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NewHaven City central
NewHaven City and Area

LOCATION: Newhaven, Chubs Bay
STATUS: Feudal Town
GOVERNMENT: County of Newhaven
POPULATION: 18,600 (District); 16,230 (Settlement)

Newhaven Town Taxes
Property Tax (Residential): 9% per annum
Property Tax (Guild): 6% per annum
Hawking Licence Rate: 11% of goods' value
Bonding rate (per month): 1% of goods' value
Piloting Fee: 40sp (in or out)
Wharfage Fee: 2sp per foot per day
Vessel Registry: 25sp per foot per year

Please note: Newhaven Town is currently protected by the Newhaven Castle's CDS because of the risk of the Dark Circle.

Winter 806 wk - GM: William Dymock
As of early Autumn 806 these HUGE ships Pride of Fingolfin and Star of Naggaroth are currently being refitted as warships in Newhaven port area.
The principal settlement of the valley of Newhaven. It is also the moot for all of the Guilds with the valley, and is the central focus of all the Manors. Although note the main seat of the County of Newhaven, it is a feudal town under his control.
Marath is a competent administrator. He is in his mid forties, quiet and studious, with an eye for administrative talent and a knack of picking the right person for the job. His blond hair is turning gray and he has a weakness for young ladies that tends to irritate his thirty year old wife Melrena. They are childless. The town walls are made up of earth ramparts with a wooden palisade atop them. The town has large wooden gates that are shut at night. To the Northeast side of town is the Fort of Newhaven. The Fort is run by the Baron and the High Guard.

Local Map Key

  • 1 Tailor (Catherine of Hardas)

Size:6 Rank: 7 Prices: high Race: Human Catherine is a competent tailor whose gowns and others creations are appreciated by ladies as far north as Bowcourt. Her establishment also offers a full range of other goods. In addition to four permanent staff, Catherain employs several dozen part time home workers.

  • 2 Herbalist (Horl of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 7 Prices: ave Race: Orc Horl's small establishment does a good business with the arcane community and with the settlement at large, especially with the ladies. His prices are high because he has to import much of his wares. He is rumoured to have a silent business partner that is an Orc.

  • 3 Lexigrapher (Mirin of Gathas)

Size:5 Rank: 3 Prices: high Race: Human The Lords of the Manors, the Barons men, and the guilds comprise more than half of Mirin's business. Mirin has a small but interesting Library that is open to the public for the right price. He is a short, chubby, balding fellow whose jovial demeanor and excellent singing voice make him popular in local taverns.

  • 4 Chandler (Tandom of Santuary)

Size:6 Rank: 3 Prices: high Race: Human Tandom provides most of lamps and candles in Newhaven. He also runs a sizable warehouse which contains many goods from other craftsmen.

  • 5 Tailor (Dydin of Rank)

Size:5 Rank: 4 Prices: ave Race: Human Dydin is known for her generosity, an attribute more assumed than real. Nevertheless, she is somewhat more likely to help the poor than Catherine of Hardas. (see 1)

  • 6 Woodworker (Banisham of Twickson)

Size:8 Rank: 6 Prices: high Race: Hill Giant Banisham came from Destiny to the north. Banisham's skill with his axe is known throughout Newhaven, and he is called on by the town guard in times of need.

  • 7 Baker (Colin of Zartdowf)

Size:3 Rank: 5 Prices: high Race: Human Colin produces a large range of bread at this normal Bakery. Tends to be a temperamental fellow, especially when comments are made on his prices.

  • 8 Woodworker (Matthew of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 4 Prices: ave Race: Human

  • 9 Potter (Kasir of Pardas)

Size:7 Rank: 5 Prices: ave Race: Human Now nearing seventy, Kasir is a renowned artist who now leaves most of his work for his two bonded-masters. He never found time to marry.

  • 10 Blacksmith (Duncan of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 4 Prices: ave Race: Human

  • 11 Blacksmith (Richard of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 5 Prices: low Race: Human

  • 12 Ostler (Matthorn of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 4 Prices: ave Race: Human Matthorn has his public establishment next to the The

  • 13 Mason (Susan of Seagate)

Size:4 Rank: 6 Prices: ave Race: Human Susan is one of the strongest men in Newhaven, and commonly conducts business from the local tavern.

  • 14 Mason (Serra of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 6 Prices: ave Race: Human Serra is the other strong mason in Newhaven. She is a long time friend of Susan (13). Serra is a retired adventurer.

  • 15 Miller-Millwright (Must of Fryel)

Size:6 Rank: 7 Prices: ave Race: Human

  • 16 Seamans' Guild

Newhavens' sailors' hostel is busy, well-regulated and comfortable. Most years, numerous sailors winter here.

