food store and share it out. The elves are Earlan Shadowsong and Nim’il Briarbough. The elves are from the Greenhall Enclave and trade with the hunters. The place is called the Quivering Forest.

After a while come across a dead bear which has been caught in a bear trap. The corpse has decayed badly and has a distended stomach. Something is inside the corpse. After a little while longer we think we are being tracked. We decide to backtrack to the camp. Before we make it back a large two headed dog like creature (GTN: death dog, animal).

Marco releases a tiger to track. After a short chase find a fight scene. There were another two dogs but all have fled, leaving Bart, alive but unconscious. Heal up Bart then head back to the camp. The elves disappeared while Marco was healing up Bart. The night passes uneventfully.

Seedtime 10 (in Wallachian)

The area around the camp is magical, with some sort of Safety, non colleged and not resistable. There is a light snow and it quite cold. After a few hours of tracking we reach a cave in rocky outcrop.

We are attacked by four were-wolves but we manage to kill three of them and subdue the last, who is a pregnant woman. Drugged her with a herbalist potion. The MA of the lycanthropy is curse is 15. We search the cave but don’t find anything useful so return to the camp.

Stay over night at the safe camp. There is a light smattering of snow. We start heading back to the town. After a while the ravens track us and after we stop and blend they drop a hornet hive. I manage to freeeze but Bart runs and it hunted down. We drive them off my weapon of flames glaive.

There is somebody called the Burgermeister who taxes the populace and apparently has magic. Again the ravens harrass us but we force them to withdraw. We managed to get back mid afternoon to her shack on the edge of the village. I divinate her and discover she has been cursed for a long time.

Seedtime 11 (in Wallachian)

At the dawn she turns back to human form. We explain the situation and after some time she heads to sleep. Do a recognoitour of the village. Find the burgermeister’s house. Two storied house with wall, two demoralised guards at the gate.

Around 11am the barkeep Gergori turns up with bread. He says the winter is exceptional, with snow only once a generation. The next village is east along road some unspecified distance away.

The tinkers are called the Vistani, known for the music and drums. Rest in the shack that day. The elves don’t belong in the area and want to go home.

Seedtime 13 (in Wallachian) The Burgermeister is called Ivan Randovich. Spend some time checking out his retinue and routines. He has a young wife with two young children and has older children from previous marriages. One of them runs the tannery. He looks like a former fighter but old of season.

Marco managed to remove the lycanthropy from Alnia. We spend time helping out with herbing and rangering.

Seedtime 20 (in Wallachian)

Alania has a son and calls it Lazlow. The delivery was tricky and Jedburgh does a bad job of it.

Seedtime 23 (in Wallachian)

Head out early with Gregori to the tinker group called the Begarves. We are attached by three six legged bears, called Centipede Bear. We dispatch them fairly quickly but mists (Guest of Tepes) appears and Gregori runs off during the fight. We follow the trail and return to Lewiston.

It it mid afternoon and meet Vigor fishing on the river. He has mostly been there for the two weeks, looking after the camp.

Seedtime 26

Return to Brastor Landing and report in. We have a nice dinner with Olu and Saphire.

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