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Newhaven has elected to be a County of the Duchy of Carzala.



Newhaven is the name of a now County (was a Barony) approximately 130 miles South West of City of Seagate. Newhaven is in the area of Chub's Bay, Dolphin Bay, Haven Bay, and Landfall. Newhaven was settled in 1993AP / 797WK

Newhaven decided to become a Vassal of the Duchy of Carzala. Its Arms are recognised by College of Heralds independent of Carzala. A group from the Seagate Adventurers Guild, calling themselves the Founders of Newhaven, founded Newhaven.

The County has grown at a faster than normal rate, due mainly to their input and interest in the local affairs and adventure money, and refugees first from the Western Kingdom war, and then from Novadom. The natural vegetation is a mixture of woodland and forest with tracts of cropland and pasture.

Newhaven controls a large, deep-water harbour, one of the few safe ports of call on the journey south from Seagate to Novadom to the Five Sisters or Tycho City. Newhaven also trades with Brandenburg and Eltrandor. The harbour is well protected from bad weather and always seems to be calm except for a sailing breeze. It is only the extensive import restrictions that deter merchant ships from trading with Newhaven. They instead call at City of Seagate port. Since the settlement of the valley, extensive earth works and logging has been conducted. Timber is in plentiful supply. The mining in the south of the region has also swelled the treasury only to be depleted by refugees. It is rumoured that gold has been found in the highlands, on one of the tributary streams to the Laffayette river, but there has been no reliable confirmation of this.

Newhaven relations with Seagate and Novadom are peaceful. Newhaven currently respects Seagate's wishes to remain the predominant trading port in the area. Seagate in return, is happy with Newhaven discouraging sea trade, and protecting the surrounding coastline and deep-water harbour from falling under the influence of pirates. Newhaven from time to time is protected by the Castle Defense System. As of 807WK it was turned off.

Newhaven relations with Novadom took a turn for the better with the Dark Circle forcing refugees to settle in New Haven. A lot of local people in Newhaven once came from Novadom City.

Newhaven has over the last ten years settled the areas of Eastrock, Haven and Landfall, as the population grew with refugees ariving from the Novadom area. The area has had 'Blessing on Crops' cast on it.


Arms of the Founders of New Haven

Count Engalton Redwood
Engalton is currently (807AP) the Count of Newhaven.
He is a Namer and Healer of some skill and also a member of the Seagate Guild.

Baron Logan
Logan was the Active Baron of Newhaven for 10 years, passing on the position in 803 to dedicate more time to work directly with the Duke of Carzala as Ambassador to the Lunar Empire. He has since married a princess of Eltrandor, strengthening links between Newhaven and Eltrandor. His seat and homestead is located in Barryviller.

Forester Shoka of Newhaven
Shoka is the current Forester of Newhaven.

County of Newhaven Settlements

Newhaven City

Newhaven City and Redwood village, Newhaven Castle all make up part of Newhaven. Newhaven continues to be the larger part of the settlement with the other areas of Eastrock, Haven and Landfall all part of the County.


A newer settlement on the western shores of Dolphin Bay. The large village is connected to Newhaven by a main road, which has a small Inn within the hills.


The sleepy quit cove of Haven has a small fishing village and farming comunity settled within the area which is again surrounded by cliffs. The main road leads north to Newhaven and south to Landfall.


The largest of the settlements outside of Chub's Bay area is the town of Landfall which also is mostly made up of farmers and was settled by people from Newhaven in 797WK onwards. The area has a main road which connects it to the north to Haven and east to Eastrock.

Points of interest within Newhaven

Sea Goddess Haven and Star of Naggaroth

As of early autumn 806 the Sea Goddess Haven has been taken by a group of adventures acting under a Letter of marque from Duke Leto of Seagate and from Alfheim regarding the Sea Goddess Haven. It is understood that the Sea Goddess is currently being refitted by Elves in Newhaven, as a battleship, before continuing its work in the fight against the Drow. Also see sister ship in Novadom the Star of Naggaroth.
Note: GM William Dymock.

Newhaven Elven Portal

A large inactive portal gate has been created from the cliff at Newhaven. Nearby is a 'mana collector' device that continues to draws in mana from the surroundings. The mana from any spells being cast near here are 'sucked' into the device. This has been thought to have been happening for around 2,000 years with unknown consequences.

For more information please see Elven Portals.

Landfall and Garsen's Tower

A tower on the point near Landfall acquired by the Barrony approx 796wk. Refer Landfall for details.

Redwood Village and Castle

Limestone Caves

Minor caves are found in the limestone cliffs scattered all over the general area of Chub's bay through to Landfall. Most are small and of no particular interest. A set of formerly inhabited caves can be found on the west-most cliffs of Haven bay. They are of Dwarven origin, and have not been inhabited for at least 25 years. The caves are relatively small with a few rooms and some storage areas.

Roughlands camp

A small camp of bandits is long been deserted.

History and Major Events

See this page for details of the history and events in the Newhaven area.


  • Greg Graydon (Main GM & please direct GM questions about the area to Greg).
  • Jon McSpadden
  • William Dymock