  • 17 Locksmith (Larten of Shomostra)

Size:3 Rank: 5 Prices: ave Race: Human

  • 18 Shipwright (Lineas of Rank)

Size:6 Rank: 7 Prices: ave Race: Human Lineas runs an efficient yard. He was given his start in Newhaven by the Founders, and has built two slips, and he works on two ships at a time. The work on the two larger slips was finished in December 93 to coincide with the arrival of the twenty four Apprentices, eight Journeymen and the two Masters ship builders, Vinstern and Haldern from Eltrandor. Work and training of Linears has begun on two large cogs.

  • 19 Town Guard (Captain Cedrick of Destiny)

Size:12 Rank: 5 Race: Human This is one of the largest stone buildings in Newhaven, consisting of two storys, with no windows on the ground floor. The entrance is on the ground floor where the duty watchman can always be found. The second floor holds most of the accomodation for the guard and stores. The jail is located in the cellar and can easily hold 40 people.

  • 20 The Skull (Blood of the Darklands)

Size:8 Rank: 8 Prices: ave Race: Human This large centrally located inn, is favored in Newhaven because of the reasonable prices and good quality. The entrance is through the mouth of a twelve foot skull, which the inn is named after. The Inn provides a fine range of beverages, and is widly known for "death throes" a potent green drink. The solid bone patio is popular drinking spot most days with the locals. Rooms on the second floor are divided into a dozen private rooms and two common rooms able to sleep twenty people each. Blood the bartender is capable of dealing with trouble when it arises. Matthorn (12) is the local Ostler. Size:4 Rank: 6 Prices: high Race: Human Rebecca runs a very nice House, catering to the high class paying cliental. She has twelve ladies working for her and available most times. She has a very good relationship with the town guard.

  • 21 Blackrod's Alehouse (Andrew of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank: 3 Prices: low Race: Human A low-grade, cheap drinking house favoured by shady characters and poor folk. There is little accommodation. Gambling occasionally ends in death.

  • 22 Jeweller (Samual of Westgate)

Size:2 Rank: 4 Prices: high Race: Human

  • 23 Mason (Kirk of Westgate)

Size:3 Rank: 7 Prices: ave Race: Human Kirk is an active rival of both Susan (13) and Serra (14). He is the Guildmaster of the Newhaven Masons guild.

  • 24 Litigant (Sowlean of Bolton)

Size:2 Rank: 4 Prices: ave Race: Faerie Sowlean is a human sized faerie folk, of good nature and standing within Newhaven. She is only available by appointment and spends much of her time in Seagate, but still maintains a house and business in Newhaven.

  • 25 Bonding House

Newhaven bonding house is a relatively graft-free operation. The sheriff keeps a close watch on financial matters.

  • 26 Marketplace

Newhaven marketplace is held every second day starting at dawn and finishing mid afternoon. Most shop keepers also have a stall, and often craftsmen from the surrounding manors can be found trading their wares.

  • 27 Temple of Shontera (Farther Rowan)

The temple is a large blue and green building. Often the towns folk leave small offerings for mad priests.

  • 28 Goat Herder ( Anyway of Seagate)

Size:4 Rank: 6 Prices: ave Race: Human Anyway is a retired adventure from the Seagate Guild of Adventurers who raises and trades goats in the marketplace. She uses powerful magic to ensure that her goats will return home each night after grazing. She spend most days on her front porch in the sun. It is rumoured that she owns a large pet tiger.

  • 29 Beacon Towers

The Newhaven beacons are lit between dusk and dawn. They are at the top of wooden towers. The western beacon is green, and the eastern beacon is red. They are not particularly bright, but they do serve the purpose. At the eastern tower is a landing strip for the airborne, which is the only safe place to land close to town. A rune portal connecting the tower to the local Custom House (30) is available for use. All other exits from the pennisula are restricted by magical means.

  • 30 Custom House (Town Guard)

Skull Inn (20), and maintains an Ostler' Common on the south west side of the town.

  • 31 Gallows (Town Guard)
  • 32 Harbour Master (Decma of Chesand)

Size:2 Rank:6 Price: high Race: Human

  • 33 Canal Master (Simon of Seagate)

Size:4 Rank: 6 Prices: ave Race: Human Simon and his sons work for the Baron, managing the two barges that travel the canal. There are wharfs along the canal at regular points. The warehouses in Newhaven is also run by him for the Baron. The barge is free for commoners to use.

  • 34 Fishing Village

Most of the families living here are all fishermen.

  • 35 Canal (Barge run by Simon 33)

The canal is about twenty feet wide, and runs inland from Newhaven for about five miles. One barge travels up and the other down at the same time.

  • 36 Theatre (Neil of Seagate)

Size:4 Rank: 6 Prices: ave Race: Human Neil was the understudy to Robinton of Seagate. Most Friday and Saturday nights a live performance is given by members from either the Seagate, or Newhaven troop. The theatre can seat 350 people.

  • 37 Newhaven Fort

The work on Newhaven Fort was stopped after the moat and palisade were finished. The six foot high, four foot thick palisade sits at the top of a ten foot high rise of packed earth surrounded by the fifteen foot wide moat of seawater. Some defensive magics have been cast over the area. Signs in the area warn not to enter the moat, and none of the towns folk swim in it. Some of the town guard live in the buildings within the compound and other buildings in the area are warehouses, and workshops. The front gates are almost always closed and are used by very few people. It is unclear how many guards are within the compound.

  • 38 Newhaven Port Wharfs

There are tunnels and wooden walls, and rooms under about half of the wharves in Newhaven. As the port is tidal, at high tide most of the tunnels and rooms are submerged. Fathom of Newhaven lives under the wharves.

  • 39 Markin Inn (Markin of Seagate)

Size:4 Rank: 6 Prices: high Race: Human Markin runs an impressive inn with well kept grounds.

  • 40 The House of Purple (Of Sanctury)

Size:4 Stone building.

  • 41 Barons Club (Richard of Seagate)

Size:4 Rank: 8 Prices: high Race: Human A private house maintained by the Baron for his guests. Most of the time it is used by the Founders of Newhaven. The town guard records all new arrivals into Newhaven town. The rune portals housed within are all covered with stone to ensure that the portals are only used to enter the building.

  • 42 Newhaven Orchard

This park will be open to the public once fully established. At the moment Shoka Blacktooth, the Barons Forester and Huntsman, and the Priests from the temple of Shontera help to keep the place in order.

  • 43 Guild Hall

Size:4 Rank: 6 Race: Human Guildmaster Marath of Newhaven runs the meeting hall of the Guilds of Newhaven. Meetings happen twice a month, and much of Newhaven business is done here behind its closed doors.

  • 44 Town Chambers (Guildmaster Marath)

Size:4 Rank: 6 Race: Human Most of the civil administration is decided upon and carried out on behalf of the Baron. The Town Mayor Marath works for the Baron and advisors and runs the town in his absence.

  • 45 Locksmith & Ususer (Ptolomy of Sanctuary)

Size:2 Rank: N/A Prices: low Race: Human Some of Ptolomy business comes from the locksmith but most of it is from items being pawned here by sailors and other transient people. The shop has a reputation for not asking to many questions about the items being pawned.

  • 46 Crystal Emporium (Dalran of Seagate)

Size:2 Rank: N/A Race: Human Dalran is a happy go lucky human E&E Mage that is liked by his neighbours, and the town at large. His shop opens late and closes early. Often Dalran can be found outside his shop sitting in the sun, or inside through his bead covered doorway. He does a small trade in crystals and rocks, some of which are magical in nature. He also sells nice burning incense.

  • 47 Private Residence (Dalran of Seagate)

Dalran's home is a large two story building, with a central internal courtyard. He often hosts parties that last late into the morning, when he is in town with the wealth from his adventuring career.

  • 48 Private Residence (Starflower of Seagate)

This two story residence is currently home to Starflower a Elven Mind Mage, and Vanderhan, a Human Warrior. They are childless. Starflower is rumoured to be an associate of the Founders of Newhaven. Some townsfolk think they are members of the Legion of Night and Shadow, but they are both active members of the Seagate Adventurers guild. Brightflare, a Human Fire Mage used to reside here but he has not been seen in some time.

  • 49 Mercanary Guild (Melcom the Blue)

Size:2 Rank: N/A Prices: Ave Race: Human Most of the Guilds work come from guarding private homes and business. Melcom the Blue is the only publicly known member of The Blue Company. The Blue Company does most of its work outside of Newhaven. The Guild members are allowed to bear arms within Newhaven.

  • 50 Carolines Rest (Caroline of Newhaven)

Size:2 Rank: - Price: Ave Race: Human Caroline runs this three story, well to do boarding-house. It has 20 single rooms, 5 double and a large attic sweet.

  • 51 Skull Tavern (Saydar of Seagate)

Size:3 Rank:3 - Prices: Low Race: All The Skull Tavern boasts one of the largest known collections of unusual skulls, collected during Publican Saydar's adventures and gifted by his adventurer colleagues. All those who enter the Skull Tavern feel oddly compelled to buy a drink.